Groin pain for 16 weeks. Straight after 10k run

Hey guys n gals,

Age 37 Male. 5ft 8 76kg

I have had this issue since a run on 20/6/12 over 16 weeks ago. Basically I ran the Manchester 10k in 50.21 (which was quick for me) and was so jiffed off at not getting the sub 50 that I booked the Woolston 10k two weeks later on 20/6/12.

I knew I had a very slight strain before I started the second race but ran my socks off and finished in 48.30.... That's where the issue started. The race was fine, I noticed a little bit of pain but carried on with adrenalin. After I finished I could hardly walk back to the car and was in some pretty severe pain. For nearly a whole week it was painful walking but like other injuries I just thought "bad groin strain 6 weeks off, go back really gentle and I'll be fine"

I've tried to go back 3 times with swimming, gentle jog etc and I've still got an irritation, it's not painful anymore but it's halfway down the crease of my groin on the left and I think I can feel something like scar tissue but not really sure as it's not too obvious. Two weeks ago, I went back on a gentle jog  (pre stretch too) after hardly feeling a twinge all week and after the first 5 mins I felt it a little bit but then it dissapeared. After the run, the numb feeling has come back and it's really doing my sweed in. I even swam on it and it has flared up again.

Any help to assist me in running again would be really appreciated.

In anticipation



  • If I was you I'd buy a foam roller and book an appointment with a sports physio who offers massage. Ask them to work on whatever scar tissue and/or horrible knots you've managed to get your muscles tied into, and also ask them to show you how to use your roller on the problem area yourself. That's got to be better than just resting it and if it hasn't started to get better after 16 weeks, it probably isn't going to clear up of its own accord...

    Of course there's always the possibility that it's something other than just a torn muscle - I think the numbness could be a sign of nerve damage or a trapped nerve -  but a sports physio should be able to figure that out.

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