Garmin Foreunner 10 vs Forerunner 110

Just wondering if anyone has any comments on these running watches? Just looking to buy a general one to record speed, distance, time, calories etc...


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have you had a look at the DCrainmaker blog?  He always does an in-depth review of each of the forerunner models.  See below for the 10

    and the 110

    I did start running with a Forerunner 50, and replaced this with a 405 a couple of years ago.  Whilst I don't use all the advanced features, its definitely worth spending a little more up front if you may use features in the future.  Also look around for older models as the basic functions haven't changed but the older ones are much cheaper these days (e.g. 405 and 305 models).

  • Well, they are if you get 2nd hand. New 305's are being sold for totally ridiculous prices.

  • Personally I would get the 110. It's only slightly more expensive and it's compatible with a HR monitor, unlike the 10. You might not think you need a HR monitor now but you might change your mind later on (I certainly did).

  • I have a forerunner 10 (second hand for £60).

    It does what it does very well and I like that it's small-ish (could wear it all day everyday if you were so inclined) and also waterproof.

    Having said that if you want a HR monitor (or would like to in the future) then a 110 is the way to go. I may eventually move up but the 10 has proved to be a pretty cost effective stop-gap for me as I got it fairly cheap.

  • Currently looking at getting either of these models.

    Any recommendations as to where to get one at a bargain/reasonable price?


  • Pixmania is cheapest for the 110 currently (104.99), but not by much compared to Amazon and i think Amazon is more reliable (112.99).


    For an extra £40 you can get the 410 with HRM. Personally, that's what I'd go for if you can afford the extra.

  • Amazon just had the 310XT with HRM for £149.99 as part of their Black Friday deals.

  • I've just ordered a FR10 from Start Fitness as I keep nabbing my wife's 205, they had a code (USAVE10) last weekend which gave me 10% off plus free postage. It ended up costing me £89.10, approx £11 off rrp. The code may still work! I wanted the 10 as I don't use HR & I like the idea of instant Pace readings instead of average pace. As stutyr said - it's well worth checking on DCRainmaker's website, his reviews are incredibly well written.

  • Does anyone have any idea how quickly these pick up a GPS signal? I have a Garmin 405 (5 years old now admittedly) and find it frustrating how long it takes. These days I use a cheap small android phone with a running app which picks up a signal in 5 seconds, while I'm waiting minutes for my 405 to get a signal (unless a clear day and I walk to a more open space).

    Basically do the 10 or 110 pick up signals faster, or would anyone recommend a different brand/model for quick signal pick up?

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