Migraine after swimming in the Pool :-(

Does anyone else suffer with Migraines after swimming in the Pool image............
I'm a fairly strong swimmer and can swim a mile in 26mins, but after I swim in the pool I get flashing vision about 1/2 hour after the swim.
Today I did 2500 meters and when I got home from the pool I couldn't type on a keyboard or read correctly (just like a migraine)
I always take a bottle of water with me to the pool ........ I'm fine if I swim in a lake
Just concerned as I'm training for the Outlaw and I will need to do most my swimming in a pool during the winter


  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    If it's just from pool swimming then I'd think that there's something different you're doing in a pool to in a lake. Do you wear the same goggles/cap? It could be that your body position is different for not wearing a wetsuit - strain on your neck could contribute. Or it could be the chlorine in the water, or the water temperature... 

    I get exercise induced headaches, and you can get medication to prevent them. As it's only happening in the pool though, I wouldn't have thought it's just from the activity. 

  • Is it only visual disturbance or do you have pain as well?

  • its mainly Visual.......... i dont change anything from OW - Pool........ I sometime get migraines with energy drinks, but today I was only drinking water.

    on another forum people are saying try a nose clip as it maybe a sinus/chlorine thing

    worth a try

  • Nose clip and beconase? nose squirty anti-histamine thing , only a few quid and worth a go?

  • I would suggest it's a chemical/sinus thing - I suffer with chlorine stuffiness and sneezing after pool swimming and Beconase certainly cuts the reaction down to amlost zero.  if I don't use it, the stuffiness can feel a bit headachy so maybe you're experiencing a more extreme version of that.

    I've tried a nose clip - didn't make any difference - whereas Beconase does.   and the key with Beconase is to use it both before and after swimming.

  • If I swim more than an hour in a pool I have allergic reactions to the chlorine - eyes puff up (even though I've been wearing goggles), nose runs, I get a headache and I know I'll be sneezing for the next 8-10 hours. Never thought of Beconase. Cheers!

  • I have purchased some Beconase and a nose clip so I will see what happens on Wednesday ......

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