Shin splints success stories...

Hey guys, I'm currently recovering from medial tibial stress syndrome (since April) and suffering not just physically but mentally! I'm waiting for the go ahead to be able to start pool running but after so many failed attempts of returning to running (pain returned) after rehab I think it's going to take at least 3-4 months before I can even think about trying to run properly again. I'm 17 and I ran a 37 minute 10k this Spring before  getting injured after only running for a year or so. I come on here a lot with my grievances and I'm going pretty mad at feeling so unfit, bored and frustrated- most of us have been there! 

I just wondered whether anyone here has successfully recovered from shin splints? And is there any truth in the saying 'You'll come back stronger'? Any comments to help me a little bit better would be appreciated image


  • Of course, it might not be relevant to you, but have you had your running gait checked by a professional sports physio or similar?

    I know of one very good story of someone who ran with a gait that had one foot pointing forward, and the other foot going out at an angle.  The 'dodgy' leg developed minor shin splints when upping the mileage.  He addressed it with a good physio before it got bad.. and it was decided that a weakness in the hip was causing the odd gait...  and the odd gait was causing the shin splint symptoms (more stress, in the wrong orientation, for that leg)

    An exercise regime improved the gait... and the shin splints haven't returned.  Maybe coincidence, maybe not...  but worth asking yourself if it might be relevant to you.

    One other note, as you'll already know, we all develop at different rates.  If you're 17 now, and have had difficulties from a younger age, you might have to resign yourself to being patient and sticking to less aggressive distances/surfaces until you've stopped growing.   Not the same condition, but I clearly remember them saying that Steven Gerrard had an issue that would lead to a lot of injuries when younger, but that should stabilise as he got fully grown... and I think that has been a correct prediction.

    Good luck with it.


  • Thanks for the response. I have- my physio said there are bad issues with my right leg, it 'collapses' on impact and sort of twists... i'm definitely out of line in some way and I can't remember exactly what they've said as they've said loads of different issues with it. I've got an appointment with a podiatrist in 2 weeks which will hopefully be an end to it all when I get my orthotics!


  • Yes. I went to the Physio I mentioned on your other thread, lots of massage while resting. Then he referred me to his podiatrist colleague who recommended a specific pair of normal reebok shoes. Lots of calf stretches combined with the heel drops I described. Less road, more trail, less mileage, more quality.

    I used to get a regular monthly massage till the masseuse went back to SA but as I build mileage over the winter I will certainly find another.
  • Thanks for the response Mr Puffy.

    Just a further question- did you do all that stuff, the stretches, heel drops etc after the pain has subsided?

    And how long after did you resume the running?

  • The pain didnt last for weeks...I took about 3 weeks off in the run up to the 2008 London marathon, got back on my feet March ish and began the heel drops and stretches at the same time. I began the massages in 2009 I think, it made a massive contribution.
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