The Grim Reaper 2013

Just wondering whether anybody else had already signed up for one these or am I the only eager beaverimage ?



  • Thinking of doing the 70
  • Just been poking around the site, quite fancy the 40.

  • Ooo, two maybes image 
    Started to think I may have the course all to myself lol!

  • I quite like the loop idea, you can restock fuel every ten miles instead of carrying it all.

  • Yep,  one of the reasons I decided on this one - my OH is certainly quite pleasedimage. Also means no chance of getting lost when tired & brain on standby (well, in theory anyway, lol). Although I do think that doing loop after loop is going to be a quite challenge on different level....

  • Okapi, what distance you on for?

    A ten mile loop is quite a long way.

    I hope you can get cheeseburgers!

    Guy I know pointed me to the website. Will get a hotel and make it a bit of a holiday I hope. Will decide in a couple of days.

    I reckon about 8 hours for 40 miles for me. That's enough I reckon, And they let you use an ipod. How long does an ipod battery last? (yes, serious question)

  • no cheeseburgers, but they do provide stew around teatime

  • Mmmmm.... stew image

    Dustboy, not sure how long an ipod battery lasts but I got myself a portable Duracell USB charger for my Garmin and recharged it that way whilst on the move - worked a treat & can highly recommend.

    Signed up for the 100 image


  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Hmmm never really considered this! I've done the thunder run 24 as a solo over an undulating off road 10k course though but really didn't like the time over distance format. What's the course like??
  • I loved the TR24, but admittedly I only ever did it as part of a group. I did consider doing it solo next year instead of this one but I fancied the longer loops more (plus I think the winding section in the forest would have been a recipe for the disaster for me!)

    From what I understand is that it's a slightly undulating course on a a variety of trails (limestone & fields I think). It will be nicely lit with glow sticks during the night and as it's set in the castle grounds, the course will be closed off to the public at night.

    Fancy it, Mr F?

  • I could be in for 70 miles!   A step up from the 50 miles I did in Aug!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Yeah okapi, next comes the step of getting the weekend off work!
  • Can someone delete this thread please, if it's still here by pay day i'm going to end up signing up for it!
  • So, is forty miles a nice day out? Hmmm

  • I'm in again for the 70....Will be my 3rd Grimsthorpe ultra. image

    If dry, the terrain is a bit easier than Thunder Run, (did it solo this year) but if wet like this year, it's a bit swampy in places. image

    But always good no matter what the weather. My fave race of all time. image

    The 10 mile loops don't get boring for me, & it's nice running at night. The lake looks amazing if there's a full moon to shine on it, & the castle all lit up at night is emotional!! image


  • @John - phew, for a second I thought I'd broken some kind of RW rule (still new to all this!).
    @MrF - any luck with taking time off work?
    @Dustboy -  most definitely image !!
    @ Pyjama Girl - that's excellent to read, really reassured about having made the right choice and I just can't wait now. I just have to get a bit quicker I think & learn not to dawdle so much at CPs or I'll struggle with the 26hr cut off lol.

    Roll on 2013 image

  • The 100 is a tough time limit! I really want to enter, but I wouldn;t get the time....You can def make up time by not spending too long at checkoints....I didn't stop there at all this year....Just checked in & shot back out....Though I did have some stew.....image (ate standing up!) I had a sit down last year, & faffed about a bit when I got back to the checkpoint.....So you can save time keeping moving. Only ended up an hour quicker, but the conditions were harder this year, & people were generally much slower.....

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Quick question.... Their website mentions 2nd and 3rd July and 2nd and 3rd august! Before I get rejected for my annual leave which one is it?!
  • Hmmm peculiar. I'm booked in for 2nd August . Fingers xed Mr F
  • def august. 8 months and counting......

  • Someone told Fat Feet it said July as well as Aug....but he said he couldn't see where it said July! 

    It was July 13/14 this year...Def Aug 2/3 next year... image

  • mmmm... temptedimage


  • It's the highlight of my year...I start training for it again on Friday! image

  • Did the wall run in one day earlier this year with very little training, this after a 6 year total lay off from running ,weather was terrible but the event was fantastic, I did appear to be the only runner carrying all the kit and boy did that get heavy!! Lots of lessons learnt about how to run an ultra so I have signed up for the 100 miler this time at Grimsthorpe
  • Nice one, Paul.
    PinkBug .... how about itimage
    Pyjama Girl - brilliant. Please would you give me that 'proverbial' kick up the bum.... I'm having a terrible week and everything else (mainly Xmassy things)  seems to take over at the moment, argh!!

  • I hate Christmas....Go running to escape it Okapi.....Everyone seems to be ill or get a head start training for this whilst everyone else is faffing about with Xmas & having man flu!

  • This sounds good, anyone know how well/soon it fills up? I'd like to enter but it's only 6 weeks after the wall that I'm entered in. So I'd like to see how I feel following that before committing to a 100 miler.

    PYjama Girl I'll be keeping my eye open for you tomorrow at Liverpool, and Paul I also took the full kit to the Wall last year, although many clearly didn't and it slowed me down enormously.
  • EKGO take a chance and sign up. I've signed up for the 100miler and also doing The Wall. I'm planning on taking 2weeks off after The Wall and then just doing some long runs in the couple of weeks leading up to this one. Are you doing Born to Run in Feb?
  • Hi, I'm toying with the idea, and yes I am doing the Born to Run, did it last year it was really good, a little longer this year I see. I've got the BTR, Northants ultra 35 then the wall, with 5 other marathons in the mix. I was planning on a rest from July but it looks a good event
  • I like the idea of the 10mile loops and didn't want to wait until October to do the Ceasers Camp Challenge. I've got nothing planned between BTR and The Wall, might have to see if i can squeeze something else in.
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