S4c coverage of Snowdon 2012

Hi all,

I must confess I'm disappointed with the s4c coverage of Eryri this year  - the entire program consisted of solely watching the front 3-4 runners and not a jot from the other 2000+ entrants .

I can understand them only talking to welsh speakers and ignoring all the rest but can you imagine how exciting the coverage of the Great North Run/London/Edinburgh and all the others would be if they only focussed on pros at the front and not all the other exceedingly goodlooking/magnificant runners all behind them??

The flip side of this is that myself and all my 30+ friends who participated must now train harder and all get in the top 5 somehow image .


Seriously - come on S4C - you'll get more money from advert sponsors if you appeal to a wider audience - and yes, some of them aren't welsh if you can bear to accept it 



  • I'd watch GNR & London if they only showed the elite races. Can't stand the exact same stuff every year talking to people who are not taking it seriously enough to run properly and stop for a chat instead.

  • There's a balance to be had - I agree - I have no special desire to see interviews with cardboard boxes or vegetables, but there are plenty of serious runners who aren't at the front of the pack - it would broaden the appeal I think.

  • Having watched the  highlights last night your critcism isn't accurate, there was some coverage/interviews with the field other than top 3.

    Having ran in the middle of the pack, chatting with others what I enjoyed was watching the front runners as this offered something very different to my experience of the race. Much rather see the elite racing rather than more coverage of the same sort of runners I spent 4 hours with and train with day in day out.

    Not sure what you mean by the last sentence re. not being Welsh etc. S4C is a Welsh language channel, thus not sure what you were expecting? If watching Paris marathon on Canal+ would you whinge about too much coverage of French runners?

    I think you've left yourself down with that comment, completely not in the spirit of running or Eryri event. Suggest you follow soccer where you will feel more at home with that sort of jingoistic nonsense.

  • I always watch the coverage and yes it's the same scenario. Follow a few stories and general coverage of the race. I think it works well and makes for good tv.

    Olay you may want to watch yourself on the tv - but 99.99% of the population don't know you from Adam. That's why they focus on a few runners.

    It's a lot like coverage of a lot of races.
  • I enjoyed the program, and looked at the front runners and an inspiration. I was in the middle of the pack, and therefore watched that first hand. The faster runners train to be up there and deserve their few minutes of stardom. 

    Ok I would have liked to have had my monet of fame on the tele, but why would the rest of the public want to see me? 

  • i thought it was  a very balanced program.......

    there was cover#age of the outlaw tri a few months a go and that only concentrated on the first 2 men and only showed the woman winner for  a few seconds.totally unbalanced.......

    but i thought s4c was great.they talked to anumber of other  at the start and they then filmed them on the run as well.........they had lots of crowd shots as well as showing the front of the race.which shows us further down the field just how much they suffer in the race .its not just us.

    i would give them 9/ 10...........to get 10 they should have interviewed me and shown me running..imageimage

  • ok, point taken, I didn't word it very well imageI have to say I am glad they showed man #3 walking at least a little bit up the last hill , it makes me feel a little more normal image

  • Olay.yes i saw that and it made me smile and feel so much better image

  • Evening all

    They showed me walking up the hill too and being passed down hill with only a mile to go.  I hogged most of the show I am afraid so I enjoyedimage.  I was second lady.

    Its a fantastic race and the support along the route is second to none.  Llanberis is one big happy family on marathon weekend.image

  • so, you doing it again next year Nutty? it's  your signature race now you know image


  • Hi SUe.  Not sure, ages to decide as entries aren't until Jan.  Hope to do Llanelli in the spring.  Are you doing that one?

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