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Hi All,

My boyfriend has been training me for the last few weeks in a local woods and around the streets. I have an old pair of trainers which are not suitable but gets me out the door. I'm looking to get a proper pair but blown away by the choice, I need some help with what to get. I did the wet foot test and seem to have an average instep, if that helps? Any suggestions please.....?


  • There's probably a few different schools of thought here:

    1.  Go to a running shop and get gait analysed and buy a pair of training shoes that they recommend are suitable for you.

    2.  Find a website that sells training shoes for someone with a neutral gait (if that's what you mean by 'average instep').

    3.  Just choose a pair of training shoes that feel comfy in the shop.

    I don't think there's any scientific evidence that option 1 will protect you from injury any more than options 2 or 3; though many folk may have anecdotal evidence that it does; which shouldn't be discounted either.

    Personally, I'd just find a pair of trail running shoes (if you're running about the local woods) priced at about £40 to £50 and order one size bigger than your normal shoe size.

    You could look for a small mens size in the sale areas of the running shop websites, where they're selling off the end of stock range and only have the small or large sizes left; for example if you're about a size 6, then get a size 7 in the mens; you'll save some pennies and get a bargin.  There's no difference between men's and women's shoes - it's just marketting reasons that they call 'em men's and women's trainers, as far as I know.

  • Many thanks Easy.Does.It, sound advice. I went into a sports shop today, looked at all the racks of trainers, gulped and left immediately. I will take your advice and get measured properly. Great idea about buying men's shoes, I'm a 7 should should be in luck image  Thanks again! 

  • The price of running shoes is shocking :O I got an Everlast pair for ??15 and that was the best price I found. Or if I do find any cheap, good running shoes they are only in a huge size 12 is 13.
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