Have bought the capsules in the past but don't really like taking them as they are so large. I've looked at the H&B website & they do an alternative which is in spray form.

Has anyone tried this before & if so I'd be interested to hear any feedback/views on whether the Magnesium spray worked for tight/sore muscles? (I intend to maintain regular daily stretching & monthly sports massage) Thanks.


  • I tried it for a couple of weeks 2 years ago, a can of spray was given to me, frankly I found it did nothing.  What improved my leg muslces was regular training and stretching, they still get sore after weights or hard / long runs but that is to be expected.  I find eating plenty of protein helps.

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    Magnesium supplements are new to me, so I had to do a quick google to understand it.  From the link below there seems to plenty of foods that will give you the magnesium you need, including the classic recovery drink - chocolate milk image


  • HI LifeTS, magnesium isn't a miracle cure. It's one of the salts we need, along with sodium, potassium and calcium, and you can get it from foods, as stuyr says, although apparently many people consume below the RDA.   I do take a magnesium/ calcium supplement.

    I wouldn't expect anything magic to happen if you take it, rather, it's a problem if you don't have enough, for example, particularly during a long endurance event, just as with the other electrolytes we need.  Magnesium is needed for proper heart function as well as muscle function

  • Hi -Thanks for the replies - Mixed consensus image I definitely intend to maintain regular stretching, but I could do better - after too many races (especially in bad weather), I've dived back into the car & totally neglected to cool down properly...leg muscles certainly pay for it the next day! 

    Before taking the magnesium capsules I'd never taken any form of nutritional or sports supplement - I don't even use sports drinks - am a firm believer that a healthy, balanced diet is the best approach. I do however eat a vegetarian diet (hubby is, so it worked out easier) & have quite persistent ibs, so am perhaps not absorbing magnesium properly from my diet... I think I'll try the spray anyway (but only if I go past the shop in the future) got nothing to loose apart from £7 odd I guess. image Thanks again

  • Hi LTS, the only thing I'd say is that you may be paying over the odds for a topical (through the skin) magnesium product.  I don't think there's any evidence that applying a mineral salt to our skins is better than absorbing it through our digestive systems...

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