Sports nutritionist wanted.

Hi there, I want to loose weight, about 1.5 stone & have been trying on my own for 3 or 4 years without success.

I would like to firstly loose the weight, then in my 2nd phase get fitter.

Focusing purely on weightloss, I want a plan to follow food wise & exercise wise.

Does anyone know of a sports nutritionist in the loughborough / leicester or milton keynes areas who could help with this goal? 


  • Jess my better half does this and while she's up north the in-laws are near Milton keynes in aylesbury so might work quite well if your interested. Just sent her the link for this thread.

    Just don't call her a nutritionist. It drives her mad. Nutritionalist's can mean anyone who wants to call it themselves. She's a dietitian. protected title by law same as a doctor. image

  • Hi Jessica, 

    I'm a dietitian, specialising in sports nutrition. I am based in Sheffield, but can do e-consultations if that's something you'd be interested in? If you want to PM me, please do image

  • Hi, I am a freelance dietitian working in Nottingham, I am sure I will be able to help you. A link to my website is below:

    Please get in touch if you think I could help.

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