Flat foot / feet help?

I was flat footed for many years how ever I got a structure support trainer at the start of the year and I now have a arch in my foot but now the trainers cause my feet agony! I did a ten mile run yesterday which I would easily do in 1 hour 20 but I walked for a solid mile or two because it hurt so bad! I can barely walk today! ( Its like a burning feeling in the middle of my arch and about 1/2 a inch below my little toe on the outside) Is it safe now to go from structure support trainers which cost easily over ??120. But would it seem safe to go and buy a normal pair of running trainers? Thank you for the help!


  • I'm flat footed and suffered the same sort of pain. Also Achilles' tendon pain from running. Tried all sorts of arch supports and insoles and although eased it during normal day walking, didn't do much for running.

    Getting desperate for a remedy, I tried barefoot running, which started off with me just whipping my trainers off for a bit and then doing small distances, building up gradually.

    I now run in minimals all the time whilst still have supports in some of my daily shoes. I'm trying to ease my foot out of supports totally.

    I've felt my feet get stronger from minimal running and I also add in other exercises, such as picking up balls with my feet and doing lots of calf exercises.

    Not trying to convert you into minimal, but so far it's working for me. I've just completed Hellrunner and found the whole run comfortable on my legs and feet.

    The more I've been reading up on orthotics, the more I'm convinced they make your feet weaker and more prone to aches and pains.

    I'd definitely recommend giving it a go, it was the price of orthotics that made me !
  • Ditch the insoles and start walking barefoot around the house. That should strengthen your feet. I have flat feet and have been prescribed custom made orthotics but now run barefoot and have no problems. Orthotics are like casts, they protect your feet but do not strengthen them,.

  • Erksy wrote (see)
    I'm flat footed

    No your not, i am....image

  • Badoom tish   image

  • ^^ i used to have the flatest feet in the world, seriously!


    started barefoot running (i spend all my time round the house barefoot and drive barefoot) and now I have a massive arch!

    ditch the stupid inner soles they are patch up job, u need to address the cause.

    i had orthotics and had the same pain, not anymore.

    enjoy the barefoot journey  but be very very patient.

  • I was born flat footed and spent my youth wearing shoes that made my feet hurt.  Eventually someone asked my mom about my feet and she told the doctor the only time I complained is when I wore the orthopedic shoes. (so we quit the shoes) I'm now 48 and flat footed and have run numerous marathons and done numerous ironmans...also played soccer/football for many years.

    Good luck!


  • I would only add that if you want to embark on barefoot route please please please do so gently. I trained with Running School (started in January) and it took me ages to learn the technique, I started with 1 minute on and 1 minute walk rest and was walk/running outside for a long time before was able to go in one go. Only now I am half marathon ready and ran this distance at the end of October but it will be ages before I can embark on the full marathon distance.

  • I should add...I run in shoes but just regular Mizouno running shoes (didn't want you to think I was doing it barefoot!)

  • I run in Vivobarefoot and New Balance Minimus.

  • i got told i had slightly fallen arches by the podiatrist at my physios, got some block things to wear in shoes and they definately help. They were £90 and they said not to spend more, so worth it for me

  • I have "very flat" feet, to quote a physio I once saw about something else. And I remember the burning pain in the arches - I always used to get that after long shopping trips, especially with ill-fitting (too big) shoes. The real answer, as some others have said, is just to strengthen your feet with some kind of exercises. Try seeing a physio.

    I still have no arches to speak of, but run regularly ~30 miles per week with normal moderately correcting shoes. (Brooks Adrenaline GTS). Proper trainers cost less than £100 usually, I find.


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