Romsey 5 mile 2013

Anyone else think about this?

It's reasonably local to me but I've heard mixed reports from awfull to excellent, so was wondering if others have done this previously.


  • I spectated this earlier this year (injured - otherwise would have entered), and based on what I saw of the course and the event I will be doing it next time.

    I am surprised that anyone would call it awful, but maybe there were other aspects I was not fully aware of. There was something about finished runners wandering back along the course route to exit the Broadlands estate, and perhaps affecting the later finishers, but I am sure we are all grown up enough to deal with that. (I find growling helps image.)

    There were comments from previous year's events that were held on Romsey's industrial estate roads (I think), but that was then. Now it is held on the Broadlands Estate, it is about as ideal as you might want.

    The course is three laps around the Estate, with the final lap including an additional out-and-back section. All traffic free, flat, private, tarmac and compacted gravel tracks. It also got you access to grounds that you might not otherwise see.

    The course is fast, and the faster runners will lap the slower ones once if not twice. To me that's fine if you know about it.

    I know there are others here that have competed, and hopefully they'll chip in.

    HTH, and maybe see you there (I'll be one of those being lapped once if not twice image)



  • WalkJogDave wrote (see)

     (I'll be one of those being lapped once if not twice image)



    Sounds like we'll be about the same pace then image

  • I did this race before it was held in broadlands and twice since broadlands.

    As Dave says it does have laps, however these are ok. It also allows your spectators to see you lots! and the laps are really not that bad.

    Parking is not a problem and its only a short walk to the start.

    Its a good race to start the year off.

    As its in broadlands its traffic free and lots of room to overtake, and there is chip timing too if I remember correctly, and last year you got a print out straight away if you wanted for your time.

    Personally I hate it when people moan, I am always thankful for the organisers and the people that give up their sunday so I can run 

    Hopefully I will be there again next year image

  • Zoe Windsor wrote (see)

    As its in broadlands its traffic free and lots of room to overtake, 

    Don't think that something I need to worry about!!!!

    Thanks both you've convinced me, park at the mother in laws and 5 min walk to the start hopefully see you both there.


  • I have now entered this. Some weeks respite before the end of Jan 2013 should allow all my bits to recover after the weekend's excesses................

    It will be interesting to see how close they get to the 1000 max runners (last year 364), and if they do, how the course handles soooooo many runners.

    Is anyone else following this thread?? We 'internet people' need to find a way to recognise each other, at least at when gathering the start....

  • My tattoo's probably make it obvious its me! image

  • Got a lot of in laws in ronsey and a few of them say they going to enter as a first attempt so we'll see, how many actually do.

    Must get my entry in now you've reminded me.



  • Hello All - I thought I'd blatantly image bump this thread and ask how is everyone's preparation going?

    Only three weeks to go image

  • As Dave knows I have finally entered, hope it wont be as cold as last year!

    Not done much running yet! better get out there!


  • Yeah getting ready now, been putting in the miles mainly aiming at warwick Half in March so this is a nice diversion.

    Trouble is just can't seem to get any faster (I think it's an age thing image ) so 47Mins looks like the target for me.


  • ummm hope the snow clears before next weekend!!!

  • Number 237, so all ready just need to hope they clear the snow image

  • 117 FTW !!!!!

    not image (and they got my age wrong: they added a year; well some weeks)

    I pass the Broadlands gates each morning, so I'll make a point of glancing in to see the state of snow drifts or glacier melt.

    I assume we pick up our numbers with our timing chips on the day? Anyone?

  • Dave I assume it's age next birthday coz they done the same to me!!!! I'm getting old enough as it is without this type of help image


    Say's in the latest booklet to collect tag etc from crossfield hall between 8:30 & 9:40, so I'll look out for 117, see you Sunday.


  • Really please with my time, about 2 mins quicker that I was expecting image.

    Good morning for a run, well organised although did feel that the medal was a bit of a let down (sticker in middle of unengraved medal) and a bottle of water at the finnish wouldn't have hurt, or am I being too picky?


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