Inguinal hernia

In training for Leeds Xmas 10k and did 11k Sunday morning, after run noticed a lump in my groin turns out its a inguinal hernia that requires surgery. Doctor wouldn't really commit to advice on running with this injury so just wandered if anyone has had similar misfortune or could advise wether to train or just give up until surgery :0( he didn't think it could have been caused by running more likely an age/gardening related thing. Yes it does hurt in a dull achy kind of way. Thanks in advance.


  • Gilmore groin is another name for this. Footballers suffer from it. There are all sorts of quack ideas like neoprene shorts and there are a few forumites who have had this and had surgery. Some Internet resources would indicate that treatment can include Physio and strength training. No reason why you can't still run, using the old adage. If it hurts slow down, if it still hurts slow down more, if it still hurts stop!!!!
  • Thanks, I'm not going to do the 10k now anyway seeing as its silly to hurt myself further, I have only been running for 4 months now and lost 2 stone so would like to be able to do even a mile or 2 a couple of times a week just to keep the weight off until surgery then I can build up for another 10k at my liesure.


  • Gilmore's groin is not the same as an inguinal hernia. I had surgery for the former after being wrongly diagnosed with the latter; the surgeon changed his mind when he examined me just before going in. They can be tricky to distinguish externally. The fix is similar though.

    Whilst waiting, you will probably get away with gentle running but I wouldn't race.


  • By the way, if anyone wants to read up on these topics the website of Jerry Gilmore's clinic is a good place to start. image

    Gilmore's Groin clinic


  • Cheers will look tonight
  • I've been unfortunate enough to have inguinal hernias operated on both left and right sides, about 10 years apart between ops, both probably caused by football.  The first I carried on playing and never felt any pain but as a party trick in the showers after a game could force a golf ball size swelling out through the tear, probably very silly to do it but I was youngimage

    Second one was painful and I could run but certainly not sprint.  I was lucky in that I was in the Forces so the operations were done very quickly

  • I had this in 2005.  Mine was probably caused by carrying heavy stuff up two flights of stairs when I moved!

    I didn't stop running (but it didn't hurt).  I had an op within quite a short time, and was running properly again within a couple of weeks.

    The worst pain I had post-surgery was when I sneezed image  That REALLY hurt!

  • Just an update for anyone who is interested, had my op on new years eve 4 weeks & 2 days ago been in a lot of pain during that time and wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy. Getting better every day and one thing to take from all this is everyone is different and recovery times depend on how tollerant to pain you can be, me I'm not that tollerant :0( anyway I went for my 1st run today with the wife doing week 1 day 1 on her C25K app and everything seems like its going to be ok bit of discomfort during the walking stages but I am a runner once more.

  • Well done Craig, that's great news
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