Luxembourg Marathon

Have just spent a frustrating weekend watching the Palma Marathon in Majorca. I had an entry and flight/hotel booked - then got injured. I am determined to try again next year, and like the look of Luxembourg in June. Has anybody any experience of this event? I know there a a few "inclines" on the course, but is it still quick enough for a reasonable time?


  • Yeh it was a great event. I ran it last year.

    Drove down from Brussels (where we live) Saturday morning, parked by expo centre, picked up bib, snooze in the sun then change and amble back to the start at the expo for the 7pm start.

    First bit (and last bit) are dull business park stuff but then you go over the bridge into town and all of Luxembourg are out waiting for us. It's Saturday night too so the beer is flowing which makes for a great atmosphere. Lots of zigging and zagging ariund the old town then the 26.2ers peel off from the 1/2 marathoners outside the town hall and suddenly you're very much alone as I think 85% were doing the half ! But we soon we formed clumps of runners as we negotiated the suburbs - good support out there, locals all out with their BBQs etc. Gentle up / down no big deal.

    So no huge inclines yet but around 30-32km you plunge down a ravine for quite a stretch, there's a 180 degree turn at the bottom. When I took that turn I looked straight up about 500 feet at the bridge I knew we had to cross to get back ! So yes the last 10km is uphill, relentless! Quite a heads-down challenge but made it eventually...

    Finish is back inside the expo to lights, smoke, DJ, pumping tunes (AC/DC when I was finishing) which was novel then plenty of free grub and 0% alc beer to reenergise for the drive back home.

    So all in all it was great fun, and no need for hotels etc. - doing it all the same day was excellent, I'm surprised there aren't more night marathons. Then I guess Luxembourg doesn't quite need the extra revenue like other host cities might!

    Going to go again next year for sure.
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