how much faster can I get?

Hey guys I have just run my first half a marathon (Nike Run to the beat)

my time was 2:10:44.. now while I am still happy to have finished it at all, I definetely want to improve my time.

what sort of time can I hope for? and in what timescale?

I have been running for about a year and before this race i did a 10k race, i am a 39yrs old male.

Any advice higly appreciated


  • Hi lokomp and congrats on your HM PB!

    Just a newbie here so grab your pinch of saltimage Anything is possible however going from 9:58mm to 7:14mm will need lots of (hard) work.  There should be plenty of race pace/training plans around to give you an idea of what you need to do to improve. I've never run a HM but would be over the moon with a time of 2:10:44 image

    Good luck in your quest and let us know how you progress.

  • thank you Andy, Dont get me wrong I am over the moon, I just feel that improving my times is my next step. that will keep me going whatever is the weather!!

  • Well yes, we all want to improve so go for it! I'm about to start a 12 week training plan to do my first 10k in 60 minutes (9:39mm) and would be over the moon with that too image


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