Hey all,

Just need a little advice.... completed Run to the beat on Sunday, me being me went ahead and completed it without much running training, and just relying on my basic gym fitness.... 

Any how, i warmed down and completed only two leg stretches (basic thigh & calf stretch) due to my thighs and calves seizing up, and hurting whilst doing them..

I had a bath and relax when i got home but today, my legs are so sore, i want to move them but cant and have to actually move my legs with my hands when trying to move my legs around from the sofa to be able to stand (really hard to explain), when i eventually do stand, i hobble about.

Has anyone got any advice on how to massage your own legs or what to do to help recovery? Its also putting a lot of strain on my back to & causing it to hurt image

Ill never do a run without much training again, lesson learnt image 

ive rubbed my legs with my hands and tends to ease the muscles, but once i stop they just seize again image 

Thanks in advance  


  • Hey Leana, put your legs in cold water, either in the bath or use a shower, or use ice - only apply for 10 mins and make sure you have a cloth between the ice and your skin to prevent ice burns.

    Otherwise, lots of water, sports drinks may help, the ones that contain the minerals such as Powerade. 

    Unfortunately the best treatment is time - can't do much about that I'm afraid!!image

    Well done on completing the run by the way, I'm sure next time it will be a lot easier.


  • ohh yes, also meant to say get plenty of protein too!

  • Thanks Paul for your response, ill give them a go.

    My legs feel a little easier today, but not by much *sigh* x

  • invest in a foam roller, they do the trick very well for calves and thighs

  • Where would i get one of them from Max? x

  • sports drinks won't help you much now.......

    try to keep moving and it should ease.have a warm shower and then if you have room try stretching your muscles gentley...............

    also if you have a bath.just try massaging your legs from the ankles upwards....just put a small amount of pressure on and then just bring upwards........do it whilst in the bath and the muscles are warm...


    if its general pain and stiffness alover you should be fine in another day or so........if the pain was in one area then i would be worried about an injury and would recommend icing the area regulary and no massage for now.......


    good luck

  • not sure if you can buy them from sports shops, but i got mine from amazon
    just do a search for Foam Roller, there are lots to choose from,mine was similar to this one



  • Seren - I agree, sports drinks won't help now.  But good hydration is very important before and after an event. After a half a lot of the bodies nutrients / minerals may be used up especially if the run has used every last little bit Leana had left.

    Also, I think right after a run or if the muscles are very sore and inflammed 'cold' water is better than warm.  As the muscles may be inflammed the last thing you need to do is encourage more blood flow.  I believe warm water is good when the mucles start to heel, to encourage blood flow when they calm down.

    Finally I believe there are mixed opinions about how much you should stretch / massage very sore muscles, as they may be injured, they don't want to be pulled apart too much too soon.  But one thing we are sure about is that moving around (active recovery) has been shown scientifically to promote heeling so this is good advise.

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