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Hi everyone

Hopefully this won't be classed as spam :P

I have started up a running blog to help keep my mind focused on my training for the London marathon. I don't have any followers yet (and its early days so probably why it reads a bit poorly at the moment) but if anyone is interested to read it then look here:

Does anyone else have one? Would be good to see others to get some ideas.


  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Another running blog!
  • Not found many running blogs that capture my attention. The following one is very good:    good quality blogs on middle / long distance running.

    If you are on a "journey" maybe more benefit will come from one of the threads on RW - e.g. I have gained a lot of good advice and support along the way fron the sub 3:15 thread. These are more two way  and you are more likely to get advice / opinion than from a blog.  Keeps the mind focused and gives you a reality check that is sometimes needed.

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