Did the GSR on Sunday...Gosport half on the 18th Nov next?


I did my first 10 mile race on Sunday, in 1:23:41 (quite pleased).

I want to move onto doing weights for my wedding/honeymoon, but I'm extremely tempted to do the Gosport half marathon in November whilst I'm sort of running distance fit.

The furthest I've ever ran is 10.5 miles. Would it be too much to ask to do the longer distance in 3 weeks time? Obviously I wouldn't be aiming for a silly time (2 hours?).


What do you think?



  • You've just done a perfect training run!  Go for it.

  • Haha, thanks Wales!

    I've got a nagging feeling that if I don't do it I'll regret not attempting it whilst I was in some sort of shape.

    Then I can move onto weight training mixed with the odd run, and put on some bulk without any regrets,

    I did get some knee pain in the GSR, but it's eased off already after some heat treatment. I won't be aiming for the same 8min/mile pace so hopefully it's doable! 

    Anyone have an idea what a good time would be considering my GSR time? My last 5 km was 2 mins slower so I know I was starting to feel it.





  • Did you prepare perfectly for the 10 mile race? If you didn't do enough tapering (at least a week of very low mileage), then you might be able to build on that time, prepare well for the HM, and maintain, or nearly maintain that pace.

    Get one last good long SLOW run in - perhaps 11.5 miles this weekend.  Do 2 or 3 sharper 3-6 milers before next Wednesday, to keep your speed up.... then have a good rest for the last 10 days... just  a few looseners...   let you've body recover in those last 10 days, eat well the last 2... and you should be full of running.   Maybe head out at 8:20 miles and see if you can keep it up.  Good luck

  • If you didn't feel like death at the end of the 10 miler then you'll probably be fine. There's no reason why you can't keep up your long runs and start to add in some weight training.

  • I did feel pretty bad. But I'd slow down to 8:30 or 9:00 min pace to give myself a chance.

    I was thinking I'd move to weights, and do a 5/6 mile run at the weekend. Keeps me fitter, and if I wanted to go to a race again, a couple of months training would sort me out.

  • I completed the GSR in 1hr 18mins and then ran home (six miles) as my Sunday Long run in preparation for my first marathon attempt on the 23rd december 2012 Portsmouth Coastal. I am booked in for the Bexhill Poppy half and the Gosport half before i start the "tapering" count down into December. Getting very apprehensive about the marathon, I am still in the middle of a sixteen week training programme with the long run of 21 miles still to go....end of November. I have completed six half marathons this year with 1hr 48mins being the fastest time. Anyone out there who can reassuure me that I will be okay? Cheers        

  • Yes, you will be fantastic

    Stick to the program, I was adding the odd extra 5 to 8km run in near the end to keep me loose and out running more often, but only 3 runs over 16m and survived my first marathon

    You will be great. I know it's hard remember to relax and enjoy it. Keep the long runs slow with some sections at marsthon pace at most just to see how you feel at that pace after x distance maybe?

    It's awesome completing your first marathon
  • Thanks for replying booktrunk.....hearing you say that you only did three runs over 16miles as helped!.....  how was your recovery after completing it and have you/would you consider doing another one?    

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