Wrong shoes?

Hello everyone

Me and my wife decided to enter some excercise in our daily routine and to start with, we tried running every morning.

We both wear Asics Kayano, but here is the "problem" :

We both think we are under-pronators (we did the "wet foot" test etc, and the sole wear on our old shoes say so...) even though i seem to have a normal arch and my wife a high arch.

Is it ok to continue running with those shoes for now? We started slowly (we are both beginners) and for now we simply run/jog/walk for 2-3km per time.

Or should we have bought more appropriate shoes for underpronators already?

And one "technical" question : I really like the minimalistic shape and low weight of Asics 33 series & Saucony Kinvara, which i have read that are more "neutral" shoes, even though some are qushioned and flexible. Are they good to start running with?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English (not my native language)


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