Grim Challenge Mud Run!

Me and my workmates have decided to sign up to this one! A good bonding exercise and a way to raise environmental awareness; anyone fancy joining in the muddy fun?!


  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    It's a good day - did it last year and signed up again for the Saturday this year

  • Yes I hope it will be! We are (nervously!) looking forward to it image We are doing the Sunday! Any tips?

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Just have fun - really.  You'll get filthy and soaked so make sure you have a full change of clothes in the car, old towels and if you have any way of keeping a big bottle of warm water in the car to wash yourself off a bit afterwards and warm you up, that would be a good idea too

  • Done a few of these in the past - they are great fun.

    However I am giving it a miss this year. £30 is too expensive for me.

    The main tip I offer is look where the people in front of you are running - let them find where the deep water is. Also the puddles - the middle can often be shallower than the edges as that is where the tank tracks/vehicle wheels go. And if you want any sort of decent time, then get close to the front for the start - the first couple of km are quite narrow and too many people near the front walk - often 2/3 abreast. Fancy dress always goes down well with the spectators but do make sure its something that can get thrown in the bin afterwards as it will get trashed.

  • Thanks for the advice David, that's useful! We have pumped up the training now so feeling good about it (minus the mud!) For those of you who might be there, look out for us sporting our DoNation t-shirts! Check it out here

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