Overweight, never ran a day in my life, kinda new to all this... Need advice.

Hi everyone... Well, how do I go about this? I'm Kris. I'm 18 and I live in the County Durham area. I've decided I want to start running properly, for the first time. I'm absolute beginner, with no running experience at all. (I haven't even been for my first run yet.)

I'm about 5'11" and a couple of stone overweight. I have a very wide or "stocky" build. One of my problems is that I suffer from asthma; usually brought on by exercise, but if I have my inhaler I don't see why this should stop me exercising.

As much as I want to lose weight, at the same time, it isn't weight loss I want to run for specifically. I know weight loss is going to be, say, a by-product of it (if I also watch what I eat, which I've started today) however generally I want to run so I can feel a bit more healthy, and energetic. I've read running increases serotonin levels, and makes you feel better within yourself. This is what I am definitely aiming for, as I suffer from mild depression, and I have virtually no self confidence.

I know there are plenty of threads on here with advice, but which one would be best for an absolute, full beginner such as myself, and is there any knowledge you can share with me?

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  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Hi there, congratulations on taking the first positive steps.

    Have a look at the C25k (Couch to 5k) threads on the forum to get you started, and look at maybe following one of these plans.


  • Kid I would just wander round the threads and see what tickles your fancy. Some threads are quite serious while other's take the p*ss a lot. The is a running with mental hearth thread on here with people on it who have depresion and other issue's if you want to take a look at it. What a lot of is do is talk carp in the club house and then try to ast all serious err well sometimes on the other threads.

    Regarding yourself your exactly the same height as me I'm stocky as well and before started running had a serious asthma issue. Your right the weight will change as a byproduct and will help with depression. Something you might like the look of is this starting out is the NHS guide.


    Also if there is a parkrun near you might be worth chacking out going forward if you have a goal that your set yourself your going to find it motivating. http://www.parkrun.com/home Not saying you should try to get in the olympics just yet and don't set yourself something that you know will be unrealistic at the moment but if you have something to work to will help.

    Welcome to the mad house mate. image

  • Congrats image Personally I have found that when I go for a run it improves my mood a lot more than when I don't exercise. I even had a Dr tell me that exercise is often more effective than taking mild anti-depressents.

    Re - getting into running. The best thing to do is a 5k plan - I did one that was called podrunner intervals which was an 8 week walk/run plan to 5k. By the end of it I was able to run the full 5k and have never looked back! As an added incentive, why don't you enter yourself into a 5k run which is at the end of the plan - that gives you something to work towards.

    Good luck with it!

  • Another thumbs up for the Couch to 5K programme.  Tried and tested by loads of people just like you.  One thing I'd recommend is that you get yourself fitted for a decent pair of running shoes - go to a proper running shop, not to the internet, or sports-goods warehouses, where they know almost nothing!  The wrong shoes can lead to injury, and that will put you off.   And if you think they're expensive, then just think that your new lifestyle might easily be saving you a tenner a week -  that's only a couple of 'coffee & cake' stops and a packet of biscuits!

    Depending on how you feel, you could look to find a friend to team up with  -  to run with - to diet with.  If none of your friends do... then see if there's a running club in your area that caters for beginners... a great many do, and you could team up with someone there. Personally, I've been happy to run alone...  but loads of people benefit from a buddy.

    You're right in knowing that running doesn't, in itself, deliver significant weight loss. Certainly not until you're running some distances longer than 5K... but it contributes a great sense of well-being... and a motivation that, if your willpower crumbles in the face of that little piece of cake, it's the equivalent of running an extra two miles.  It kind of puts it in perspective !

    Try and make it work this time... but if it doesn't... then don't criticise yourself. Sometimes you need to make the resolution 4 or 5 times before eventually it clicks. Good luck.

  • well done on your decision......

    just take it slowly to start with and remember the first part of the run is always the hardest,.............it does get easier.don't worry if you have to have walk breaks.building up slowly will ensure sucess.....

    good luck

  • Good luck and well done for taking the plunge. 

    I started by jog/walking between lamp posts and couldn't run a mile - that was 3 years ago and now I'm running half marathons (not very fast, but I'm getting round them). 

    I agree with the above, get yourself a decent pair of trainers and follow a beginners plan.  I enter events to motivate me to train, but really just use whatever motivates you, whether it be weight loss or body shape (which will change) or even the feeling of smugness or wellbeing you get when you've been out running! 

    Good luck and hope you enjoy your running.

  • Hi Kris,  I've just started too.  I'm in week 3 of the couch to 5k program and really enjoying it.  I have to agree with the remark above about feeling happier on the days that I do the program. I would like to loose weight too and I'm hoping that it will all come off when I can run 5k regulary.  Everyone on here is so helpful so get going and enjoy!

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Regarding the 'feeling better about yourself' comments, I fully agree!

    For me, I find that if I have a forced lay off for whatever reason it negatively impacts my mood. Running seems to kind if keep me 'balanced'.

    Also, if you struggle going out by yourself I'd also recommend a club. I've been running for a few years but only recently joined a club....I now wish I had joined years ago!
  • Also take a look at Run England on the web, I'm 9 weeks in and completed my first Parkrun last week, I highly recommend it!! It's free of charge and gets you out running with people of a similar ability!!
  • A few people have mentioned Parkrun- the free 5K events. They have them in  Sedgefield and Durham.

    I think a good way to start might be to give yourself a couple of weeks running on your own (so that you can walk/run for half an hour), then go along to your nearest Parkrun. They are really friendly events- and it's great motivation to try and improve your time or get round the whole thing without stopping. 



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