Did I get a good time?

Hi guys!  I ran in my 3rd race this weekend it was a 10k which I completed in 46 minutes, is this a good time?  and secondly I suffer after a race or a long run with stomach ache, does anybody else get this and how can i avoid it? Cheers! Tom


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    When you say stomache ache, do you mean an upset stomach or the abdominal muscles around this area (i.e. the "six pack")?

    If its muscular pain, then you probably want to look at some core strengthening exercises, such as ab crunches etc.

    If its an upset stomach, then you need to looka t what you are eating before the run and also whether its too soon before the run.

  • Hi Tom... 46 minutes is a creditable performance for a 3rd race.   If you're in your fifties, then I'd say it's very good... if you're in your twenties, I'd say that it shows potential - a firm base on which to build.

    I never get stomach problems... so I'm not well placed to answer the other. question. I've read that some people just seem to suffer like that after a hard run.  You could experiment with what you eat, and when you eat it - as that seems the most obvious controllable factor.

  • its wierd, it doesnt feel like my muscles it is more of an upset stomach.  i ate 2 weetabix and a banana about 3 hours before my race, what do you normally eat on the morning of a race or long run?

  • I used to get this but I stopped drinking coffee before a run and it seems to have gone.  Also I eat about 2 hours before a race, just have jam butties, and then a few shot blocks on the way round - but only for 9 miles or more.  I stopped having porridge as I hate it and literally had to force it down, so not sure if it's the caffeine or the milk that was causing me problems.  Just experiment on your training runs, that's what I did.

  • I agree with Beth try his core. I would say that the time is very good. Success

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    Milk was my issue. I cut down drastically on the semi-skimmed before a run/training session and that seems to have solved my 'issue'. Before this I had lost many training sessions.
  • I couldn't have your breakfast on race morning. I can't cope with milk generally, so have to have soya/oat/rice/nut milk. Weetabix I found too high in fibre for race morning, and that they passed straight through me. Bananas made me feel sick. I stick to a small but strong coffee, jam on toast and some water or squash, unless the race is more than 6 hours from breakfast, in which case I will have boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast, and the jam on toast 2-2.5 hours before the race.

  • Agree with dancing, too much fibre in that diet. I don't eat before running and need to avoid lots of things esp fruit.

  • Only you can define what is a good time for you. The great thing about running is that whatever your standard you can be competitive. Look at the results, where did you come - I'd guess about 1/2 way down the field. You decide whether or not you think that is good!

  • im going to try the jam on toast suggestion i think, anything has got to be better. and i came 71st out of 450 so im pretty happy with that, i think ive got faster times in me its just about getting the confidence to go out abit quicker, i always worry about going out to fast and burning out towards the end of the race

  • That looks like a good time, Tom. Now you have a base line to build on for the next one. On the subject of breakfast, porridge made with water is the business! Coffee and milk can both cause issues in some people, but three hours is a long time to still have that effect. It could be a touch of pre-race nerves while you are still gut loaded. (Probably the wrong term, but I know what I mean)

  • Wow - was it a particularly hilly course Tom? Looking at 2 local race results, 46 mins would put you at 32% of the way down the field in one, and 57% of the way down the other one (pancake flat), but your position is in the top 16%, which makes your time look even better.

    I guess the thing to do is just go for it and push it out a bit more. The worst that can happen is you overcook it and suffer and fade towards the end. To run a 10k really well, you have to be right on your limit, and by definition that means sometimes you will get it wrong.

  • Tom Lunt wrote (see)

    its wierd, it doesnt feel like my muscles it is more of an upset stomach.  i ate 2 weetabix and a banana about 3 hours before my race, what do you normally eat on the morning of a race or long run?

    Nothing wrong per se with either of those choices...might just not agree with you.

    I've seen people eat bananas 1hour before a race and be fine!

    Personally, 3 weetabix, and 3 pieces of toast 3hours before a race.

    Wake up and drink a hot water, that gets things working image

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