Starting from 'scratch'?

For the past few weeks I have heard myself say, 'After Dublin Marathon, I'm going back to square one and starting again from scratch', without knowing WFT I'm on about or whether there is such a thing image.

I think what I'm really meaning is that I have carried so many injuries this year that I need to have some time off my legs and then pick up from where I have sunk after the injury layoffs.

Bearing in mind that my A race next year is IMCH (end July) and that I want to get my injuries rested before starting training, certainly for the next 4 weeks at least, what should I be doing to pick up the pieces again.


1. Right achilles/calf injured 8 weeks before Outlaw.  No further issues other that an odd bout bit of tightness, which physio/foam roller tends to rub out.

2. Broken ribs which are ok now but affected my training for Dublin Marathon for the preceding 8 weeks. I didn't swim/bike/run for 5 of those weeks

3. In (lost) training time for Dublin I panicked (sp?) and crammed 3 long training runs plus intervals and tempos in.  Felt OK, but HR was way up for all the LSRs and I ignored it (junk miles and fraught with risk!!).

4. Injured my other calf achilles last thursday doing very little, and fool that I am image I went and ran (hopped) Dublin yesterday to a PW and a horrible stabby, sickly feeling in my calf all way round.

Now, I want to rest my legs properly and start off with HRM training in January.  What could I be doing between now and then which will keep, or even restore a level of basic/core fitness that I lost through the past 5 months (8 weeks of Outlaw training included) and allow me to build towards January?

Does my question make sense or does it sound clueless?


  • clueless old twat image.

    Have you considered yoga, Davey? Seems to work for a lot of folks looking to prolong their athletic careers. And if you don't fancy that, then have you thought about concentrating a block of training on your core stability? I know sod-all about this, but it's what the clever people seem to advocate.

    Look forward to seeing you next year when you're mended.

  • Hey dude.  Laughed at your other post ref wanger, my kinda humour image.


  • VD big thumbs up for yoga. image

    I'm in a similar position to you but without as much fitness at the moment. I've just started running again on short miles without any junk miles and trying to get back to the times I was perviously before I eat all the pie's. So glad it's not just me thinking on this. image

  • get on the bike but keep the intensity low.  and swim

  • Thanks guys.  Liking the idea of low intensity biking and swim over the next 8 weeks, my bike thinks I've abandoned it and I have been envious of my bike clubs Sunday outings.

    Yoga has been on my bucket list for some time along with some tantric sex, although I wouldn't have the patience or finess for the latter image.

    I like the look of that book KK, and it has now been ordered image.

  • Just had to google tantric sex image

    Not entirely true, googled 'tantric' as I am on a work PC.

  • VT'd we could do this together!!  I've got similar injuries and haven't done a lot since Outlaw.  Well that's an exaggeration really.  I've not done anything!  

    Physio appointment booked in a couple of weeks to try to get to the root cause.  Then I have to start training for VLM and, hopefully Challenge Henley later in the year!

    Interesting book KK, I'll put it on my Christmas list along with Holgs latest book!

  • LOL ;Iron Muffin, I haven't ever googled it so I'm off soon to do just that.  I only know about the phrase as my ex once told me about a well known popstar that was into it, though why he would feel the need to share that is beyond me!

    Siggy, I am currently following the do absolutely nothing and so don't get injured theory.  Had more physio and accupuncture last night and my calf is bruised all along the inside muscle.  Physio told me absolutely no running just yet, which is unlike her as she is all for testing and feedback.  She reckons that my calf is so tight and knotted that I might have been pretty close to tearing my achilles. so I'm going to listen.

    I've also booked in for a referral to a local well respected podiatrist in the hope that orthotics might be one answer. 

    After I recover from this though I am going to try to be the bendiest, stretchiest 50 something on the planet.  Might not help with my injuries but it surely must bring benefits in the tantric (haven't looked it up yet) events image.

  • Sounds like my kind of training plan!  image

  • as FB says...

    Bike and Swim and Bike and Roller and Bike some more........

    remember the IM run is really a jog to the finish line........  its all about being in the best shape for that jog so spend your time swimming and biking, weather allowing of course.

    when you can run, run in an z2 hr ......



  • Hi VT'd, sorry to hear about your injury woes.

    After Outlaw, I had a couple of months of taking it easy with the odd random session thrown in for good measure and managed to knacker the back of my calf attempting a very hilly long bike ride.

    Ive been to sport injury clinic recently, and had acupuncture on it, and have had the decrepidness of my arthritic feet and knees pointed out to me (don't you just love getting old image).

    I'm starting back in January, determined to train much harder than this year.

    At the moment, I'm ticking over.

    Keeping the bike steady, flat spinning because of knee/calf (therapist has banned hills for moment). Having more bliddy swimming lessons (one day I'll crack it.....image) , and trying to convert to forefront running in an attempt to stop achilles niggles.

    I'm doing IMCH as my A race next year too. May see you there imageimage


  • You could try getting to the gym. Lower body strength training. Squats/Deadlifts/Lunges etc. Also look at abductor training to strengthen the hips. Lateral leg lifts/clams/side walks with resistant bands. Like most triathletes you probably have imbalances front to back - work on hamstring strength and standing/seated calf raises. That lot should keep you busy.

    I am doing the same thing at the moment and it appears to be going well.

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