I have a pair of asics brought in Jan and have done 500+kms. I am finding that the laces are starting to come undone more often and it is beggining to bug me. Do you find that laces last as kong as the shoe or do you replace them more often? Do you bin the standard lace anyway and use something more fancy?

I have a high foot (instep I think it is called?) so there is not enough lace to double knot.


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    Are they the cylindrical laces?  I've got a pair of Asics 2170s that regularly come loose, wheareas my Asics DS Trainers never suffer the problem.  I've relaised the difference is the 2170s have cylindrical (i.e. round profile) laces whereas the DS Trainers are flat.

    I sometimes think I should replace the laces, but never seem to get round to it!



  • Double-knot, or try LockLaces.

  • I double-knot, otherwise they come undone, but they do it from new.


  • Double Knot.

    When I forget, it is usually between mile 4 and 5 that my trainers come undone - almost every time - and they're a different brand.

  • I put the lace lock from my tri laces onto my regular laces, because they're quite short and hard to tie securely. Did the job just great!

    Do you have old shoes which had longer laces? Maybe swap them.

  • Many shoes have a variety of lacing options, but basically the inner set is for wide feet, and an outer set for narrow feet.

    I have high arches but have never had a problem with the laces being too short. Can you reduce the number of eyes that the laces pass through?
  • Thanks for the tips all!

  • When they're done up I just tuck the ends (and bow bits) of the laces back under the corssed over parts.  Works a treat everytime!

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