Spare Place for Hell Down South (Saturday 10th Nov)?

Hi there,

I've got a place for Hell Down South on Saturday 10th, but my muppet friend underestimated how popular it would be and left it too late to get a place.  Is there anyone who has a place but, for whatever reason can't run?  If so I would really appreciate you getting in touch - obviously my friend will refund the cost of the entry, and postage etc.  Thanks very much!




  • Hi Cat - I have 1 ticket for sale for Hell Down South on Sat 10th Nov (possibly 2) would you like it at face value?

    Let me know thanks


  • Hi Jackie - thanks for your reply, and yes please!  Where are you based and what's the best way to organise a handover?  I'm in London, happy for you to post it and my friend to pay by cheque/bank transfer, or face-to-face trade if that's easier for you.  Just let me know...

    Thanks again,


  • Cool consider it yours! I'll try & send you a private message with more details. image

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