Best affordable shoes?

I bought some K-Swiss Tubes the other day but the heel collars come up too high on me and are giving me blisters galore image

I got them because they were only £30 and I had heard they were good for people with low insteps (I do have orthotics but I can barely walk in them let alone run) - they are great aside from the blister problem!

I don't want to spend a great deal because I am one of those people who start a new hobby with great enthusiasm only to get fed up of it within a few weeks and I don't want to spend £80+ on shoes that won't get the use (plus I'm currently only employed part time so don't have the money anyway!).

So any suggestions for decent priced shoes for people with low arches with low heel collars? I've had a cursory look and have found the Nike Flex ones look ok - are they any good? Bear in mind I'm not looking to do any marathons!


  • What size foot are you, Nikki?

    If you look at the sales on the end of ranges in mens running shoes you'll pick up a bargin, 'cos they're selling off the really small (or large) shoes they're left with.

    Like this:

    And if you're a size 6 in normal shoes, go for a size 7 in running shoes, cos you may find that your feet swell on longer runs.  Though this isn't for everyone, but it is with myself and Mrs Easy.

    I can't recommend any specific trainers.

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