Ankle after severe sprain



I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this. I severly sprained my ankle playing football several months ago. It went inwards rather than outwards and the doctors I saw were very suprised I didn't break it. There was a huge amount of swelling which has mainly gone now but, the ankle (pointy bone part) is still significantly larger than on the other foot. Is this normal? I still get some pain but that is to be expected and I can run reasonably comfortably and cycle fine. I just want to know if I should see someone about it or if I should expect it to look like this?


  • You would need a doctor to examine your ankle to check that all the bones are all where they should be and nothing is misaligned. Perhaps it has always been that way and you have only now noticed due to the injury. Possibly there is some residual inflammation of the ligament.

  • It's not always been that way, I'm sure of that. The ankle feels solid enough, I just don't want to see a doctor if it isn't needed...

  • I severely sprained my ankle about 4 years ago. I went over on it in the usual fashion, not in on it. The swelling was ridiculous and the bruising - dark purple - went all the way round my ankle and two thirds of the way up to my knee. I could run on it after a couple of months but it continued to hurt for pretty much a full year, especially if I crouched down or tried to kneel - basically any kind of movement that stretched it even slightly. My sister also suffered a bad sprain a few years ago and she said her ankle continued to be slightly painful and just not-quite-right for over 18 months. Neither of us went to doctor or hospital but maybe we should have done!

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