Giants Head Marathon - June 2013



  • Really? well this is Dorset not Milan. No milk.

  • Dear Steve, goldbeetle and Emmy H many thanks for the update.  Really looking forward to this now - looks like it could be a good laugh - will pop some Gloucester Brewery beers in the car to share out.  Ps I will eat anything and I love cows - just not inside my tent at 3am !

  • Good man steve we are hoping to have our ale brewed by our mates at Dorset Brewing company so will bring a few hundred bottles of it 

  • Hi Goldbeetle,

    nice one I will bring my wallet and support your local brewing company.  I am only intending to bring a few of my local brews down for people to taste - not looking for a brewery takeover !.  looking forward to supporting Dorset local businesses.  A few hundred bottles ! don't tempt me the night before a run buddy otherwise the Saturday run might all go very wrong !

  • Gotta have at least a couple the night before to pluck up the Dutch Courage to run
  • Christian we will cast a critical eye over any beer image they do amazing cider too and the Perry is first class

  • Discretion is the better part of valour. And running away is byfar the better part of discretion.  So, I will forgo the Athlete's Village and have reserved actual accommodation for the weekend.  A whole 100 metres or so from the start so no issues with festivity participation if such lightweight curmudgeonry is to be permitted?

  • Must absolutely not drink cider the night before! Two beers is my limit on a marathon eve.

  • I'm camping, I've even washed the sleeing bags. image I'd better start doing some training then I guess.

    I def won't be as prepared as I want to be but that's life.

  • So far this week my training has consisted of looking at hills and saying "ooo, that hill looks steep. I think I'll run that when I feel better." Mr by eck (or who ever I am a travelling with) then reaches over to check I am not still running a temperature.
  • I ran twice up and down our local hill last night. Total ascent about 800ft and I was shattered. Long way to go for me, I think image
  • Beer and Cider will be available at the RW/Fetch/Enigma 20 mile love station at the top of the Batcombe mountai.....erm hill....erm slight incline.

    cuddles, pats on the back..."there,there its going to be alrights" will be available free of charge

  • Meeting with the Parish council and WI (God help me) next week to sort out food for the Friday night list for camping and nosh will go up end of next week

  • ... and the tea tent?

  • All at the twenty mile bit Dorset Tea have given us a giant wtaer boiler and we will have cakes and biscuit too

    Sister Bad Habit is in charge so you will enjoy yourselves it or not

  • Bar and Hogroast at the finish

  • goldbeetle wrote (see)

    All at the twenty mile bit Dorset Tea have given us a giant wtaer boiler and we will have cakes and biscuit too

    Excellent, I'll bring a tea-cup.

    goldbeetle wrote (see)

    Sister Bad Habit is in charge so you will enjoy yourselves .

     Fixed that for you. image

  • I'll look forward to that WHEN I get to 20 miles.
  • Good response Steve WHEN not IF image

  • I ran up anddown a very little hill on Wednesday. Still it was probably the furthest I've ran all year.*

    *not really very true.

  • I'll get there by hell or high water. I've been watching marathons for years, and it's about time I did one
  • I can walk 26 miles no problem, but I'm determined to run most of this. We have a regular argument at work about what constitutes a marathon runner. My answer is always anybody who gets round within the time it would take to walk it
  • I ran the Silverstone HM today in a PB of 2.17.07, which I'm delighted with. However I've learned two things. Firstly that I have a LONG way to go to do a marathon, and secondly that I need to find some stretches or something to help my lower back because today hurt
  • this is a good one two 



  • Motivational speech of the century from my missus last night. "Can't believe you've entered that marathon in June, as there's no way you'll be ready. It looks really difficult" Talk about red rag to the bull! Completely determined to prove her wrong. Even if I stagger round on all fours, I'll finish
  • Hahaha I cant believe Im organising one.

    Dont worry there will be 200 other people there to prove her wrong. It will be hard though but at least its hard for everyone.

    They have beer at the end. Thats all you need to say

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I'd do better if I actually did some running. Managed about 5 mins today which brings March's total to 5 mins so far. image I really need to shake this cold now. I've spent the best part of the last week in bed.

  • Get some hills in

  • Tavistock half in two weeks for my first hilly ish run, then the Honiton Hippo, then the Saltash half. Lotsa hills in that lot. I'm going to have a nice collection of new t shirts and medals this year lol
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