Giants Head Marathon - June 2013



  • *ponces in to thread with smug look on face*


    First 20 miler done and dusted imageimage


    (and now the reality ... it was absolute purgatory from about mile 10 onwards courtesy of a distinct lack of running for last week and a bit due to snowmageddon up here in North Wales, and the refitting of our kitchen)


  • We seem to be popular on the continent 2 more entries from the Netherlands image

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Have they heard about the hills?

    well done on the running bruce.
    I have had a couple of good runs this week, clearly my cold was holding me back, I'm not tired anymore. However it does appear to be snowing again.

    Hockey over, track on Weds now.

  • Can anyone tell me if this is full yet, thanks.

  • Not yet full, nearly will take a few extras, sneak them past the WI bouncers at the door

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    14.5 miles and 2,500ft ascent. Next week I'm adding another 3.5 miles and 500ft. I may not be able to walk for a week afterward. ho hum.

  • I'm not training enough
  • Steve, think of training as a bit like Christmas ... ie its the thought that counts !!   



    (hey, may even get that put on my t-shirt!)


  • Walked ten miles if the route on Sunday. The ground is very dry and the first signs of spring are. Primroses, Dog Violets loads of Deer and the farmers spraying muck on the fields. Lots of little lambs too aaaaah

    At hill 9 out of Batcombe the river ford has gone down to a trickle.

    It was a smashing day. You forget how stunning the views are.
  • That sounds great, I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself.  image

  • First day of full marathon training today. 40 mins steady run. Not too bad
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  • Another 20 miles in the bank and a minor system failure in work fixed at the same time - who said men can't mulit-task!!  (although I'm sure some of the guys in work were getting slightly concerned about my occassional bouts of breathless heavy breathing on the call!!)

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Same distance as last week, slightly different route and the first hill was bigger - no, the first hill was the same, it was the second hill. Very muddy and it was hard work staying upright, I did give up at one point and resorted to a little walk, still managed to slip flat on my face. Gave up shortly after that.

    Perhaps i should have taken a pitstop for water, I was feeling very thirsty by 13 miles. My legs hurt as well. I had energy though otherwise I wouldn't have been able to cycle home.

    Really need to get the mileage up, the hills I'm doing ok with atm.

  • If it helps to replicate the course the first hill is at 800 metres the next one at 3 miles the next one is 8 miles then about 10 then 12 then 13.5 then 15 then 17 then 19 then 22

    There might be a few inclines Ive missed  but that should cover it 

    The hardest probably Priests walk behind the Giant at 8 miles or Batcombe at 19 the steep

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I'm ok with the long hills, it's the short steep ones that hurt.

  • Yeah that will be hills 1,4,17 and 19 is sort of inbetween

  • 7,5 miles at the Honiton hippo. Hills, mud, river crossings, one of which was chest deep, and I'm over six feet..... Hard work but fun. Will I need trail shoes for this race or will road shoes be sufficient?
  • hmmm depends on the weather i would say generally trail coz its a bit stony in places and very dusty in others 

    Ive walked it in trainers but have done all my running in trails

  • Trail shoes cope better with cow pats. Don't wanna go slipping thru one of them...
  • Lake of cow piss you may need water wings
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    just back from a week in Cumbria, 1 race with scarcely a climb (~150m), but did chalk off a fell 'run' 300+m of ascent in 1.2 miles, I hope there is nothing like that on this race....also squeezed in a 14mile and 10mile run on what Cumbria would call flat, I'd call undulating...
    knocked back for a few days with something akin to that norovirus thing, but hope to be back on couse by the weekend.

  • That's my next purchase sorted out then. Camping gear for one, plus a pair of trail shoes. If they keep me upright longer than yesterday, I'll be happy. Face first in the river. Classy
  • are there still places left ? trying to talk my dear friend mr neil c from cirencester into entering ?
  • Yes sign up at or here

    RW would prefer it you signed up on the latter but we dont mind image

  • Question for my fellow Giant's Head competitors. Debate at work today about what's classed as a marathon runner. My plan for this race is to run as much as I can and walk what I need to. According to colleagues, that makes me less of a marathon runner. Any thoughts?
  • Bollox, finish a marthon and attempting to run as much as you can makes you a marathon runner

    Tell them to email me I will tell them

  • Boss man slated someone he saw walking at mile 1.5 in Brighton. He's a perfectionist though.
  • I walked the hills in the South Downs marathon and still finished uneder four hours does that not count as a marathon how many marathons has the boss done?

  • I think treat the event with respect by training as well as you can, in order to safely complete it in the best way you're able - and aim to finish with a smile.  If I get to the finish in the 7 hours by having to rely on run/walk, I won't give a damn what anybody else thinks. If another year I manage to run the whole distance, then the only person that will really make a difference to will be me.

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