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  • Don't bloody say that 15 - everytime I have a flaming HM on, it snows.  Depends how heavy snow is I suppose? 

    Just catching up on yesterdays shenanigans but I did my 9 miles with intervals in two sections - 6 miles on hilly trails (around 820ft climb) and then as soon as I finished, I ran straight into gym, changed from muddy gear to gym bunny attire and did 6k on treadmill with 5 x 1k intervals between 13.8kph to 14kph (6:59-6:50m/m I think) (final one was 14kph) - I put gradient on 1% and it felt pretty comfortable - I haven't done a flat 5k race since last August and that was 7:06m/m average so I reckon I really, on a good day, should be capable of sub 7m/m.  Knackered today, these trails are hard work and it is worrying me that I am not doing any sessions easy enough but I cannot really go much slower on the trails, I would be walking.  They are ankle deep thick mud for a good third of them and hills are very steep.  Foot didn't hurt once on the trail yesterday but when I hit the road, could feel it slightly.  So trails really are only way I can run pain free.   


  • Ten - let me know if you find a good 10k plan. I checked out Hal higdon's 5k and 10k plans (google Hal Higdon if you've not been to his site before) and they seem pretty straight forward. It's lower mileage, more quality sessions than a marathon schedule, so possibly easier to fit in around other commitments. I'm not sure what those plans are like compared to any others though. Each week there are intervals, tempo sessions, a "fast" session and a "long" run.

    JF50 - 5am. Wow.

    I think it's officially spring now, as we've passed the vernal equinox, and in a week or so the clocks will go forward. Now if the skies could just see their way to being a bit clearer.  

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - those trails will make you stronger....but I understand why you'd be worried about doing recovery runs on them. Why don't you xtrain or jog on a treadmill for your recovery runs.

  • 15 - I have dropped down to 4 runs a week so really, the one recovery run (obviously sometimes there are 2) I am not running at all, so should be fine.  I think doing 6 on them yesterday and then doing the intervals was not a straightforward session had I been running it on flat roads - it was a lot tougher workout, feeling it today!  12 tomorrow on trails could involve around 1600ft of climb but like you say, they will get me stronger.  

    Ten - I have a friend (sub 40 10k runner) who does the Hal Higdon 10k plan - I will ask her what she thinks.  She is also doing Manchester and just put long runs on at end of the week!

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    On a positive note, a nice blanket of soft snow might be easier on the foot, HeOw?

    I did 6.7 miles recovery earlier with strides - the strides ended up a bit more than 100m because I was playing a game with my garmin where I wanted the pace to get to something beginning with 4 by the end of the fast bit... but the garmin takes a few seconds to notice how fast you're going so you have to keep it up a bit longer.

    Chris, you were asking about people's pre-race massage plans about 17 pages ago... I think massage is the solution to everything, so probably will, but the masseur (who I trust) says he would do something different and more energising pre-race, so I will ask him how long before would be good and go with that.

    Got my registration form for vlm and magazine full of adverts in the post today! Most exciting.

  • I can't wait to get home now and check the postimage

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    OOH, I'm excited now - its daft as the magazine is mostly adverts and stuff I already know, but looking forward to getting home now.  I was like this with the October one confirming the place, I already knew I was in due to deferred entry but it was still nerve wracking waiting for it to drop through onto the doormat!?!

    Feeling happier now - was slightly annoyed as I'd hoped to take part in my first parkrun on Saturday as the schedule has a tune-up race, and had found out it was the inaugural event (previously the nearest one was about 40 miles away so never bothered before).  Unfortunately, work has got in the way on Sunday, so I'm having to move the long run to Saturday and will have to get out for an early 8 miles on Sunday as a simulated "practice race".    

  • 15W - sound like the book is worth consideration.

    AG/HeOw - thanks.  I'll have a look for the Higdon plans too.  I have just printed off the Runners World sub-45:00 10k plan, but haven't taken a proper look at it yet.  It fits quite well with my schedule, because it's an eight week plan.

    I'll do the proper planning during the post-marathon recovery weeks.  It'll help take my mind off taking it easy image

  • I received the VLM registration form this morning too.  Fingers crossed I don't need it this year and I can defer and start my countdown to VLM 2014.

    After that I should be qualifying on a GFA every year image  (in my dreams)

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Oooh. Exiting. Lit - you have a GFA place? I got a GFA place this year but as I went sub 3 in the autumn that hopefully means a FGFA place which would mean my own private masseur and carpeted toilet etc etc.

    Ten - I am thinking of using the run less run faster book for a 10k or half and see what that does, fancy something a bit different.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    15W, I have a championship place. Private carpeted toilet and someone to wipe my bum for me.

  • I was thinking of doing a long tempo run as one of my tune up races - I think the plan could do with a longer tempo but not ran at LT pace - ran at "tempo" pace - so around 7:50 for me. (7:35m/m is LT pace) - I think the benefits of that may outweigh the benefits of caning yet another 10k. So will do 10 mile tempo. Other tune up race is Salford 10k next Friday which causes me a problem - I have 18 with 14 on Sunday (Wilsmlow HM).  I need to rest Monday but then next session Tues is V02 one, that would mean only leaving 3 days between V02 and race.  What to do?  It is actually only a 600m one (did 1000m yesterday) so I am thinking I may be ok...?  I have missed a tune up with being injured so will have to try to work out where to add tempo in, may not be able to. 

    Enjoy your mags!! I hope I get a GFA place for VLM next year, I would like to tick it off. 

    Ten - I will do 8 week 10k plan after Manchester's reverse taper and then get back into training for Snowdon.  Not sure what I would be aiming for, my PB is 46:12 and that was 2 miles of sandy paths so not a mega fast course (although very flat).  I think I could push out a sub 45 now if I was a bit fresher. 


  • Just realised I only have 2 weeks of hard training left before taper! Thank the fucking Lord!! I thought I had 3! image  

    Due to weather tomorrow, I may see if I can fit 12 miler in this evening, would that be a dreadful idea after doing the V02 yesterday?  Be easier than running it in snow though...

  • literatin wrote (see)

    15W, I have a championship place. Private carpeted toilet and someone to wipe my bum for me.

    There will only be 30, 307 people in front of me for the toilet, should still be cleanimage

  • 15W - stop tempting me with more books! image   I remembered I had $12 in amazon.com gift vouchers, so I ordered the P&D road running book.  I only had to pay for shipment and have ordered the slowest service.  It should arrive just after my marathon.

    HeOw - surely you'd be going for sub-40!  You could do sub-45 backwards.  Which 10k plan do you mean you will follow -  the RW one, or Higdon?

    JF50 - my hotel is opposite the start line at Brighton.  Hopefully I'll avoid toilet queues altogether!  I'm going to follow Matt Fitzgeralds advice and stop drinking at least an hour before the start (and take a gel just before the off).



  • Ha ha ha Ten!  I would be lucky to get sub 45 at the mo!  I reckon I would only just scrape into 45:00 bracket!  Sub 40 is never going to be in my reach, in my dreams maybe, you are mistaking me with Literatin!   

    I will follow the Higdon Advanced one - that is the one my friend has used. 


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Lit - coolio. So you have gone sub 3.15 previously then? Does that mean you start just behind the elites?

  • However, saying that, I think it lacks in endurance run, 6-10 miles for longest run is not really much, I would probably do a 15 miler in that! (you can take the marathon out of the girl but you can't take the girl out of the marathon!)

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    15West wrote (see)

    Lit - coolio. So you have gone sub 3.15 previously then? Does that mean you start just behind the elites?

    No, this is my first marathon, but I've done a couple of sub-1.30 HMs, which qualifies. That's why I'm aiming for sub-3.15 though; I'll be surrounded by women who've already done it and feel like I should try and keep up. And yes, I believe we get a nice uncongested start behind the elites and my race number is a pleasingly streamlined three figures.

  • HeOw - I've printed that one out.  Agree, the weekly mileage looks pretty light.

    This morning I had physio on my knee (loooooong awaited).  The physio asked me about the marathons I'd done and what I had coming up.  When I told her I was running Brighton Marathon in a few weeks, she asked "will that be that your longest one?".  I respectfully pointed out that they were all the same length image  

  • Ten, if you did one before 1908 they were different distances, sort of about 25 miles.  On the way to FLM expo, DLR to Excel, a few years back I sat next to an author and runner called John Bryant, who wrote "The London Marathon, the history of the greatest race on earth" and he explained all to me.  I did buy his book at expo and he signed it wishing me luck in the race.  The distance used today comes from the distance it was from the starting point (can't remember exactly where it was), to the finish line at White City (where the BBC buildings are in West London now) which was the venue for the athletics for the 1908 Olympics.

    I'll take my nerd hat off nowimage

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    LOL at Lit and 15west, all I know is I'm in the FGFA pen with a tent, free coffee and water and very little in the way of a wait for the WC image 15west it takes a max of 15 seconds to cross the line when they call you forward then remove the barrier and we are brought to the front of the masses. When you look at the plan on page 42 of the book you just got that's a fence around the FGFA start image

    10 miles easy this morning not sure what to do on Saturday with the gale force winds and snow forecast image

    HrOw is that your fault for booking a half marathon in;-)
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    JF50 - I have heard that also. They extended it so it finished infront of the royal box or something.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    NP - will people be able to see me on tv waving behind Wilson Kipsang and co.?

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    15west No lol. But neither will anyone else on here.
  • 15w if you stand on something we might be able to catch a glance of you at the front, just look for the one with the alcoholic puppyimage

  • JF50 wrote (see)

    Ten, if you did one before 1908 they were different distances, sort of about 25 miles.  

    I'm not as old as you JF, so I bow down to your previous experience image


  • 1908 marathon started at windsor castle, and finished inside the White City stadium, which was the Olympic stadium in 1908. The race was supposed to be "between 25 and 26 miles" long, plus a 385 yards (clockwise) round the track in the stadium, finishing in front of the royal box so the toffs would have a good view image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I don't think they upgraded me from GFA to FGFA. image I might have to share toilet facilities.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Did you ring them up and ask them to? Don't think it happens automatically.

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