P + D training for VLM 2013



  • NN - struggling myself this week. Did my 11 MLR tonight. It was tough going - or actually I was going at a pretty good pace and wasn't out of puff but legs didn't really want to play. By the end I has loosened up and it was ok. That wind was a killer tho'

    JF 50 - currently I'm in blue but I think I'll be moving to green cos I'm going for a Guinness record.
  • NN almost at taper, but one CBA allowedimage


    Fiona intrigued, the record? 


  • ** comes back ** I did 5k recovery run.  Err, has anyone ran today?  FIONA!  You have! Well done.  Craig, you hard bastard! Well done.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Hey, where are my congratulations for my recovery run in the sideways snow?

    HeOw, did you get the bogs cleaned before the kids got home? Talk about a cliffhanger.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - you going to be a pacer?

  • Look, I expect EVERY SINGLE one of you to comment if I shit, never mind run. 

    Literain - sideways snow you say?  Here, have a defunct Jim'll Fix It Badge. 

    15 - yeah, I am.  Sub 2:45. You wanna join?

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    HeOw wrote (see)

    Look, I expect EVERY SINGLE one of you to comment if I shit, never mind run. 


    you are probably thinking of facebook. x

  • HeOw - maybe you should clarify if its a 2:45 half or marathon! (Need a smiley wink)

    Lit - sideways snow you say? Are you not a gym member as I wouldn't do a recovery run in sideways snow. I just had the sideways wind.

    JF 50 - I am attempting to be the fastest woman dressed as a doctor. I fully intend to do this as it requires me to do sub 4 hours. Thankfully the outfit is not too bad but I am praying that it is not torrential rain!
  • Thanks AG, only just checked the thread again. Much appreciated. 

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Fiona, no, like a moron I cancelled my gym membership earlier this month thinking I wouldn't need it now it's SPRING. Grr.

  • Brilliant Fiona, hope it is a record

    HeOw brilliant hope those bogs are clean, what pace for the cleaning?  

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    HeOw you can pace me if you likeimage

    Fiona great running in the wind.

    Today's half marathon is off due to the snow and wind so about to set off up my hill shortly image
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Oh crap, its 16-18 inches deep on the side of my mountain - Off for a recce to see if I can get anything done today at all. Its gridlock here - all main arteries around Wrexham are shut. I would try and get to thm but they are shut due to snow!

    Envious of those that can get out and do something.

    Basefook - sorry Face book is definitiley for self obsessed narcisists in my view. Which reminds me - HeOw - You as a Pacer - god help the poor buggers.image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning all - 5 mile jog out there in the beautiful spring like weather. Garmin battery ran out again, it could be on it's last legs.

    Wilmslow looks like on tomorrow, will be a bit chaotic I think though due to no car park etc. Also will be blooming chilly.


  • All this bad weather is making me feel slightly better about being ill with the lurgy and having done fu*k all for a few days now (and unlikely to do anything for a few more). Hope its not too bad out there for everyone.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Well, now I feel guilty that I've spent the morning gazing out of the window, eating flapjacks, and half-arsedly trying to psyche myself up to go outside. It's a bit sideways still, but only a couple of inches on the ground. Am thinking I might just do a pleasant 15-mile loop rather than the longer run I had in mind. I have already filled the bath with cold water.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Oakley 20 is cancelled tomorrow image  My third cancelled race in the last couple of years image  

    At least they've made the decision, so I know I can go out early tomorrow for my own 20m run.

  • Morning. Well we've been lucky so far and there is no snow lying. It is however absolutely freezing in that wind. 10 miles done this morning including parkrun. It freezing. However done now and tucking into porridge and golden syrup. Yum.

    Sorry to hear that yet another race has been cancelled
  • Sorry to hear about all the races cancelled, no sign of snow here but the met office is saying the winds will be up to 40mph.

    I'll probably use the treadmill today, don't think my long is going to be much fun tomorrow!

    This weather is a nightmare, not sure whether I'd prefer the snow to this wind. image
  • We have about 3-4 foot here at the moment, it looks as though I won't be going to Wilmslow, I just can't get there, gutted.  I managed 7 last night up the hills with my Salomons on, I will venture out later for a few more miles in the snow, I quite like it, its tough and demanding.  Not sure on tomorrow now, was supposed to be Wilmslow or a 21 mile long run, I just don't think 21 miles is possible where I live at the moment, gutted.

  • Supposed to be doing Banbury 15 tomorrow but it may be cancelled. second race this year because of our beautifuly weather!!

    Don't wont to run in the snow because I injuried my achilles early in the year doing that.

    Therefore my problem is my training hasn't been going too well this year due to injury and weather. I', up to 20 miles ..... did Ashby last week managed it okay, not as good time as previous year but hey..... my question to you guys is, it's four week till VLM I'm up to 20 miles, probably wont managed a long run this weekend due to snow, do you think one 20 miler will be enough to get me through on the day? weather permitting I will try to get runs in during week and a longish one next weekend. Advice please. Cheers



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  • Hey Al Runs, did you make it down to Battersea park today?

    My 10k race report:

    The weather looked worse than it was; the course was mostly sheltered from the worst of the wind and sleet by the trees, apart from the section towards the end of each lap. And it wasn't really that cold once you were moving.

    I managed a 7min PB with a time of 48 something (I think the guy said 48:15 as i crossed the line, but the results will be up online later apparently, so i'll know for certain then. I found a girl who was running about the pace i wanted to run, and she seemed to be fairly metronomic, so i stuck with her until just after the 9k mark, then pulled away slightly with whatever i had left. I thanked her afterwards for helping me keep the pace.

    So, good start to the weekend, i'm delighted with my time, and looking forward to the slow 17miles tomorrow


  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Woody - IMHO if you can complete the Ashby 20, you can complete a flat marathon.  Just be sensible about any time goal.

    AG - awesome PB!  Well done.  I like to convert my PB times into distance, to see how far ahead I finish of my previous best.  It puts some perspective on how big an improvement the time actually is.

    It's forecast to be windy and very cold with more possible snow for tomorrow's run.  File it under "character building" image

  • AG - that's an amazing PB. You must be absolutely thrilled. Bodes well for the marathon. image
  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Wow, well done AG!

    Woody, will you do 20 next weekend? That's what's in my schedule, and it would give you 2x 20 including Ashby.

    I just completely failed to do my long run for this weekend - once I got outside in the shitty weather decided to go for 15 rather than 18 miles, through unpleasant wet snow/slush, but local geography means I mainly have to run east or west. So when I got to the more exposed part with the east wind blowing snow in my face for a couple of miles I decided I just couldn't face another few miles of that. I couldn't even see properly. So I did some swift rationalising and decided the only training benefit of doing this particular run was to improve endurance, which I think I have plenty of anyway, and cut it short to 10 miles. I realise this means I lose my well'ard credentials and have to hand back my Jim'll fix it badge.

    I did have the cold bath, though.

  • AG Cracking PB, that is a big chunk to take off

    I decided to change my schedule around, so 17.5 miles very slow today, saving the 10k time trial for tomorrow. Something to look forward to.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    AG fantastic PB well on for another one in London image

    Craig went up my hill this morning and 2 to 3 feet of snow for about 3 miles up and down but drifts of 4 to 6 feet deep image but got some great photos and video, the wind was unreal at the top.

    Will stay on the flat tomorrow for 20/22 miles just hope the wind drops a lot.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    AG: Awesome!!!  image   A very well earned PB. Glad your race went ahead. Others seem to be less lucky with races being cancelled left, right & centre.

    lit: wimp!!!   image

    No snow here - beautiful sunshine but it's -4 and windchill says -11  image. Still got my act together today and braved the elements.

    5 miles out in the most brutally cold easterly headwind ever. Had to wear my buff over nose & mouth and it froze soild after a while image.
    The return was great though. Decided to do the strides and the intervals which I missed earlier in the week. 5 x 600 in 2:19, 2:18, 2:20, 2:18 and 2:15. OK, it was of course cheating to do them with a tailwind but it was great to see my legs turn so fast! I never knew they could do that image

    Wore my marathon Kinvaras and I had no niggles, nothing. Guess the various pairs of worn Sauconys have had it and should be confined to the bin.

  • AG - nice race report, and excellent work on the massive PB. I had a quick scout round for people I thought might be you then realised I didn't have much to go on, especially as everyone was wearing hats and hair colour was not on show. Also figured I might get some funny looks walking up to people asking if they were 'Agent Ginger'. I should have just told you I was wearing a bright orange gore jacket.

    Twas my first time at 10k so I got myself an automatic PB of 38.14. Very happy with that as it seems to tally up with scraping under 3 hours on the online predictors. I found the race a tough old slog though, 10k seems to be a particularly unpleasant distance to race. The pace doesn't feel much different to 5k but you have to go for twice as long! Looking at my splits it looks like I went off a little to fast (first mile 5.59 compared to average of 6.09).

    Sorry to hear some of you have been unable to race or train due to weather.

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