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  • Lit- I have been scuppered with my 18/14mp run, but I was thinking of going 20 with 12 next week and 17 with 8-10 the following week to compensate.

    Good luck Chris

    Hope Wilmslow is a good run for you all.

    Nothing for me yesterday but 4 hours digging out drive. Treating it as x training.

    HeOw - You know how it is overhere then, I am on the side of hope mountain by Cymau and I reckon we have got it pretty bad compared to most. Walked down to the village yesterday and they only had a foot or so, but to get to the road I was upto my thighs. Sick of it now.

  • For those that haven't done the long MP run I'd do it next week, I think it's more important than a 20/22 mile LR.

    I wouldn't do it 2 weeks from the race because its too close, I think it's planned 5 weeks out from the race for a reason.

    It's getting close to the point now where the risks of doing a hard run will outweigh the benefits.

    Just my opinion of course you'll know yourselfs how long it takes to recover.
  • Had a 10k mud bath at Richmond along the tow path yesterday for my scheduled race.  Slow time of 39 41, but that included a tumble, running into heacy sleet and was very much 'off road'. Came 7th out of 600 or so. 

    Used the clubs 20 mile organised marathon training run this morning as my MP run from last week.  Did the 20 miles at 6.42 pace.  Not bad considering it was 0 degrees 12 mph wind and 171m of elevation gain.  Feeling more confident for London now.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello all - just back from Wilmslow Half. Was cold out there, and the wind was a killer for last 5 or so miles of the race. Still, got a PB of 1.21.37 and feeling pretty pleased with myself.

    Hope all your runs/races ok out there. Lit, why don't you do 22 next week and keep increasing pace until run at MP for last 8 or so miles.

  • Last night I was doubting the wisdom of running 20m in the snow this close (3 weeks) to the marathon. I considered a number of options, such as running slower for less distance to have the time on my feet. This morning I got myself out the door at 7:15am with the promise to myself that I could cut the run short and finish off on the treadmill (e.g. run 12m outdoors and 8m on the treadmill). I thought that would make it easier on the knees.

    The first mile was like an ice rink, before deeper snow along the trail made footing more secure. I was surprised how clear some of the country roads were once I got around five or six miles out of town, so I decided to carry on while the going was relatively good. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as I had been expecting. Needless to say I turned around to come back at ten miles image

    I knew it was going to be tough in the last few miles, so I decided to run my MP+10% miles earlier in the run as best I could in the conditions. My target pace range is 10:48 to 9:54, and my actual splits were as follows:


    The final few miles, and in particular mile nineteen, rank among the toughest of any of my training runs! The cold headwind added to the challenge coming up the incline. Still, it was job done! The Oakley 20 may well have been cancelled today, but I have earned that hoodie!

    Another 52 miles in the bank this week, and now it's time to TAPER!!!!!!! image

  • literatin wrote (see)

    Yeah, and it's all your fault: look what you said:

    Night Nurse wrote (see)

    Lit those cold baths must work, think about it, it just icing but a bigger area. May be wise to leave the MP run though I agree,



    I didnt mean skip it forever you were complaining of a niggle...Mens solution seems good, do 12 next week. I would think that a quality run would be better than a slow 22.

  • Surrey Great time in tough conditions

    15W The is an amazing PB, especially in that weather

    Ten Very impressive 20 miles, especially knowing it was going to be tough at the end

    I ran 13 with middle 10k as a "race", I knew it wasn't going to be good, and I was correct. I gave up mentally after four miles. Still it is now ticked in the box.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    15West fantastic PB and great running in these conditions well done mate.imageimageimage

    Mark hope the 20 went ok.

    Fiona well done on last nights 11 miles.

    Chris hope your 20 went ok as well.

    Chick -8 good luck with the long run bloody Baltic here as well.

    Surry thats a fantastic 20 mile run at 6:42 paceimage looking good for well under 3hrs.

    Ten great running in the conditions and well done up the hill at the end.

    Scooby well done on the 13 miles with a 10k in the middle.

    Just over 19 miles for me with 7 miles faster than MP,  was going to do 22 but the last 5 miles into the wind made my mind up for me, running at 7:40 to 7:50 pace felt like MP effort so turned for home and a hot shower.image


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Excellent racing 15W and Surrey Runner image.

    Hope everyone survived their long runs today. Did 22.15 and it was hell. The feckin' wind picked up again and was almost as bad as yesterday. To sum it up it was 11 miles of hell and 11 that were just about bearable. I thought I would speed up on the tailwind sections but I had nothing left image. Oh well, just one of them shit runs that we all have some time. At least it was time on legs and miles in the bank.

    NP: well done for managing your long run with 7 miles faster than MP!

    Ten: great long run from you as well image

  • Got a 1:21:49 in wilmslow, very happy with that considering the wind,, the run felt comfortable until around mile 8, found that hard, then picked it back up again, wasn't chasing a PB today, wind was too hard, very happy with my performance. Thanks goes to HeOw to coming over the border this morning to get me. 15W good run, it was tough wasn't it.
  • 15W - well done on the PB in those conditions.

    Surrey and NP - excellent running in those conditions.

    Ten - well done for even trying to get out.

    We still have no snow so just Baltic and very windy. 20 miles done in 3:03 something. That was an average pace of 9:10/ mile with average HR 162. That pace is actually my pace for VLM. I've been doing all the long runs using HR so is no idea of pace until finished. It felt not too bad and I could have gone further especially if not so windy. HR range for run 153-170 so HR not even at the top end of range. image
  • Amazing times posted guys. Craig.15w and sr I think from reading back?

    I forced myself off my sickbed/toilet for probably my worst run in a long time. 20 miles was shortened to 19 because it was so horrendous. Throw in a couple of toilet breaks and it really was a shit run - quite literally. Legs felt heavy and never warmed up. Whatever bug ive had has hit hard. Hoping that's the end of it though and will try to get a long 22 in next week to try and get the confidence back. I had a feeling I had peaked too soon.

    NN - it's sounds like you had a tough day too. I think we can write it off as a bad day at the office - no need to panic just yet I hope?!

    But gutted not to race a 10k today, but I really wasn't up to racing. And I'm struggling to find any 10ks within a reasonable distance next weekend. Am contemplating a 200 mile round trip just to crack a 10k pb so all this training isn't wasted!
  • Brilliant running everyone today!

    SR, with a 20 mile run like that you should be well on course for Sub 3.

    15w, great time in the bad conditions, wonder if you could break 80mins on a good day?

    Craig, Ten, NP and Fiona well done!

    Forgot to say earlier I ran 20 miles in 2.37 the wind was horrible but 20 miles feels quite easy now which is a good sign.

    Just looked back and my longest four runs are 20,20,22 and 22 so another 22 next week should round things off perfectly. image
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Craig - well done, I came in 2 places behind you!

    Well done everyone else also...some strong running going on some nasty conditions.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Craig that's another great half marathon time well done image looking good for sub 3hrs.

    Fiona great 20 miles into the bank image

    Chris well done on the 19 miles you will feel a lot better when it's out of your system and we still have 4 weeks to goimage you will be fine.

    Mark another 20 into the bank.
  • Some great efforts today in godawful conditions.

    SR - nice 20m time, no wonder you're feeling confident.

    15W & Craig - congratulations on a great times in tough conditions at Wilmslow.

    Scooby - it's the tough ones that make us stronger! Well done.

    np - your decision making on the run is more sensible than mine! 

    Chick - what I said to Scooby above!  The tailwind doesn't assist anything like the headwind hinders (fact).

    Chris - I totally sympathise with running with tummy troubles!  My greatest ally has been Immodium.  

    Mark - Great run.  I wish my 20m had felt easy!

    My five longest runs were 20, 22, 20, 18, 20 - which add up to the magical 100m.  That's the most I've done in a marathon training campaign.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Ten the plan for this weekend had been 15 including a half marathon and 6 recovery so 8 hill run and 19 is more but it also included the 7 miles faster than MP so it's ok. Will do 22 next weekend and the weekend after I have another half marathon planned which will be run at MP. That's spot on 5 runs up to 100 miles just keep the pace up for the next few weeks and you will fly round. image
  • Fiona - I meant to say that looks like a solid run in the middle of your HR range.  You must be feeling well confident after nailing 20m at MP!

    np - I don't think I would dare run a half marathon race so close to the marathon.  I'm settling for a 5k parkrun image  I have to hit 23:59, because it's my Jantastic target!

  • Well done to 15 and Craig - no PB for me, in comparison to Wrexham, today was tough. 1:43:10 and it hurt final few miles, I lost couple mins to wind but pleased enough, this week been a hard training week and I tapered for Wrexham. I am wondering whether my toothache and swollen gum (am in agony) would have contributed towards feeling not on par?

    15/Craig, what does your Garmin tell you re elevation. It has mine down as very flat but my friends is totally different. Hers has nearly 300ft extra over the course and it isnt in those "spikes" that Garmin can sometimes do.

    Mark great run and funny how 20 miles can feel easy!

    Chris, sorry to hear you struggled, it happens to everyone at some point and well done for making 19 miles, hope you are better soon. The tough runs are what wew remember when going gets tough on race day,

    Fiona, it looks like you need to up your marathon race pace!!
  • HeOw - great time at the end of a tough week -  I can't imagine that toothache would have helped!

  • Thanks Ten!  

    Going to go out for recovery run later, make my mileage up to 17 with 13 at HMRP (and a few slower ones...) image  Does that mean I still have to do the 18 with 14 at MRP, P&D  boffins?! 

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    Night Nurse wrote (see)

    I didnt mean skip it forever you were complaining of a niggle...Mens solution seems good, do 12 next week. I would think that a quality run would be better than a slow 22.

    Yeah, I know, I wasn't going to skip it forever either, but the weather just didn't co-operate this week. I think I will take on board one or more of the excellent suggestions above and try and fit it into next week's long run, perhaps stick at 20 and run it progressively with a longer-than-usual stretch at mp.

    HeOw, if I have to do it you do too! Actually though it is probably true that as well as being a hard workout, it's also kind of a dress rehearsal for the real marathon, and you won't be running that at half-marathon pace. So it is a different run.

    Also, massive congratulations to everyone who raced today! And to 15W for the new PB. And also well done to everyone who got out on their long run in less-than-ideal conditions. I kind of ducked out on mine yesterday, but the snow has partially melted now so I am thinking of going out for 10-15 now, while I've still got some energy left (in my legs. My arms are like jelly after spending all day up ropes).

  • Literatin - I am going to slot the 14 at MRP into my 20 miler either next weekend or weekend after.  I will juggle my runs around this week and may drop the Salford 10k, I know tune up races are important but I cannot really justify leaving my husband, who will be recovering from surgery on the Thursday to fuck off to Manchester AGAIN to do a 10k.  So, I may do the 20 at MRP next weekend and do the tune up race weekend after. I felt todays race was my 11 with 7 at LT pace (although I did more at LT pace!) as I totally messed that up last week by doing circuits etc night before and that had annoyed me big time.  So, nothing lost today really!  Are you going to go out now?!

  • I've just made the mistake of looking at the weekly weather forecast.  Depressing image  Possibility of more heavy snow at Easter.

    You can tell I'm tapering as I've already started obsessing about the weather image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - my garmin has +78m/-61m elevation, so that's 139m altogether, or 456ft.

  • Mine is wrong then.  My friends has same as yours.  Feel better now! 

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    HeOw wrote (see)

     Are you going to go out now?!

    Yep, just got my running gear on and it's still light... Legs are a bit bruised from the workshop though. That'll teach me. Okay, I'll do the 14 mp in this weekend's long run if you and Men are too (though maybe only 12 or something).

  • Yes we will do it togeva... image

    Ten - I checked long term weather forecast already for Manchester...

  • 15 West, whats was your name, I thought you were ahead of me?


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I'm not giving out my name on here - don't know what sort've weirdos are lurking (HeOw).

    Look on here:


    2 places behind you, but in chip time I whip yo ass.

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