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  • It may be cold and freezing outside. But I have reason to celebrate. I have just deposited something solid into the toilet - I had forgotten what such an experience was like! Think I might celebrate by eating something solid! I bet your are all glad I shared that. As you were.

    Back to training it is.  

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Congratulations Chris - that really is lovely news.

  • Bloody hell, a struggle to  even find how many pages have generated since I last logged in.

    It's a bit like living in Narnia at the moment isn't it. 

    Absolutely rubbish conditions yesterday to run long but got out for my missing 14 at MP, think Lit mentioned how important this run is.  Ran the MP miles from the start and then coasted 6 more miles home.  To be honest a few of the miles straight into the wind were more like 5k in terms of effort so not too certain what I learnt.

    Chris ?  I obviously need to find where that one came from

  • NN - I'm going to be doing almost exactly the same thing this week as I'm going away for the weekend.  I think that I'm lucky enough to have a rest day at some point during the week so it will be Thursday.

    Chris - congrats.

  • well done Surrey on your sub40 in horrible conditions, and to 15West on your PB half. Must be great to know you're in best ever shape.

    I've got 5*1k intervals tomorrow, and I'm thinking of doing them on the treadmill. The plan says to do them at 5k pace. I'm not entirely sure what my "notional" 5k PB would be. My actual 5k PB is 24:21, which is a slower pace that the 10k in 48:14 I did on Saturday, so I guess I am for about 7:30min/mile pace for the intervals. Just not sure whether that would make them too easy, and so not strong enough training benefit to make it worthwhile. Any thoughts?

  • AG I'd use your 10k time from Saturday and pump it into Jack Daniels for a recalculation of your paces

  • Lit I USED to be able to do the splits and bend back, but not so flexible nowadays and I certainly couldn't tie myself in those kind of knots..

    Fiona I guess Easter will throw lots of confusion into the mix a bit like Christmas if family commitments..good luck with it when ever you do the 21..image

    AG , I would say you need to do them about 7.30 - 7.35s s as you say.

  • Seriously then for a minute JF50, I thought you were telling AG to run it pumped with Jack Daniels whisky.   Then the penny dropped...  (well done on the 14 MRP though, did you know, it is IMPORTANT!) Agree AG, McMillan has 5k pace at 7:29m/m. In the Bible, it does warn about running V02 too fast so I would stick between 7:20-7:30m/m.

    Men - you still not got out of the Mountain yet?! I can ring for a Helicopter to get you down to the mean streets of Chester. 

    NN - I would do as everyone else has said.  Prioritise the runs as long run most important and do it on day you feel most fresh.

    Well, not one to be dramatic **ahem** but I have been Dentist and have an abscess.  A pretty nasty one obviously, not a little crappy one, has to be the worst ever seen in history of dentistry ... image  It has floored me and that race yesterday makes sense, I really struggled final few miles, other than wind, I knew my body wasn't playing ball.  I am antiobitics and won't be able to run until feel better.  So, my foot is fixed but now my tooth is fucked.  What next?!  

    Also my Mum is blaming my training saying I am pushing my body too much! WHy does running get blamed for everything?! 

  • My mum also thinks that running is the work of the devil. I'm sure she would be happier if I rocked up to her house smoking and drinking. Mind you, she used to moan about that too. Maybe mums just love to moan.
  • HeOw - 2 runs. Well done on going out again in that weather.

    Lit - congrats on getting that MP in especially after whatever rope thingy you were doing today. That second flute stretch looks pretty much impossible to me.

    Chris77 - how is the tum now?
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Keep up Fiona - he had a solid poo earlier today.

    My mum also worries about this marathon running business, but sometimes when I see the casualties after races (including myself) I think she may have a point.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    15W, I think that's one of those weird accidental double posts. Fiona posted that yesterday, so you could see her as being directly responsible for Chris's subsequent poo post.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    HeOw, sorry to hear about worst abscess ever. Your mum might just slightly have a point but don't tell her, and you can point out that at least you're getting some rest now.

    My dad is the one who worries about the dangerous sports, but I think he is more concerned by the ones where I might fall on my head.

  • Lit - it was indeed my post from yesterday. Why does that happen?
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I get that sometimes if refresh page on a tablet - it re-posts a previous message without warning me.

  • It almost inspired a double solid poo on this lovely cold rest night.
  • Chris - ha ha surely after the last couple of days 2 solid pops is unlikely!
  • I hate stupid iPhone auto correct. Grrrr should be poo.
  • Heow..bloody hell you must have the worse luck on the thread (just to make you feel better ...or worse ) what a bummer but ouch I know how painful that can be, make sure you finish all the tablets..and yes I know what you mean, I get it all the time, if I yawn at work...It must be the running making me tired ...if I have a head ache it must be all the running in the cold, if I end up in a wheel chair at the grand old age of 101..it will have been the running that put me there not the fact that I am just knackered cos I am 101 image

    Now come on if we are talking pooh we have to know ALL the details  consistancy, quantity, actual shade (thats what I have to chart at work anyway )..congratulations on the well formed stool  Chris and thanks for keeping us well informed of your bowel movements image

  • I was feeling sorry for myself today but when I saw that Chris had achieved a solid, well formed, piece of shit - it made everything in my sorry state of affairs seem brighter... image  Chris, well done mate, you have moved on from shitting through the eye of a needle to shitting to the Eye of the Tiger, I bet you felt like you were Rocky. 

    Err, does it say somewhere in the Terms and Conditions of P&D that if we do roughly 75% of the plan then we are ok?  I hope so!  I do feel like throwing the towel in, I seem to have ran through every single possible affliction! Not sure what type of quality week this week will be, I will take it day by day.  

    FIona - thanks for the double congrats re double run! image

  • No more poo talk. And no throwing the towel in. Just think, if you get to the starting line in full health and with all your niggles cleared up, then actually doing the marathon should be a piece of piss in comparison to the pain you have had to put up with in training.

  • If you want bad luck cop for this...

    Got out to aldofrd, chester (about mile 17 of Chester marathon) in the missus car for a meeting - packed all me running kit and rocked up and finished in 15 mins. This means at 3 pm I was shakin hands and about to drive a bit up the road, ditch the car and do that shitty worthless 18 with 14 at MP thingy. Got in the car, bang, warning lights and do not start on the computer!Phone up Green flag - 40 mins they say. 30 mins later they say they are 30 minsaway etc. 5.30 they show up - I could have done my run in the time it took them to get there. Driver tells me he told them he would be 2 hours aswellimage. ANyway get to Main dealer at 6 and decide to run home. 13.5 with 8 at mp around 6.45 - pretty slippy at the end. The difference in conditions between Chester and my Gaff is staggering.

    Just the main dealer bill to look forward to nowimage


  • Heow if it does say 75% would get us the same results I will be fricking furious, I have spent the last 3 months freezing my tits off running 850 miles...image 

    Men...ummm lets call it character building ......image

    so you only did 13 with 8 mp ?..not very good is it really ?





    runs away

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Ah but did you run away at MP or not NN?

    While we're not on the subject of poo any more, I just thought I'd mention that I've been eating a lot beetroot recently.

  • Run out of ice free road and light - as I was planning on running in the day I took none of my special nightwear with me, so finished at around 8 pm in the dark. Shandy lightweight that I am.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Yeah, it was dark when I finished my 14 miles @ mp yesterday too.

  • Lit to be honest my 5k pace wouldn't be fast enough to run away from Men doing  his long run pace !! and no matter how much beetroot you eat your pooh will still smell like pooh even if it is pink !!

    And it was dark when I did my 14mp last week...Men sorry you will have to do it again..properly next time image

  • Mennania wrote (see)

    ... I took none of my special nightwear with me

    nudge, nudge, image image say no more

  • Photos of strange postions, special nightwear and lots of talk about the state of poo. What sort of place is this?

    6 miles easy this morning, 4 planned for this evening.

  • I'm still smug about doing my 20 at mp on Sunday. I was even accelerating at the end, though that could have been the yellow sis gel being a bit like rocket fuel.

    I had been a bit worried as due to weather or racing or just feeling a bit dodgy I hadn't done any of the Mp runs as they should have been done.

    Just one more 70 mile week then taper time.
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