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    I notice other schedules (non P&D - e.g. RW) have hard runs on the Saturday prior to the long run.  I think, as mentioned, it's so that the LR is run on tired legs and you are forced to slow down.  I couldn't find any convenient Saturday races, so I raced a 5k parkrun and followed it with six more miles, including two miles at marathon pace.  Bloody felt it on the following day's long run.

  • As Tapering madness is kicking in I phoned VLM at lucnh today to confirm my starting pen position. I am in Blue start. Pen 2. I kindly asked if I could move up to Pen 1, but was told there is no chance of moving at this stage. So it looks like I'll have to jump into Pen 1 on the day and face the wrath of the Security guards / other runners. Oh well. Another thing to stress about during the taper!

  • In 2 minds what to do tonight.  I have 1000m vO2 max repeats tonight, or I could run a 5 mile road race and make the mileage up to 11, my mind is saying the intervals but my heart is saying  the race, I ran a 10K last Friday so maybe a race would not be the best option, but i'm not very sensible when it comes to things like this, any advice??

  • Craig we will all say follow your head but you'll probably race  anyway, as we probably would.  I guess this week is no problem and 1000m at VO2 is hardly a picnic so follow your heart I reckon.  Switch back to head next week!

  • HeOw - my max HR totally blows 220-age out of the water.  I have a max of 199 and I'm now 37 so according to calculator should be 183 so I would be training sub optimally all the time.  It is well recognised that the formula is just an estimate and I suppose if you are just starting out with any exercise it is a useful guide, but for what we are doing then you need something more accurate.

    Ten - it sounds like you've sorted out the HR thing.  I take it you've never done the test then?

    Kharnivore - like everyone else says do P&D but make sure you do more of it on hills.

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    still no DOMS image  guess I should have worked harder image

    Couldn't face running in the cold this morning image. Hoping to bunk off work early and do an easy 5 miles tonight.

    Craig: I'd say race ... it's more fun than reps any day image

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    Craig, I would say race too, because you want to. Also I hate doing intervals (except for feeling smug afterwards).

    There are now cake crumbs stuck in the spine of my P&D schedule. I think I've worked out what is stopping me getting to 'race weight'.

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    Wheres the race at Craig??

  • craigtdavies wrote (see)




    I like the optimistic use of the word Springimage  Good course record

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    Finally got round to booking train tickets down to London. Anyone going to the expo on Friday afternoon?

  • I am hoping to get down to Expo on Thursday if anyone fancies a tea and cake, at least on Thursday pre-literatin there should be some cakeimage

  • Lit - I'll be going on Friday afternoon too. I'll be the one with the Welsh accent begging / arguing for an upgrade to Pen 1! You can't miss me. ha

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    Fiona - I did do hill reps to test myself, but I'm completedly convinced now that the Max rate I witnessed was a blip.  Unfortunately I was inexperienced in using the HRM and didn't realise about the possibility of spikes.

    8m VO2Max session completed.  I found my third and final mile rep tough going into the wind.  My new target pace is 7:34.  Heart rate target range is 169-173bpm based on 181bpm Max.

    Reps:  7:33/7:37/7:35

    HR averages: 153/159/162bpm

    HR peaks: 158/167/167bpm

    I didn't feel like I could push too much harder on that third rep, though I suspect I still have a lot to learn about really pushing to the edge image.  I'll be training for 10K races after the marathon recovery, which will be the time to try pushing the boundaries.  I'm on easy street now image ....until the race.

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    I will be down later on on friday aft, we should hook up for a Beet shot!!

    Craig - I am sorry I asked now, bloody considering sodding well racing it myselfimage

  • Beet shots all round sound good. Portaloos before the race could look like a blood bath mind!

  • JF50 I am going Thursday, hope we can meet up say hi...and eat all the cake !!

    No run for me today I have a weird niggle in my ankle, so climb nearly 7 miles on an AMT trainer, bloody hard work, great cardio workout and calories burn though.Also did pilates and off to AB attack later...I will not get fat during this taper !!

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    NN - with all that additional "cross training" does it still count as a taper? image 

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    What is the consensus on the final week of training with P&D?  Do people intend to run the mileage stated, or rest more in that week?  I'm now wondering if the mileage will be too high to allow me to recover sufficiently for race day.

    I know this has been touched upon, but now it is imminent, and I'm in panic mode image

  • HeOw - I love the Adidas tempos as well. They are my go faster shoes. Glad to hear that the intervals went so well. Mine were 600s into a nasty headwind as well although one was clearly down Jill with a tailwind as the pace started with a 6. image
  • I see I've had another of those repeat posts.

    Ten - not doing it all, probably about half. There is no training advantage at that stage just a risk of fatigue I think.

    Lit - I'll be at expo on Friday afternoon would be good to meet for cake image
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Thanks Fiona.

    I have just been reading the RW "winding down" article, and that states to do no more than four miles in the final week.  It got me thinking.  They said "you can't under-do it, you can only overdo it".

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    Thx for the hilly marathon advice. Looking forward to trying P&D. 

  • Tenjiso wrote (see)

    NN - with all that additional "cross training" does it still count as a taper? image 




    Probably not, I will go easier next week  but todays was because instead of a  run... woman who took the AB attack class is running Taunton marathon this Sunday there is no way I will be doing THAT before London..I a knackered

  • Struggled in Chester Spring 5 mile tonight, not much in the legs and felt tired after a day at work, managed a 29:35, good fast start, started to undulate after mile 2, had to really work for that tonight.

  • Well done Craig that sounds tough, but perhaps not unexpected after all the training.
  • Craig. That's still sub 6 pace at the end of the highest mileage you have ever run! So you are still looking in great shape. And its fast! The taper (and fresh legs) will be the icing on the cake.

  • And Ten, I think I'll stick with the plan mainly in the final week, but may drop one mid week 4 miler and just for a 2 mile jog the day before race day. Although if I am feeling tired still I'll give more runs a miss. But I've got a feeling that we are all going to be suffering tapering madness by the last week and will want to be out running more! ha

  • Did the 12 mile MLR tonight.  Still cold outside.

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