P + D training for VLM 2013



  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Surrey mmmmmm cold bath lolimage

    Lit just go easy and watch your garmin at the start, not all youngsters are bad thenimage

  • Not all kids are bad , its a shame some people are so judgemental of the little fuckersimage

    4 pm at RW stand is it? Will try to see some of you then but am unsure of my movements.

    I have reached my 540 g of carbs for the day. Start over tomorrowimage.

  • I haven't even counted my total carbs for the day but I think I've done fairly well.  I always go for the low end of the range as I wouldn't have a hope otherwise.

    My favourite youngster quote came from a teenager when I was running early one morning who shouted "you've got a great arse lady".  I was touched. Probably old enough to be his mum but there you go.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Men, if I bring some cake for you and then you don't turn up I've no idea what we'll do with it!

    I win at carb-loading, by the way. It was much easier when I got home and could have savoury carb-based snacks rather than just the flapjacks in my office. And I ate all of this:




  • but not for THAT Literatin.  What in the name of God is it?  Semolina?

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Jesus, no, it is macaroni cheese but I made a bit too much cheese sauce by mistake.

  • Hi everyone, just got back from london and the Expo..went up with my brother, nice to meet JF50  and we left you all some cake..we were very healthy actually only sandwiches and a drink..

     I have deferred image, the ankle is just bothering me too much to think about running 26 miles on it, it would be foolish, I thought I could start then DNF if I had to but the more I thought about it decided thats not me, plus I cant do it for the sake of saying ;" I have run the london marathon"  and not do my best, either decision could leave me with an injury that takes longer to recover, its already been nearly 3 weeks with no running and I couldnt bare for it to turn inot 3 months..and I couldnt bare for it to turn inot 3 months..anyway hopefully will be recovered in time to pick up the 18 week schedule in just 6 weeks time  and start over again for Abingdon..imageimageoff to bed now catch up properly tomorrow

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    (((NN))) totally understand. I had a similar issue when I ran a half marathon last year. I started but by 5k I thought "ouch, this is bad" and by 10k I dropped out, devastated... image

    You'll blast Abingdon!! You know they say the best way to train for a maratahon is to do all the training and then not run it.

    Just got an e-mail from the Hamburg organisers which made me all emotionial:

    Dear athletes,

    many of you have already expressed their compassion for the victims of Boston through various channels and made suggestions how to take a stand against terrorism and violence on Sunday’s Haspa Marathon Hamburg. All this was very touching. Due to all these suggestions and our own thoughts, we considered some measures, how we could show our respect to the victims of Boston, their families and the Boston Marathon organizers. We now want to inform you about these arrangements:

    • On Friday from 1 p.m. every participant may receive a free bracelet in the event colors of the Boston Marathon when picking up his starting documents. The bracelet may be worn voluntarily on Sunday.
    • As from Friday there are walls standing in the accreditation area where you can express your compassion – the walls will be sent to the organizers of Boston Marathon after the event.
    • Reverend Dr. Friedrich Brandi-Hinrichs invites to an ecumenical service in the “Friedenskirche” Altona – Otzenstraße 19 on Saturday 6 p.m.
    • On Sunday we would like to hold a common minute of silence – about 8:45 a.m. – we will inform you via loudspeaker in the start area. After that, we are going to play the song “Sweet Caroline” from Neil Diamond – this song is traditionally played in the context of sport events in Boston.
    • We have opened a donation account at the Hamburg Sparkasse for the benefit of the victims of Boston. If you like, you can donate in any order until Tuesday 30 April:

                 Bank Account number: 1221138058
                 Bank code: 200 505 50
                 Keyword: Run for Boston

    • The collected amount of money will be transferred to the organizers of the Boston Marathon.

    Despite the touching days, we wish you and all of us, that the joy of running and the confidence will prevail on Sunday.
    Run for Boston, but also enjoy Hamburg !

  • My poo has gone purple from all the bet root shots I have been having....
  • Surrey - Lucky! My urine hasn't even taken on a pink tinge yet. More required.

    NN - Sounds like a correct and wise decision. Abingdon will be good timing, with plenty of training already in the bank.

    5M recovery with strides today. Thinking I might downgrade to 4M with half-arsed strides.

    Mark - really sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Hope you have a great run, come and say hi if you're on the FGFA start - I'll be wearing a blue vest with AL on it, standing uncomfortably close to the sub3 pacer.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    NN - sorry about that - but you are making a wise decision. Save it for another day.

    Lit - is that maccorini cheese?  Or a plate of puke?

    5mi with some strides for me today also. Pigged out on fruit loaf yesterday afternoon and still feel full now!

    Need to pack tonight...need a list!

  • NN. Sorry to hear that. But def the right decision long term.

    15w - just bring yourself, your garmin (and charger), trainers, shorts, socks and vest. Running letter and passport. Maybe sunglasses. Everything else you can wing or pick up.

    Oh, and toilet roll. For gods sake don't forget the toilet roll!

    Just heading to London now. Excitement levels are rising! Happy travels everyone.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    and safety pins?

  • NN - unlucky but you know yourself better than anyone else

    4mi with strides later for me.

    Me and the family are of to visit the queen, train leaves Chester at 11.30image

    Phantom niggles abound and racked with self doubt re my goal. Just want to get to sunday am now.image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Men: same here. Woke up last night and both knees hurt image. They are fine now. Weird.

    Rest day for me image

  • Well Guys, It has been a journey of different lengths and efforts but they all lead to the same place on Sunday. I hope that you all have a great day and that you are happy that you gave it a bloody good bash. Will be posting from my phone from this point on so enjoy the last bit of this epic trip and most of all enjoy the day but remember, dont be shite!!

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    OMG Chris, you are right! I don't think they have toilet roll in London!

    NN, sorry to hear that but I think you have made the right choice if you know your ankle is still not right. I thought you might end up deferring when you first mentioned leaving warm clothes at Mudchute for a DNF, as I didn't think you'd be happy doing that.

    I'm just about to head down to London. Was going to retrieve the list of race numbers etc. and update it but haven't had time. Perhaps someone who's not on a train can have a go?

    Oh, and see you at 4, Fiona & (possibly) Men! I'll be the short, enthusiastic one with wavy black hair and a grey leather jacket.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    It's all going off in Boston - one suspect dead, one at large. Still no idea if domestic or international.

  • Here you go Lit, think this was the latest:

    Name – Bib number – Start – Wearing – Time – Chandos?
    Mennania (Johnny) – tbc - Green - Black with Clic Sargent shirt - sub 3hr - Yes
    Literatin (Katie) - 283 - Blue - Nasty white club vest with two blue hoops – 3:15 - No
    Fiona - tbc- green - green surgical scrubs, white coat and Heart UK vest - sub 4 - No
    No Pain (Gary) - 30752 - red FGFA - Fetch vest - Sub 2:55- Yes
    JF50 – 1317 – blue – orange Arthritis Research vest – tbc - No
    15West (Stephen) – 32957 – red FGFA – blue tshirt – Sub 2:55 - Maybe
    Pottermiss - (Fiona) - 22692 - Blue- Yellow T Shirt Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research - sub 4.15 - No
    Al Runs - 31020 - red FGFA - Blue vest - Sub 3 - No

  • Mark so sorry to hear your bad news.

    Morning all, NN good to see you yesterday, hope you didn't spend too much.

    You have to congratulate Adidas, their merchandising is just top class and it is easy to see why they sell so much.  Anyway I bought some Asics shoes at a show price and a few  pairs of socks also at show price, and am still regretting I didn't buy  something bright and tempting from the Adidas superstore, they get into your mind, or is it that just me!

    4 miles this morning, slow but with a few strides.  A massive tree across the railway walk I use so had to take a diversion to get round it.

    Porridge and toast for breakfast.  Have got a big xmas pud out of the cupboard, a good portion for pudding with a bit of custard gives you about 100g of carbs.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv54oLWz5UE

    Just a look, listen to the first 4 minutes of this pre-match talk before a Lions match and remember for Sunday

  • JF50 - our Christmas pud hasn't lasted this long. I succumbed last year to a couple of things and no doubt will today as well. I really fancy a pair I'd Adidas tights that I saw so I hope they have them. I'm a huge fan of Adidas stuff I feel like a walking ad for them most if the time. I used to wear their shoes as well

    Lit - I'm 5'7" and will be wearing a black and pink 3 in1 jacket and will have hubby in tow (probably bored looking)

    I did post my new number yesterday so have a look cos I can't paste it using my phone. Currently on train to London enjoying a bacon Sarnie croissants and juice courtesy of east coast main line. Also as you can see using the free wi-fi! image
  • NN - forgot to say sorry to hear you'll not be there but probably for the best.

    Mark - in some ways probably best that your OH isn't coming with you that way you won't feel so bad if you are enjoying yourself and the atmosphere.
  • Mark - really sorry to see the news.

    NN - that's a brave decision, and one which many would not have the courage to make.  The good news, of course, is that we get to train together again (virtually) next year image.  Bet you can't wait! image  In the meantime, I hope you get fit and ready for Abingdon.  I reckon you'll smash it there.

    Mennania - what is your number?  I'm missing it from my stalkers list.  You haven't gone all shy, have you? image

    JF50 - you've just reminded me.  I've earned some Christmas Pudding and cream!  Can't believe I forgot my traditional reward!

    I've been reading parts of P&D's Road Racing book.  Some slight changes to pacing and heart rate ranges, partly due to targeting 10k, but it's all familiar territory so I'm going to use it as a basis for my summer training.  I can't wait to get cracking on speedier training, but I'm going to build up the P&D way in the 5th Mesocycle.

    Looking forward to seeing how you all do on Sunday!

  • Ten - what's that book called cos I think I might take a look at it as I'm planning a similar thing to you
  • "Road Racing for Serious Runners"

    I checked, though, and it is okay to have a sense of humour.  It doesn't affect the training.


  • I prefer their follow up books, "Road Racing for Earnest Runners" and the follow up "Road Racing for Sombre Runners"

  • You forgot "Road Racing for Comedians"!

  • Just popping in wish everyone good luck for Sunday.

    Let us hope we all get the time our training deserves.

    Remember it is meant to be fun.

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