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    Chris J77 wrote (see)

    I can't believe you ran 2.50 in that weather in a T Shirt. Get a vest and you will go 2.45 without any need to train!

    Yeah, and some slightly skimpier shorts.

    I am feeling almost normal now and went for a 4-mile recovery run this morning. My energy levels feel back to normal (where normal = manic) so it was good to get out. Not running is feeling almost as frustrating as during the taper. I'm glad I booked that trapeze class for tomorrow now. 15W, I've also been cycling to work (and yesterday) because that's how I get there, and it was nowhere near as challenging as stairs and chairs were yesterday.

    Some excellent facial expressions in all the race photos. My mum got some quite good ones of me at mile 24 so I'm just waiting for her to send me them.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Does wearing a vest make much difference...apart from being a little bit lighter?The day was warmer than expected so I guess would have been cooler in a vest.

    Don't think I'm ready to run yet. Cycling felt ok, but don't think I'm up for even a slow jog yet. Might cross train in gym tomorrow, then start jogging from friday.

    Maybe I should enter Manchester and pace AG and/or HeOw (not Craig!).

  • I could never go back to running in anything other than a vest now (I'm not a wife beater honest). I just get claustrophobic wearing anything more than I have to. Try it. You will love it I promise. Plus it dries out much quicker after throwing the 25th bottle of water over your head / stomach / chest.

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    those pics are a rip off image  no way I'm going to fork out so much money. Snipping is ok but the quality is a bit rubbish. Anyway I look shit in mine image

    re. salt / electrolytes: I would go a step further and carry electrolyte tablets with me during the race to pop them in the water bottles. Zero cramping. This is the third year in a row that this has worked a treat, including a marathon where we had 28C

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    forgot to say: brilliant report and world record pic, Fiona image

  • Chris J77 wrote (see)

    I can't believe you ran 2.50 in that weather in a T Shirt. Get a vest and you will go 2.45 without any need to train!

    +1 for that, though I bet you pissed off the more seriously dressed runners round you!

  • /members/images/306733/Gallery/vlmsnip.JPG

    I'm willing to dump the compression vest for a 2.45 without trainingimage

  • MarathonFoto take the piss with their prices, even when they start making discount offers (which they will).  

    The Brighton photos were taken by marathon-photos, who are much more reasonable.  Thirty-five quid for 18 digital photo's in various formats and videos at the start/halfway/finish.  Not cheap, but I might actually order them.


  • We are family, after all.

    Great photos lads.  You're my favourite though JF50. image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Was just about to agree to the pacing but you've blown it now.

  • HeOw wrote (see)

    We are family, after all.

    Great photos lads.  You're my favourite though JF50. image

    Ah that's nice, what are you setting me up for? image  Not that you would

  • I think she's 'dissing' us 15W.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭


  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭

    HeOw, you beat me to it.....pace me, 15W! Actually, HeOw and I are on similar targets, so you could perhaps pace both of us at the same time....you men can multi-task, can't you?!!

    And I have to agree re the wearing of vests...I have to have my armpits out when racing, whatever the weather. I was in shorts and a paper thin vest at Manchester last year (in THAT weather) and was fine.

    PS - how does one upload a profile photo....



  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Click on the little tree picture : Insert Image or Video...

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Shazmo/HeOw - what time you aiming for again?

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭

    15W - I'm aiming for sub 3.50 (a mere stroll for you image )

    On a good day (ie, cold weather) - sub 3.45 (think this is HeOw's target)

    Sunday looks to be a bit too warm for my liking, so it could all go to pot image


    This is the best I can do from work.....this is from a fell race, so hopefully I will not have muddy legs on Sunday! 


  • 3:45ish 15. A running legend to pace us Shazmo. Imagine!!

    I do reckon with your hope and glory 15, you could help us break 3:45.

    JF50 you're also a running legend. As are you Chris. Literatin you too...
  • Shaz looking good but why have you superimposed a few kids and a tractor into your race photo?? image
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    They have 3.45 pacers - just stick with that group...makes life a lot easier I'm telling you. You don't have to sign up or anything, just find them at the start line and then always keep them within sight. Means you will always be running in a group which really really helps.


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Shazmo - doesn't look too hot, looks perfect. Remember starts at 9, so will still be quite chilly at that time. Make sure you are well hydrated, but don't drink too much just before start or you'll just keep needing a wee. Drink a few sports drinks in days leading up to race, and maybe on morning of the race (early).

  • I've entered the pace team 15 but they give you a big 3:45 badge for your back. In no way am I advertising what time I am after - its like a tempt of fate to bloody far. I will show it to bloke then throw it away....
  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭
    HeOw, technology not my area of expertise, so don't know how to crop the extras outimage

    I'm not too worried about getting dehydrated if it's warm. However I struggle to regulate my core temperate and it rockets even when the weather is warmer by only a degree or so. Not too keen on the thought of the sun coming out too....but hey, nothing I can do about it, I've just got to go with it and keep fingers crossed.

    15W, yes think I may keep those pacers in sight and keep my eyes peeled for sweeties at mile 21ish

    HeOw, what start pen you in?
  • HeOw wrote (see)
    Shaz looking good but why have you superimposed a few kids and a tractor into your race photo?? image

    Yes I wondered about this photo,the kids look quick, top of the hill already and just having a relax!

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭
    The kids were just helping to marshal at this particular checkpoint. I had had a long ascent prior to the photo being taken (hence my weary look)
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - you don't have to wear it, just stick with the pace group. That's what I did last year with the 3.15 group, most people didn't wear a 3.15 pace number. Just makes the race easier as takes all the worries of pacing out of the equation, all you got to do is keep up (then overtake in last mile!).

  • did 6 and a bit miles with 2mi at MP (9:00) at lunctime. Legs felt really heavy and knees really stiff. Shouldn't I be starting to feel fresh by now?

  • AG we all know that feeling, I did a recovery run in the last week's training and could feel DOMs in my left quads, totally gone the next day

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    AG - don't panic - TAPER MADNESS. You will be fine once you get going on sunday.

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