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  • Did the tempo run on the treadmill again for safty.  However gym was crowded and even hoter and more humid than last time.  Had to have a water break 3 miles into the tempo then finish the last two and warm down.

    Going to have to risk running fast outside in future as too hot in gym.

  • Is that the 2nd of the day NP? Impressive stuff.

    Treadmill again for me, still too much snow/ice which in the dark dare not risk. After 5 rec last nite, did the 5 LT within an extended 12 miles so can ditch the 12 on fri in preparation for Sundays half. Having said that looking at the forecast for York, think it might be called off image

    Pleased to just hear Paul McGinley got the Ryder Cup gig.


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Current forecast for weekend onwards looking a bit scary.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Markf yep second of the day, do you use Fetcheveryone? Great site to record all your training.
  • Well I survived on the treadmill. 9 miles with 5 at hmp (8:20/ mile). Didn't feel too bad although I think I lost about a stone in sweat! I watched pointless, 6 o'clock news and north tonight.

    However it was a learning curve. I've never used the treadmill at the gym for that length of time before. Today I found out that they stop after 60 mins unless you change the elapsed time. It stopped when I only had 0.3 miles of LT to go. Couldnt believe it. It takes so long for it to reset and then I forgot I had to change the distance from km to miles so only did 0.3 k extra and then cool down of 2k. Realised as finished and had only done a further 15 mins and should have been nearer 25. Howeveri could have easily done the rest so not too worried.

    Currently packing the gym bag for tomorrow.

    Good running everyone else
  • I swapped tonight's 9m with 5 @ LT for Thursday's 10m GA.

    The streets were just a bit too icy for it to be safe to do any fast miles in the dark (plus I was feeling a little bit lazy).

    Be careful out there everyone.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    NN - after your message last night I registered on Fetcheveryone and uploaded my recent runs. It's a good website that.

    14 frosty miles today. I always have a nose running problem when running in this cold, always have to give it a quick wipe before passing someone. Reminder to self - must wash gloves.

  • -8 on my car drive in this morning so not certain what the temp was  when I got out at 5.15am.  Still really icy so easy decision to use my treadmill for a 5 mile recovery.

    Fiona and Surrey, I agree with the temperature, even in my "gym" also called the garage, I had to stop on my run on Monday during my warm up miles to put a fan on, and it was probably zero degrees in there.  Still good practice for a warm April dayimage


  • 15W impressive mileage for an early morning run

  • Morning all.  Oh yes, Fetch Everyone is good but I cannot keep up with here, Facebook and Fetch too!  Forecast for next few days here is snow, 15W, as I live a couple of miles from the Helsby Half route, it looks like we will be skating around the course Sunday.  I doubt PB on the cards.  Will just do it for the fun of it though and race Wrexham on 17 Feb.  

    GoCaz, I have no strategy until I get to start line and I usually hit pace straight away.  It either works, or doesn't! I have only ran a couple of flat HM (last one was Conwy) so, hard to gauge really.  Sunday so far away and with the weather being how it is at the mo, no point giving it much thought!  I am definitely capable of a 1:41-1:42, have been for a while and on a good day, with a taper, could probably go for a sub 1:40.  

    Great running everyone, Dave, it is hard to keep tempo up when tired, I did my LT session last night, I am recovering from a cough and it was tough on the final mile. 

    Did 9 miles last night with 4 at 7:50 (uphill); 7:26 (downhill); 7:39; 7:36.  Rest were steady/easy.  Hard in dark with weather so bad.  Coughing a hell of a lot too but I feel fine. 

    Club tonight, will see what the say re Helsby Half and the weather situation as my club organise it.  Will run the long route to club (5 miles) and do 8 miles with them to make 13 miler up. 

    Stay safe people in the bad weather. 

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    JF50 - I haven't ran a mile yet - will be a lunchtime run.

  • 15W, oh still well done for planning to get out there today, at least you've got time to wash those gloves before you goimage

  • first 2 runs of week 4 completed.

    8mi GA run with 10x100m strides last night. felt pretty comfortable throughout. pacing about right, as per P&D plan suggestions.

    5mi recovery run into work this morning. Right achilles was a little stiff for the first mile, then fine afterwards. I always find early morning runs difficult, so make sure i only do recovery jogs when i'm running into work, as I don't think i could handle anything more. presumably due to low blood sugar or something.

    Anyway, 3 runs remaining this week: 10mi GA, another recovery and a 15mi run at the weekend. I have to admit, i quite like running in this weather, as i overheat anyway, so it suits me when it's cooler.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    13.8 miles in the bank this morning, no snow, no ice but cold in the sleetimage but more miles in the bankimage.

    AGinger Well done on both your runs.

    15West enjoy your lunch time run.

  • Fiona..nice treadmill running I would struggle to do that many miles on one, luckily I havent had to resort to it yet...just a 5 mile recovery run on one last week

    Fetch is excellent I dont use the forum much but it great for logging training..I dont do facebook 

    Nice LT session Heow similar splits to mine ( surprise lol) I am really keeping my fingers crossed for that sub 1.40 for you...then hopefully I will do the same image..running twin..oh and I an running to my club tonight  and making the miles up..( I am not stalking you honestly )..

    GA I also prefer the colder weather for running as long as it isnt chucking it down with rain, I really dont run well when its warm

    NP 13.8  ??? what happened to the .2 ?

  • Mennania wrote (see)

    Whats your pacing strategy? Progressive maybe? - For my Wrexham Half I will plan the race in advance with conscious review points  where you have feel and pace checks against  to decide if it is on (3m), still on (7m) and finish (10m). I would also start the first two miles at current pb pace or slightly slower and go progressive from there if feeling good.

    I would just reiterate what I have said before, which is be 100% prepared to turn it into an MP training run if something/anything begins to cause you concern.

    Funny you should say that, as I remember, when I got my PB at Blackpool, at mile 3, I had gone out for a 1:42 and I knew, there was no way.  So I just backed off for a sub 1:45.  Mile 10 is the point where you know you can or can't isn't it?  At Tatton HM in October, I had not recovered properly from Chester marathon and I had been laid off for 9 days with flu.  Tatton was my recovery run coming back... At mile 10, I was on for a 1:41.  Then the wheels fell off, I had to jog back to finish.  So many things can go wrong and you need all the right factors in place to go for it.  I know from doing tempos that one week, I can fly for miles at tempo pace.  Then the next, 2-3 miles are a struggle at same pace.  Thank you, very wise words and shall keep them in my mind. 

    NN - Morning twinnie... image  So, I am the Guinea Pig!?  I can't see me smashing it for you chuck, sorry!  I have booked Wrexham Half in 17 Feb, will try then for you... image

    15W, I bet you have been and done your 14 miler in the time it took me to eat my crackers and cheese. 

    Good run NP, however, like NN says, where are the extra 0.2?!

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    No OCD lol
  • Heow You have a better chance of getting that kind of time than I do..you are younger..image thats where we are VERY different..lol you have years left  to improve ... I feel as if I am just about hanging on to the low 1.40s as it is..

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello - back from 14 miles. 1hr50. How long does it take you to eat crackers and cheese HeOw?

    Slightly worrying (or exciting depending on your age etc) weather on its way friday. Problem is if do get dumped with a lot of snow, and if doesn't thaw, going to make running a bit tricky. Could affect Helsby on sunday also.

  • Well run this time 15w, clean gloves I hope.  Good run NP, could have been an extra 0.8 I guess, if we all hadn't seen the schedule!

    NN I am in the same boat, PBs now are maintaining pace.

    Weather forecast  for this area is light snow over the weekend, can't see me using the treadmill for 16 miles so it might be trail shoes on and use a trail near me which is  about 2 miles long, and keep repeating.  Might surprise some of the dog walkers along there if they stay out long enough.  Of course  the roads  could be perfect.

  • On the OCD front I have on occasion run up and down the front drive to do the last 0.02 of a run....
  • Surrey, snap! i was pissed off this morning when my jog into work got me to the front doors in 4.97mi, and i had to run down the street for a bit and run back. pah.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Heh heh - with you on that one SR (apart from the drive bit...haven't got one)...

  • Surrey - I do that all the time as my short run is 3.87 miles. image

    NN - not that keen on the treadie, but in the time I was at the gym the paths had gone from slushy to icy.  While I was waiting on OH for a lift a chap passed running and I commented that he was braver than me and he said he wished he'd never started.  The local running club also seemed to be going somewhat slower than normal.....

    I think I might try the 5 miles recovery outside tonight as it doesn't matter how slow I go and I find my trail shoes are usually very effective. If I think it looks iffy, I'll go to gym again. I can't believe that no one so much as mentioned that fact that I used a treadmill at teatime yesterday for 90 mins as most places seem to have a much shorter time limit - must be worth paying the hideous fees!

    Well done to all those who have managed outside and lucky all those without the weather. Lets hope it improves for the races/LSR this weekend. I don't much fancy that on the treadmill.

    I also use Fetch for recording training, but don't look at the fora (is that the plural?) much and I also don't do Facebook.

  • I have a Fetch login and a few races recorded over there, but not my training.  I log all my training on Garmin Connect now, does anybody else?

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I log using garmin connect and fetch now - but mainly use sportstracks which isn't uploading to a website but to an app.


  • Waaay too icy to take a chance with my dodgy knee, so my 8m GA was on the treadie this evening.  The forecast for Friday is for another huge dumping of snow and freezing temnperatures image

    I use Garmin Connect too.

  • I use Connect too, never had any probs with it.

    With such a poor forecast for the weekend and little chance of racing, have decided not to cut back and stick with the schedule so 14 mlr done outside after work. Still snow and ice about but survived without any falls despite a couple of close calls.

    Good running again in tough conditions by you all; well done image

  • HeOw - 10 miles would be the point when you decide how much you are going to PB by  image, If it is doubtful and borderline you should have probably binned it at mile 7.

    10 for me in the cold at 7.15mm. I ran 200 yds past my missus who was waiting in the car to get it passed 10. She looked at me as I bolted past with the sad confused look only another marathon widow would fully understandimage

    Vo2 test done and dusted. Test involved typical body measurements with a warm up and then 16 minutes hooked up on treadmill with a half mph increase every 30 seconds reaching 12mph for a couple of minutes at the end before I was put out of my misery. Proper pulling for tugs at the end and not disimilar to Darth Vader in looks and sound. A quick post test chat gives a mixed bag really;

    1) - I am an inch taller than I was when I was 18image

    2) - I need to lose some fat (16% needs to be 12%)image

    3) - 3 hrs at 9mph is the top end of my current rangeimage 

    Get the full results and an improvement plan tomorrow with a retest on 18th March.



  • Did the 14 miler. Was sub zero and there were a few frozen puddles around but no real hazards.
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