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    Morning all - well done to anyone who managed to get out there and run yesterday, and good luck to all who get out there today. A fair amount of Wales, SW and W Midlands getting a good dumping on now - still to play for how much we get in the NW.

    I am down for a 12 mile run today, and have Helsby on Sunday (if still can get there and it's on); but am unsure whether to run 8, or 10, or 12 (has to be an even number for some reason!) for tapering reasons. Whatever I do I think I will run it late morning as by this afternoon could be covered with the white stuff.



  • Morning all, treadmill run for me today in my garage, 5 miles recovery, another episode of The Wire watched.  16 miler with 11 at MP for Sunday.  Seems likewe are due to have snow all weekend here so might just have to run repeats along the railway walk trail close to me in trail shoes.  Actually quite looking forward to it, as others say not too bad for long runs but hopefully it will clear before we all need to get some speed work done.

  • Considering whether to do today's 12 miler outside or on the treadmill.  Heavy snow currently falling.  One thought though, I was caught out by running in a storm at the MK marathon last year.  Running outside today would be good bad weather training.

  • SR If its safe I would always run outside, like you say training in all weathers will toughen you up mentally for the big day.

    Markf I forgot about buying those beet shots, I might get some today. Thanks for reminding me.

    I'm starting to mentally prepare for racing on Sunday, just hoping its on.
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    Blizzards here now!

  • 10mi GA completed last night, 5mi recovery jog done this morning.

    the air was cold but i was still sweating after 5 minutes. snow didn't start until i was just getting to the office, so i've missed the blizzard, although i work in central london so the temp is a couple of degrees warmer here and the roads well gritted, snow has to be pretty heavy to stick.

  • well another 10 miles on the treadmill logged.  I watched BBC breakfast for 1hr40!  It gets pretty boring after a while.  However, it was quite amusing to watch the reporter in Wales who was becoming progressively more snowman like as the time passed. Currently we have had no more snow and it looks like we will probably get off lightly with only  a small amount tonight.  However, it is getting really slippy underfoot so still no running outside, but I think I may chance parkrun tomorrow with the trail shoes on for my 5 miles recovery.  Still trying to figure out what to do about Sunday - there is no way I can do another 6 miles on that damn treadmill.

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    Ziggy great running and nice splits.

    NN I did my PB that year I like running in the heat but a mate who should have been sub 3hrs burned up badly and did 3:15 some 20 mins off pace. Nice running, not sure what's happening on Fetch as yesterday's and today's training is not shown?

    15west enjoy your run.

    JF50 nice running enjoy the trail tomorrow.

    AG nice running.

    Fiona J nice treadmill session.
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    Well, ran just under 9 in the end - my legs felt like they could do with a bit more rest if running a half on sunday, well, that's my excuse anyway. It was snowing quite heavily when I left, but was very light when got back. Underfoot on city streets not too bad, out on the trails is compacted snow and could get quite slippery out there in next few days unless thaws. Really cold wind out there too.

  • Still snowing here, maybe I will be a girl's blouse and do the 12 miles on the treadmill......

  • 12 miles on the treadmill sounds like torture to me!
  • I once ran 13 miles on a treadmill whilst watching some Champions League football but even with that distraction it was brutal.

    I've no desire to do it again so hopefully here (West Coast of Scotland) remains snow free.

  • It won't be pleaseant.  I too once did 13 miles but since then have never done more than 10 on a 'mill.

  • I don't mind intervals on a treadmill, infact I think there are some benefits to doing them on the treadmill, but long runs.... you have my sympathy.

    Hopefully conditions clear up soon and you can all get back to running outdoors safely.

  • just popped out for a sandwich at lunch and was pretty slippy underfoot (albeit in my work shoes that have zero tread). wondering whether i'm going to be confined to 15mi on the dreadmill this weekend image

    it's not so much the monotony as the heat in the gym that gets me. they keep it around 17C, which after 10 mins of running feels unbearable, so 2 hours will be hell

  • AG,

    Agree about the heat in the gym, I sweat buckets when I use the mill.  I have 18 with 10 at mp down for Sunday, the gym would be a sauna by the time I am finished.....

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    HeOw - you out there? What do you think chances of Helsby still going ahead?

  • Afternoon.
    Got up about 30 mins ago., bit early really but once I was awake all I could think of is getting the 12 done before work..plenty
    of time but deciding where and when..definitely not a treadmill I have got my kit ready and will drive into Exeter where I work and run there  before my shift, it get too dark to run round here where I live , lots of country lanes.
    AG well done on the 10 miles last night, you see to be sticking to the plan well
    Fiona I am more impressed by anyone who can run 10 miles or more on a treadmill than I am by anyone braving the weather..well done you..
    15W Good luck for Sunday
    NP Like your mate I was about 20 mins off pace, I think it was the heat rather than the build up as I had done a good half time only 5 weeks before and my 20s were all around 2.55-3 hours ..I don't know what happened really I just know I hated every step after 15 miles

    SR doing 12 on tm is not being a bif girls blouse..have fun..
    About 5-6 degs and light rain at the moment here , sorry guys but perfect running weather for me  imageit has snowed a bit but not settled, seems to be the further east/north you go the worse it 

    Where is TENJISO ?? image he hasnt posted for a few days unless I missed it 

  • 15W, I would be very surprised if it is cancelled mate.  No more decent snow forecast, had an email from club to ask everyone to go help clear the snow in the main car park and the finish area and another email just come through to the Marshalls to say that the organisers are sitting tight until tomorrow and the main roads are clear, the smaller roads will probably be cleared by cars driving over next 36 hours (I shall help this by checking the course out tomorrow!), no more snow forecast and if they don't cancel tomorrow, they will go out again Sunday first thing and grit the worst areas.  We are Northerners 15W, this ain't the South... image (it will be cancelled tomorrow now!)  They would only cancel if it is treacherous and it isn't at the moment.  

  • 5.5 miles on the hilly Sandstone Trail for me this morning, pretty awful!  Hoping Sunday is still on, be gutted if it isn't but if it is cancelled, will do the course anyway as part of my long run. 

    Good running everyone but please be careful if you are going out in the dark tonight.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Thanks for update HeOw.


  • Oh!! Heow well done on the  Hilly, Awful 5.5  !!  you are dead  'ard oop north image

  • It has been  crap overhere. I am about 20 miles from Helsby but it has stopped snowing. As long as there is no more over the next couple of days it might just be ok. No running lastnight or today. Off to me mates tready later/tomorrow depending on roads.

  • Tenjiso could still be on his treadmill, gone stir crazy and wondering how the hell he can survive 16 miles on there Sundayimage

  • LOL - I'm here image  I didn't realise I hadn't posted and gone into lurker mode by accident image

    Considering I have been running on my treadmill for years, I've recently spoiled myself with the outside running and it has felt more of a struggle going back to it!  I did my 8m GA and today's 4m recovery on the treadie.  If the snow stays around, maybe I'll get outside tomorrow - but recently it has been far too icy to take the chance.  I'd love a nice snowy run, but don't want to risk injury.  It's only 12m for me this week though, so I'll see how things are tomorrow.

    Good luck anybody running/racing over the weekend.

    NN - are you anywhere near Dawlish Warren?  I've been there a few times and love running along the coast when I visit.

  • About 13 miles for me tonight in 1:50. Ran a mile to the gym (in trail shoes), just had time for 3 miles on the treadmill before the club run (in road shoes!) then changed back into my trail shoes to go out with the club for 8 miles before collecting my shoes and running the mile home. The solo treadmill effort was to avoid running on icy paths by myself in the dark, but actually we've had enough snow this afternoon to provide quite a nice running surface on the trails and footpaths, and we found the snowy paths provided enough illumination that we could do a route that would normally be too dark this time of year without torches. It was gorgeous and would have been even nicer without the icy wind!

    Hope everyone else gets lovely snow to run/race on this weekend rather than just ice!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Ice is going to be a problem for many tomorrow. Be careful out there.

  • 12.4 miles in 1.52 tonight...very cold with very light rain..2 long sleeve tops under water proof jacket, buff gloves and wait for it.. !! swimming cap under beanie hat to keep head extra warm and dry !! anyone don't that before..its a new one on  me actually..lol

    Ten I am about 20 miles from Dawlish Warren...been there loads of time..

    Looking forward to recovery week next week only 55 miles image

  • Swimming cap: genius!

    I did accidentally come up with lycra running shorts under running tights tonight - mainly so I could take the tights off and not overheat in the gym, but then I realised the added bonus of having a warm bum on the outside bit...

  • Did the 12 miles on the treadmill.  Not pleasant.  Think I may have done someing to one of my quads.


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