P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Literatin...I was thinking of wearing 2 pairs of tights...but changed my mind..thinking if I did overheat how would I carry all the extra kit I would have to take off !!..

    The swimming cap really did the trick beanies/ running hats always get so wet and soggy then cold so defeating the whole object really I felt really toasty and didnt get too hot at all.

    SR I hope the quads recover, my legs always feel terrible after running on a treadmill, even on an incline..

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Nice running peeps well done for everyone who got out in the poor weather.

    My rest/recovery day today and with a 10 k race tomorrow I swam 54x25 m and did a steady 5km. Only the 10km race has been cancelled so out and up my hill tomorrow image take care in the snow.
  • That's a lot of shoe changes Literatin but good way to get the miles in.  Some good tips on staying warm, though those who are forced into the gym won't require themimage

    10km would have been more fun NP, enjoy the hill

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning all...hope all dry and warm out there.

    5 easy miles today. Not too icy or cold out there in S Manchester. Helsby half tomorrow, still not sure if definately on...but I'm thinking it will be. If on but told icy underfoot so be prepared I might not bother.

    Take it easy on that quad SR, probably just needs a little rest/massage/stretch.

    NP - good luck with the hill! I am going for a swim this morning while daughter in swimming lesson, will be nothing like your swim though (I only have about 25 mins). Might try 20 laps (with a few little rests).

    In this weather I have been wearing two layers on top - a t-shirt and windproof jacket, shorts and gloves. Could have done with a hat yesterday though.

  • Helsby is cancelled, just seen it on the website, probably the best decision considering that a lot of people would have been travelling in poor conditions and if it freezes overnight it could be like an ice rink. I might try a canal towpath run instead tomorrow. 


    Well done on all the treadmill running everyone, I'm very impressed, I tried on Tuesday but couldn't stand more than 30 minutes so all other runs have been outside this week. I have been off plan a bit this week with the weather and a sore ankle but at least have kept up the number of runs if not the distances. 

  • Helsby Half cancelled, gutted but right decision.  I am still coughing so at least I won't be putting myself under pressure to smash it and make myself worse.  Will do 4 recovery miles in a bit I think.  Tomorrow, will do long run with a friend who was supposed to be doing Helsby too.  

    I have decided, I am definitely swapping the plans and doing the sub 55 mile one instead BUT will do the long runs as per the 55-70.  I just think, until my youngest is in school, I cannot keep up with such a demanding plan yet.  I have to be realistic.  I may add more miles in when and as I can to the sub 55 plan, depending on how I feel.

    image at swimming cap under hat NN! 

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Yep - Helsby half off tomorrow, looking at pics on their website they had no choice really, would have been carnage...  so will be 18 miles with 10@MP for me tomorrow.

  • It's not very often that black running gear is considered Hi-Vis! image There had been some fresh snowfall overnight, so I decided that this should help cover the ice and make running a bit safer. I'm pleased to say it was the correct assessment and I had decent enough traction in my trail shoes.

    I took the first mile carefully along the slush in the streets, then found more confidence to gradually increase pace as I hit the trail. It was harder running than usual, particularly when I found myself wading through some drifts. All good fun though. The hardest part was running along a country road up a steep hill. At this point my mind decided to play an infinite loop of Paul Simon singing the same couple of lines which lasted beyond finishing the entire run!

     “Slip sliding away, slip sliding away.

      You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away”

    It was a fine backing track to my general thoughts, but I really should learn more of the lyrics image

    As this was an out-and-back twelve mile run, it is Sod's law that injury will occur at six miles. In this case it was 5.65 miles when someone stabbed the back of my leg with a knitting needle image. I tried to walk/run it off and it wasn't too bad, so I put up with the invisible assailant jabbing my leg for the next couple of miles and then stopped noticing it. Since arriving home I've stretched, iced the area, rubbed in Traxam and taken Ibuprofen. Finger's crossed it is healed by Monday.

    My pacing range was 10:48 to 9:54, though I wasn't going to worry too much on a day like today. I wanted to enjoy my first run on snowy routes. My actual splits were:

    10:55/10:34/10:24/10:14/10:27/9:46/9:55/9:45/9:52/9:58/9:56/9:49 (avg. 10:08)

    Good going under the circumstances. However, on checking my heart rate statistics afterwards I've discovered that my average rate was almost equivalent to my marathon pace run last week and peaked almost as high! This is running almost one minute per mile slower! I was just about within my heart rate range (141 to 160bpm), but ideally I should have slowed down a bit near the end. The average heart rate per mile was:

    140/140/136/146/149/145/147/149/147/153/158/156bpm (overall avg. 147bpm, peak 163bpm)

    A very enjoyable run, marred only by the injury and a growling Alsation that jumped on me along the trail image.

    Here endeth recovery week. One-third of the program completed! image

  • York cancelled tomorrow too, gutted because I was really looking forward to racing.

    Don't think ill be able to do anything but slow plodding outside at the moment because the weather is so bad.

    Lost a bit of motivation now!
  • Brass Monkey half at York also now off. Gutted image

    Off to find another half to enter now.

    15w will also have to be 18 with 10mp now tomorrow.

  • x-post Mark. Agree its the first time now i've felt negative this campaign. Suppose the bigger picture and all that but...

    Will have to do the 10mp on the treadmill but the first 8 i'll slide about outside on I think.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    15 West well done on the run enjoy your swim, a swim helps to stretch you outimage.

    HeOw go easy with the recovery run.

    Ten well done on your out and back 12 mile run fingers crossed your calf will be ok.

    Sorry to hear so many runs called off for me my 10km race, so I did my hill plus a couple of miles so just over 10 miles in the bank, it's two years since me and a few mates ran up and down in the same sort of conditions. 20 miles for me tomorrowimage This weeks training done and another 76 miles in the bank a few down on last week but thats because of the rest dayimage.




  • There's no chance of me doing 10@mp on a treadmill.

    I did some running '@mp' on the treadmill during the week and it felt like I was running a 400m, I'm worried ill end up injured because I don't trust treadmills to be calibrated properly.

    Same as you Mark looking for another race.

    Not many race options our neck of the woods Mark. Just been looking at the Newcastle half on March 10th or further afield I might be able to make the Great North West half at Blackpool as its the end of the Feb half term. Otherwise not a lot to choose from.


  • mark1981 I have the same feeling with the speed of treadmills, so it is the place I find using heart rate is the best method, and certainly it stays steady once you've got the right pace.

  • Didn't think of that JF might be an option if training indoors.

    Mark I'm working the weekend of the Newcastle half, might have a look at Blackpool though, I was hoping the BM might get rescheduled but it doesn't look like it.

    It's annoying after having an easy week, what is everyone doing next week?

    I can't have another easy week so ill have to adjust the plan a bit.
  • Was also hoping the BM might just be postponed but no such luck.

    I've ran B'pool half before, its fast apart from any wind and flat. 

    As regards next week, having looked again at the schedule am going to redo this weeks runs fully next week instead of their recovery wk which I'm going to count as having done this week. 

    Well done on the 76 this week NP, am on a mere 46 for this week (due to mini  taper)  but will go out for a run in a while now no race tomorrow

  • Guys dont get despondent  anyone heard of yakstrax I have some, dont need them at the moment but they came in handy 2 years ago...



    Ten hope the injury gets better soon..nice funny post as usual made me laugh..especially the black being high viz image

    5 easy recover for me later before my last shift..then first 20 of the campaign tomorrow ..image

  • Ten - it sounds like a similar injury to something I've had a few times.

    If you google "eccentric calf drops" this is what most physios recommend for calf/Achilles injurys. I try to do 15 on each leg 3x a day.

    These have made a massive difference to my running, I used to get loads of little calf niggles, now my calfs feel really strong and injury free.

    If it is the same as what I had its nothing major to worry about either.

    NP- nice running this week, don't think ill get as high as 76 miles just yet.

    Just did 8 miles in the snow, if I can do 13 miles tomorrow that'll finish the week on 50 miles which will do for a rest week.

    Think I might do the same as you Markf and just repeat this weeks schedule, just hope this snow clears.
  • Unlucky on the cancelled races all. 10 miles at 7.45 [ace for me and eyeing up a 16 or 18 miler tomorrow if the weather allows me.

    Its an endurance event this marathoning - physically, mentally and emotionally. Will be a challenge hitting the miles over the next few days, but its still early days.

  • Sorry to hear about everyone's cancelled races, though I suppose I'd rather that than come on here on Sunday and hear about everyone's broken bones etc. It seems to be 'slow and cautious' weather rather than racing weather.

    I'm still going out in the snow though it was quite slushy today and I'm hoping for some fresh snow overnight as I think it'll be better in trail shoes than icy canal towpaths... today I only did 4 miles recovery as I was planning to (and did) jog to the gym for a pilates class and then back again, so 6 miles in total but not all at once. If I manage the 20 miles tomorrow I'll be up to 69 miles for the week!

  • 5 and a bit recovery for me tonight before work...20 tomorrow..

    Forecast bloody freezing..but no snow here,..

    Pity about the cancelled races, ..

    Mennania..yes its all very character building..

    My work makes think I am mad running even 6 miles before a shift I don't even bother to tell them how many miles I run in a week it just sounds stupid or they wouldn't believe it..

  • Sorry to see about all the cancelled races.  Last year I ran the cancelled Watford Half-Marathon on my treadmill rather than mess about trying to rearrange my plan.  It was better than nothing.

    NN - I probably wouldn't consider running on a treadmill if I lived in your area of the country!  You're the second person I've seen mention those Yaktrax.  Do they last a long time?  Also, do they make you run differently?

    Mark1981 - thanks for the help.  The calf drops certainly hit the spot, so hopefully it's no big deal.  

    NP - hope you're 20 miler goes / is going well.  I've got my first one in another fortnight.

  • Ten, I've got yaktrax too. They don't make you run differently as far as I can tell, but you can feel they're there. I'm going to take them on my 20 miler in the pocket of my bottle bag and put them on if I feel like I'm slipping in my trail shoes. They're fine and make you feel safe, but I'll be more comfortable not wearing them unless I have to. I used them last winter before I had trail shoes, so they've lasted at least that long. Only thing they're not good for is running over wet metal manhole covers.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello - just back from 18mi in 2hr13. For the 10 MP miles it was hard to keep an even pace due to ice/obstacles etc., was aiming for 6.40 min/mi but everytime looked at garmin was somewhere between 6.25 and 7.00 min/mi.

  • Well ran 15W, just about to do likewise although 7.15 aim for MP miles and judging by snow/ice may have to do those miles on the treadie.

    Good luck for all other long runs today in harsh conditions including NN after working a night shift image

  • Only managed 10.85 miles on the treadmill.  Couldn't take the heat and humidity any more.  Really disappointed at not completeing my run. Snowing heavily here so outside not practicle.  Beginning to hate the snow.

  • Well I am up and thinking about it.. had brekky..just waiting for it to go down a bit..

    15w nice running it must be so nice being able to run that fast and an 18 miler done in the time it would take me to do 15 !!

    Ten I did feel a bit cautious at first with the on but soon got my confidence and my pacing wasn't affected, I used them for weeks a couple of years ago, and they are good to go now, but I haven't need them yet

    SR 10.85 is a damn sight further than I could manage on a treddy....my eldest son is also moaning about the snow he lives in Surrey too and is training for a half..he  was hoping to get a 15 done today..my grand kids there love it though..

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Litertin well done on your recovery run hope your long run went ok and a nice 69 for the week.image

    15 West well done on your long run, nice that you where able to get close to some MP Miles in it.image

    NN good luck on your Long runimage

    Markf enjoy your treadmill run and MP sections in it.image

    SR Well done on your 10 miles on the treadmill.

    Well 20.34m in 02:39:20 over 90% of this was in the snow and at one point in a bit of a blizzard, the last 5 miles in to a head wind that was bitterly cold, glad its out the wayimage hot bath and defrost, will get on the foam roller laterimage.





  • Wow, NP, no blizzards here so now I can't really complain about conditions for my long run! We didn't get the extra snow we'd been forecast here, so instead pavements were a bit icy but the paths by the river were more just hard-packed snow that I could get an okay grip on in my trail shoes. So I did the 20 miles in 2:48 and wasn't going to worry about pace too much but in the end found I was able to hit more or less the paces I was aiming for as the ground wasn't too slippy. First and last miles a bit slower because of icy pavements, but miles 2-9 around 8:45ish, then speeding up to between 8 and 8:15 for the next five miles, then 7:50 for miles 16-19 until I had to slow down again.

    Well done to everyone who got out, but even more so to anyone sensible enough to know not to when conditions are too bad! (I think I would find that even harder)

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