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  • Ziggy only a real man could get away with compression socks...a bit like crying and pink shirts !!

    NP cold bath...sorry but come on..2 runs , shorts and a  cold bath all on the same day ?

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Cold baths great for your legs trust meimage
  • Well done all LTers. Procrastination means 11 wet and horribly blustery miles in shorts tonight in 1.30 . All felt good except my new shoes have put a couple of nails on death row.

  • NP - Just cold water? How deep and how long do you rough it out for?

  • AlanBAlanB ✭✭✭

    15West I also wear shorts all year round, but then I also wear gloves most of the year as my hands are always cold - i get lots of abuse for that! image

    Doing my LT run with the club on Thursday so 13 miles MLR for me today. A loop up the back of Glasgow up high above the city, very picturesque but also very very windy. Unfortunately my muscle strain from last week was feeling a little tender again, need to keep an eye on that. Seriously considering ditching my MLR on Friday and swapping it for a cycle to work (if the weather allows it) to take the impact of my leg.

    Good effort from everyone knocking out the LT runs today.

    It's our streets bin pick up day tomorrow, i'm currently sitting listening to everyones bins getting blown down the street - I think it was a good choice to put ours out in the morning.. image

  • Mennania wrote (see)

    NP - Just cold water? How deep and how long do you rough it out for?

    yeah come on..?? there was half an hour between his posts ....nah surely not that long ?? !!!

    Nice mileage Alan and great idea to wait and do the LT in company, so much easier as long as the pace is even, which if my club is anything to go by you got no chance !!

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Fill the bath so it's over your waist cold water only, get in and sit in it for 15 mins, cup of tea and a warm shower after, it will do your legs the world go good.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    No Pain wrote (see)
    Cold baths great for your legs trust meimage

    Not so good for your other bits though.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    No Pain wrote (see)
    Fill the bath so it's over your waist cold water only, get in and sit in it for 15 mins, cup of tea and a warm shower after, it will do your legs the world go good.

    15 minutes!!! Good grief. Respect NP. I had a go once, not sure I lasted even a minute. I know definately supposed to help with recovery...but I'd rather concetrate on the refueling part.

  • Fair play on the ice bath NP. You are a braver man than me. Just back from

    A 10 mile with 5 tempo miles. Probably my toughest run of the programme yet due to the conditions. 2 mile warm up. 5 mile tempo and 3 mile cool down. Ave pace overall = 6.50. The warm up was wind assisted, turned around and ran the 5 miles slightly down hill but into a gale force wind and torrential rain. The downhill def didn't make up for the wind against. Conditions were so bad I didn't really check the garmin and just tried to run on effort. Just checked the splits and I'm pretty chuffed: 6.02: 6.01: 6.06: 6.00: and 6.06.

    Felt more like 10k effort to be honest. But pretty happy with it. Another one chalked off! I really need to get out and do some shorter races as I would have beaten my 5k pb tonight! Hope everyone recovers well ready for more miles tomorrow.
  • Did the LT run.

    7.04, 6.16, 6.31, 6.21, 6.30, 6.27, 7.36, 7.43, 7.55, 7.59.  Did one mile warm up then the five fast followed by 4 slow.  Struggled with the last two fast ones, GI issues, plus windy and had to stop for a train.

     I have a cold bath after my Sunday long runs.  Don't do 15 mins though..

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    Chris. You're going to end up winning it the way you're going.
  • Ha Ha 15W. I probably won't make it over the line if the way I felt at the end of tonight is anything to go by!

    And Mennania, I know what you mean about the toes. My big one is definately ready to drop off. Should be interesting trying to run after it finally falls off!

  • Really impressive running again from everyone and some great LT sessions being belted out Surrey and Chris to name just 2.

    I'm switching sessions this week also, did 5 rec last night and 14 this evening in 1h47. I prefer to do key LT sessions on a non work day so will do on Sat morning.

    Lit hope the achilles behaves itself soon but best to build back slowly, still plenty of time.

    Menn I've got a nail thats about to keep your 2 company on death row!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    I suffer from toe nail loss quite often, and I wear trainers a size bigger.
  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    Sounds like everyone has been busy today! I did my 10 miles with 5 @ LT into a howling wind, so it was a bit off-pace. I hope that's the reason anyway. Still, I'm glad it's done. It really is one of the hardest sessions.
  • I've had to upsize on my latest purchases too. Not done anything remotely like this mileage before and my toes are suffering badly. Its not helped by the fact I have horrible curly toes that rub each other. I have however just ordered some of these which I am hoping will be my saviour. Anyone else unfortunate enough to have toes like me it may be worth a look - I can't believe I didnt know about them sooner!


    15W - Do you just leave the nails come off naturally or do anything to help speed up the process? Not sure whether to just leave mine alone and wait for the inevitable or cut them off!

  • Chris don't force the nail off, leave it on as long as you can, the new nail will push it off when ready. 

    I'd not seen those socks before, will be intrested to see what you think.

  • Thanks Mark. I'll leave off the nail and let nature take its course. I'd not seen the socks before until someone told me. I have been putting cotton wool and toe seperators between my toes before every run up until now to keep them from rubbing where they cross over. So hopefully these socks will elimate the need to do that. I should save a fortune in cotton wool and toe seperators - which is lucky given the price of the bloody socks!

  • Hi All

    Haven't posted for a few days - still here but been busy! Have followed the 55-70 plan to the letter since the last post which meant the dreaded 10M w 5M @ LT pace last night in the wind & rain!!

    Anyway managed to complete the session as follows; 7:38, 7:16, 7:23, 7:07, 6:18, 6:06, 6:16, 6:17, 6:21, 7:28 (plan was 4M 'gradual' acceleration, 5M @ LT then a 1M cooldown) so genarally happy that it went more or less according to plan - felt tired at the end though!

    Great LT running from everybody yesterday - congrats to all!

    14M @ 7:45 - 8:00 today then a recovery day tomorrow (lovely!)

  • Morning all, 4 mile recovery run for me this morning, on the treadmill for them by 5.15am, very pleasant and another episode of The Wire watched.

    Some great LT runs by everybody yesterday. 
    Agree with Go Caz on the wind, does make it difficult to achieve pace sometimes and certainly to maintain a steady pace. 
    Mark F could be a good idea to shift some of those sessions to a time when you can really concentrate on them, it would allow me to run on some flatter stuff in the daylight rather than the long slopes in my town when I run in the dark.
    15w I think Manchester certainly has it's own microclimate, the subject of many a joke and comment.
    NP think most of us are back to shorts probably now, but cold baths?  Have tried them and not sure it did anything.  There seems to be some dispute to their value in some circles, I'll let them sort that out first.  However I do often dip my feet and lower legs into a bucket of water when I get back from a long run to cool them off and it feels ok, think it is just as it creeps upwardsimage
    SR I am with you on the where to fit the fast stuff in, do it early and then relax for the rest of the run

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Dave - well done on your LT run.

    14 mi for me also, hopefully will be dry and sunny.

  • Dave - Great LT Run. Do you mind me asking what kind of time you are targetting? Do you have a Marathon PB? I still have no idea how my training paces will translate to goal Marathon time, so would be good to find out from others how their training paces relate.

    Cheers. Chris.

  • There are some great LT sessions being done. Well done everyone.

  • Hi Chris

    I'm targeting the magic (for me anyway!) Sub 3hr barrier so all my training paces are based on a marathon race pace of 6:52 per mile

    I ran 3:13:38 in April of last year at Milton Keynes in horrible weather (which qualified me for the 2013 VLM as I'm 48) - I know I can go faster though as I didn't train specifically for a time at that attempt (just to get round) and having run two sub 1:24 halfs in 2012 (as well as a half PB of 1:23:24 in 2011) I'm confident with the P & D 55/70 schedule I'll at least get close (that's the theory anyway!)

    Good luck with the training - what time are you targeting btw?

  • Well done on all those fab (and fast) LT runs guys image

    15West wrote (see)
    No Pain wrote (see)
    Cold baths great for your legs trust meimage

    Not so good for your other bits though.

    LOL image. But 15 mins imageimageimage. Thanks but no thanks. I'm a wuss and prefer a hot bath!!

    Did my 12 mile MLR today. Yet more strong winds and rain but it was positively springlike out there with 9 degrees. TBH, I don't half mind the wind - it's the cold and the slippery conditions that do my head in. And I'd rather not have the cold spell come back. Did a progressive run starting at 9mm and finishing at 8mm.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Chris J77 well done on the 10 miles and great Tempo LT miles in there as well, can't help with the toe thing never suffered from it apart from dropping a diving cylinder on my big toe about 8 years ago where the nail turned black and fell off. image

    Surry RUnner nice running in the wind.

    MarkF well done on last nights 14 miles.

    Go Caz well done on the 10 mile run not easy in the wind.

    DaveP well done on your 10 miles and another great LT session.

    JF50 well done on the recovery run at dark o'clock. If you think about it when you sit in the cold bath all the small blood vessels in your legs close down so that your vital organs brain lungs hart are getting the extra blood and to keep them warm as well as keep your core temp stable. After 15 mins you step out of the bath or get a warm shower these vessels then get a fresh supply of blood, it works for me and my legs always feel better for it image

    15west enjoy your 14 miler today.

    Did just short of 14 miles this morning avg 7:45 image legs feeling good.
  • Dave I am targeting the holy grail of sub 3 as well. I know I have the speed, but don't think I'll have the endurance for it at the first attempt. But I'm going to have a go and go down fighting! Ha. Looks like you are well and truly on track to crack it. Good luck.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Back from a very windy 14 miles. Hard it was. The strong headwind mixed with driving sleet reminded me of the Manchester marathon last year - good times!


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Also - my headphones broke. Any recommendations?

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