P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Heow that is a brilliant run, as you say the tempo is the toughest session really, just goes to show a few days even a couple weeks off dont really matter..its just a taper after all.

    I have the garmin 310xt with the soft strap , its just that I have heard some of the ridgid straps are less reliable..I think its pretty usual for ost to spike a bit for th fist mile or so.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I have followed the schedule before - and for the saturday races I just did either a tempo run or a 5k park run. Not sure what I'm doing this time, probably something similar.

    Got a double day tomorrow - and the 6 miles in the morning might be fun looking at the weather forecast for the NW and hearing what's going on outside right now.

    I keep eating cereal - think I'm craving the milk.

  • mark1981 wrote (see)

    AgentGinger - Would it be possible to do your long runs on a Monday?

    Then you could basically just move your schedule a day, so doing a race on a Sunday then LR on a Monday.

    I cant see how ill be able to race on a Sat and then do a long run the day after. It usually takes me days to get over a race, even if i race my way round a parkrun my legs are still sore the day after.

    Those that have followed this schedule before, did you race Sat and then Long Run Sun?

    Im on nights tonight so ill be running home in the morning then back here tomorrow night so that'll be my 10 miles covered.

    I did an easy swim today, feeling nice and refreshed ready to go again tomorrow. image

    Mark, I've never followed this schedule before but at the weekend I raced a parkrun and then did my longest run for a year on the Sunday. I won't pretend that it was fun but I think the whole point of the long run after a race is to get you used to running on tired legs.

    Although I didn't enjoy it, the fact that I could do 18 miles on sore legs has given me a lot of reassurance that I'll be able to grind out the last few on marathon day when it all starts to hurt.

    HeOw, I don't think I've ever done an extra LT mile by accident. You must have been enjoying yourself too much!!

  • Ive never trained with this sort of volume or intensity before so I suppose its all still a learning curve. Maybe I'll recover a lot better this time around.

    Saying that I dont know of any 10ks on the dates in March anyway so it might just be a few parkruns

    Nice running HeOw, Hardcore stuff image

  • I am a beast... image  Pushing the boundaries of the tempo me. I MIGHT add an extra stride next week, really piss all over P&D good style...

    NN - I have the soft strap on and when I first used it, it used to spike all over the shop for first mile but now, it seems to want to have me over for 2 miles.  Hmm. May clean the bugger. Jesus, talk about having to work hard for this marathon. image

    I too am a bit up in arms re tune up races.  Don't they know us UK folks don't do Saturday racing?  I think, like the majority, I will do park run with a few miles either side and luckily, there is one starting not too far from me beginning of March in Delamere Forest. 

    Double days aren't for me, I take my hat off to you double enders.


  • Soft strap on?

    I thought this was a running forum. image

  • NN and myself prefer the soft straps to the hard ones, they work better it seems. 

  • Plenty of lube Heow..image


  • Ha ha ha

  • I am actually considering lubing up the old Garmin strap next time I use it.  I think it is the lack of moistness until around mile 2-3 (what with the cold temperatures and I ain't that sweaty) which isn't helping with the spiking. 

  • I think I should retire for the evening... image

  •  I have just seen your post on the gym thread...image 


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭


    Well - slept in and missed my early morning slot for 6mi recovery, so will have to do it after dropping kid off at school - and miss a bit of work time! HAHAHA! We have snow on the ground here, and it's sleeting at the moment, so will definately have to be a slow one.


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - just read your gym post too - nearly spat my tea out everywhere...

  • NN - It takes me roughly about a month to ease myself into a thread and then the inneundos start.  15W will confirm that as the Chester thread was desecrated by the end of September!  I have kept myself pretty subdued on here for quite a while! Wot wiv uz bein zerious afleets loike. 

    15W - talking about Chester, isn't about time we started checking long term weather forecast for VLM and Manchester....?  

    5 mile recovery for me today - shall be done tonight.  Can rock out the 10m/m pace with full force in the pitch black.  Don't want to ruin me street cred by being seen "jogging" in the daylight. 

  • Morning all, 7 miles recovery and 6x100m strides completed last night, no extra strides though just not as rebellious as HeOwimage

    I have the same HR problem with the Garmin, hard strap for me.  Worse in the winter where do you don't sweat as quickly and even wetting the strap and my chest it seems to dry out before the sweat starts to give a good contact.  Even worse on a long run where the first 5 miles is slow and you don't really warm for miles.  Shall have to search the house for lubricant!

    Rest day for me today but then going to run the rest of the week on consecutive days as I have commitments on Sunday, so it will be a 12 mile MSR, 10mile GA with 6 at HMP, 5 miles recovery and 20 miles LSR on Saturday.

  • JF50 - pop to the Spar and ask the young lad behind the counter for his bumper size tube of KY whilst holding an extra large cucumber.  Just to set the cat amongst the pigeons in your village. 

    I too have to jam my week in like you too, mine will be 5 recovery today, 10 easy tomorrow, rest Thursday and 20 miles on Friday. I need to put MRP miles in that too as missed them out of my 18 last week as still ill. 

  • HeOw nice long lun and your 10 miles last nightimage.

    15 West hope you got the first of the double doneimage

    Mark 1981, did 1 mile warm up 10k trail race 1 mile cool down on Sat and 22 on Sunday.image

    LOL @ the soft/hard strap on and lubeimage and now a cucumber HeOwimage 

    JF50 nice running last night enjoy your rest dayimage

    Well got up and 20 to 30 mm snow on the ground, ran 10 miles steady, impossible to do any form of speed work.(Virgin Snow) Traffic at a standstill for the whole run due to a minor bump between two cars causing a 5 mile tail back. Out later for a 4 mile recovery run.





  • heOw - Delamere park run? I heard one was starting up in chester but nothing came of it.

    did my double yesterday and got 14 tonight - stepped up to the 70 wk version for a week to see how I get on.

  • HeOw, not sure I could do that without blushing!

    NP that seems like the way to beat the jams in your area this morning.  Hope it's not coming our way, though I believe we will get it Wednesday on when the winds change back to Artic, looking forward to that againimage  Enjoy run 2 for the day

  • Well, I did my 7-mile run this morning (meant to be 6 but the path I wanted was closed; another runner was caught out by that too!), but won't be doubling up as I'm still in cautious post-injury mode. Also no time, but will be cycling the 5.5 miles to my pilates class and back, so that can be instead of run #2.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Snow nearly all gone round here. This morning's 6 mile run went ok, some very big slushy puddles around though. Weather for rest of week looks ok - cold wind from north tomorrow though.

    Have just realised that need to register at the expo before VLM, bit of a pain that. Will try and arrive a bit earlier on the saturday to avoid the crowds. I'll be travelling alone as new dog is the new no.1 in the household.

  • HeOw wrote (see)

    NN - It takes me roughly about a month to ease myself into a thread and then the inneundos start.  


    Heow...that gym  thread was started at 1.30pm yesterday, it had gone into the gutter before midnight last night...thats less than 12 hours...image..

    And I too hate "jogging" in daylight especially when someone of large proportions belts past me....I want to shout..' hey I am a granny doing a recovery run ACTUALLY !!image

    jf50 I have to rearrange my long run too..I shall be doing 20 on Fri or monday..will see

    NP more snow ? blimey well done on getting out in it

    Literatin wise to be cautious for a few day enjoy the pilates work out later

    15W yes it is annoying really..a girl I run with at club didn't realise till I told her and it has thrown her into total panic as she is a teacher and not sure she can get the Friday off and it is all such a rush to do it on the Saturday if you have to travel far, she like many assumed they sent the numbers by post...but its to get us to spend money at the Expo..

    5 easy miles this morning, then coffee and cake with friend..bit of house work then another 5 later, like most of you, my first ever doubles day image


  • HeOw wrote (see)

    NN - I have Garmin HRM - which one do you have?  I will get new battery for it as well I think.  

    After fighting demons all day re going out in gales tonight to do my 10 mile LT run, I did it and I am chuffed I did as weather was not quite as bad as I thought (although still bloody windy) and I felt so strong, I seem to be back to full fitness! (tempo always a gauge for me how well I am re asthma etc).  I did an extra LT mile by accident too!  So 10 miles at 8m/m average 9:11; 8:51; 7:46; 7:41; 7:31; 7:31; 7:25; 7:38; 8:28; 8:45.   When I consider my last flat HM back in Sept was 7:58m/m and today was no real huge effort (even on the tempo), I am hoping this is a good sign for Wrexham as obviously, I only did 18 miles on Saturday too.  Feeling positive again now!  

    hear, hear image image - that's truly fabulous news, HeOw!! As for doing an extra LT mile by accident image. Don't think I ever could - I'm usually dying at about 2 miles in image

    Literatin: what on earth are you doing in your new forum pic image Hanging upside down or walking on hands? I'm intrigued ...

    Loving all the innuendo stuff ... over on the sub 3:30 thread we had a time when we compared foam rollers ... as in: mine is 3 ft long and it's HARD image

    Never done any tune up race - either did a proper Sunday race sticking miles on either end to make it a long one or did some sort of solo time trial.

    Enjoy the double, NN image

  • Going to do a bit of rejigging due to family etc, so its 14 miles steady for me later with the recovery tomorrow. Think I am going to drop the double recoveries and just do the longer 6/7 miles in the evening. Really cant face morning running before work. That should theoretically leave me fresher for the weekend, so I am going to add a couple of miles to the long Sunday runs and hopefully push towards 24 for the longest, with all others over 20. I still think endurance will be my problem, so this should (in theory) be good. Only time and injuries will tell though.

    15W - I agree about the Expo. It would be so much easier to receive the stuff through the post and avoid the Expo. But its all about the dollar. No doubt we will all buy stuff we don't really need as a keepsake! On the positive, I'm sure it will be a great atmosphere at the Expo and get the adrenalin flowing early on!

  • I quite like the Expo but then it's easy for me to get a train in and do it on one of the days earlier in the week.  Can understand it just adds pressure when you have to do it as part of the whole weekend when really you would be better just relaxing.

    Enjoy that double NN and good luck moving the long run round, seems like a few of us doing it.

    Forecast from the groundsman where I work is for a cold 10 days or so in East Anglia, more snow possible.  You just know April 21st will be so warm.

  • chickadeee wrote (see)
    Literatin: what on earth are you doing in your new forum pic image Hanging upside down or walking on hands? I'm intrigued ...


    er... hanging upside-down from a trapeze while reading a book, of course! Think I was trying to prove to a friend that I could multi-task.

  • literatin wrote (see)
    chickadeee wrote (see)
    Literatin: what on earth are you doing in your new forum pic image Hanging upside down or walking on hands? I'm intrigued ...


    er... hanging upside-down from a trapeze while reading a book, of course! Think I was trying to prove to a friend that I could multi-task.

    You are a woman Lit of course you can multi task, but there are easier ways of proving it ...still very impressive..image

  • literatin wrote (see)
    chickadeee wrote (see)
    Literatin: what on earth are you doing in your new forum pic image Hanging upside down or walking on hands? I'm intrigued ...


    er... hanging upside-down from a trapeze while reading a book, of course! Think I was trying to prove to a friend that I could multi-task.

    The real test of multi-tasking would be to add one more test at a time to see the point at which you droppedimage

  • the difficulty would be having enough spare hands. I could probably manage drinking a cocktail or something.

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