P + D training for VLM 2013



  • 15 haven't you recently just got a puppy?! Or this the same one?

    I hate the treadmill so any run on there sounds like hell to me.

    I did the vo2 session in a local park this week, it was perfect for doing fast intervals, I think the hard bit when you are doing lots of miles is finding new places to run to keep it interesting.

    NN - well done on the podium finish! I missed that!
  • Gosh a lot of chat on here already this morning. I've been too busy running to post image

    NN - well done on the prize, I don't really see you as an old biddie!

    First lot of intervals out of the way yesterday. 5x 800m with 400 m rest.  Managed to keep all the intervals between 7:10 - 7:20 pace which is faster than my most recent 5k (a while ago but the heart rate stayed perfectly in the correct zone so very pleased.  They were tough, but manageable.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    mark - this is same puppy. We chose puppy back in January - but puppy stays with his mother till it's 8 weeks old; which is this sunday.

    I might have to do my vo2 outside after talking to you lots!

  • JF50 wrote (see)

    I tend to only run the recovery runs on the treadmill because I know I will run it slow...

    This is spot on.  Easy to trance and listen to podcasts, and for some reason it never feels anywhere near as slow as it would outdoors.

  • This fast is getting faster in more ways than one..Godd running to all.

    NN - Podiuming already! Congratsimage

    just under 12 in just over 7.30mm last night and no hangover from Sunday. VO2 bits tonight will be done with the club on the track as best I can. The spreadsheet I am following says 9 with 6 x 800 as does my digi book. Another toe nail is hanging on by its fingertips...

  • NN: congrats on coming 3rd - nice surprise image

    Well done all of you getting their intervals out of the way. My first lot is next week. 1200s image

    The tit talk made me giggle image


    15West wrote (see)

    Chris - I think that is expected. Talking of VO2 reps - I am in two minds whether to run the reps part (or even the whole run) on a treadmill, or try and run it outside. Outside obviously has benefits in that it's harder, need more control, outside conditions etc., but treadmill has advantage of being more accurate with pace/distance.

    What do people think?


    I always think treadmill running is cheating ...  dunno, but the machine kind of dictates the pace for you. All you gotta do is stay on image. I'm also worried about not hitting the correct pace because gym treadmills are notorious for being not properly calibrated. So you think you are going much faster than you actually are. That would kill me and my OCD image.

    Mennania: now I'm having a disturbing picture of a desperate toenail with tiny hands and fingers in my mind image

    Recovery day for me (and boy do I need it). Double day - 6am, 4pm but as usually I'm making up my own schedule and do 5 / 5. It fits better with my lunch break.

  • Chick - my friends treadmill was calibrated to cock, she was doing recovery pace but treadmill had her doing a 10k PB! I hate em but see their uses and some shit hot Old School female marathoner (forgotten her name but it was mentioned on Chester thread last year) did nearly all her workouts on one as she lived in Sweden and weather too cold to train for spring marathon. Didn't stop her being a world best! One thing about them though is I need to know I can run 5k pace outside - doing it on treadmill is easier, so for me, the road for the V02 intervals. I just think some runners don't feel they are truly running unless it's outdoors.

    Craig - god help you when I meet your wife, I have the verbal shites, you'll be suicidal.

    Recovery day for me, nose is dripping a bit but feel fine. Weird.
  • I'd be ok doing my 20 tomorrow...? It's best day for me to be honest. If I don't do it tomorrow morning, I'd have to get up 5am Sunday. In fed up of training dictating my life to that level...! My legs have been fine after Sunday's race, I'm not injury prone. Tell me it's ok FELLOW P&D obsessed runners...!
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    it's ok.


  • Tis strange with treadmills that people don't see them as running, set up with a bit of gradient and at the right speeds you can still push your heart rate up, in fact using heart rate is perhaps the way of getting round the calibration problem, though of course if you know how you can calibrate them.

    Nobody ever thinks a workout on a turbo is not cycling, a Concept 2 isn't rowing!

    HeOw, lucky it's a recovery day or your nose would be runningimage

  • JF50: If you saw me on a Concept you'll never say I was rowing image.


  • Chick, I bet nobody tells you to get off it and find a proper boatimage

  • Fiona...Tough but manageable.. perfect way to describe VO2 sessions, once they become unmanageable we are going too fast and wont handle subsequent sessions, that why I stayed away from club track session this week it always get so competitive and as hard as I try to do my own thing we always end up sprinting the last 200 with lungs burning and tasting blood then I feel sh** the next day.

    Treadmills have there place and are grreat f there is no alternative and done on .5-1 %  incline makes up for lack of wind resistance, and as JF50 says just use the old heart rate monitor to judge effort if in doubt..but I do find it boring and miles see to take for ever to tick away

    HeOw yes get out and do the 20..anything is better than a 5 am start..glad you were well enough to do the 12, you were obvioulsy just overtired from racing .

    Rest day for me, no choice really, picked the youngest grandson up at 8 and got him till 6.30 then off to work..no one else and I mean no one else except him is allowed to stop me running..image

  • No running again for me today. Lower part of shins felt a bit tender again this morning, so i decided to take another day of rest (albeit i'm cycling to and from work as usual, but that's only 5 miles each way). I'm hoping that i'll be much better tomorrow and will have avoided causing further damage.

  • Hi Chris,

    Yes I did do the 800s after the 9 mile warm up. I thought everyone did?

    I do the ga run on my normal route then run up and down a half mile straight near my house for the 800s.

    Then do an extra half mile warm down and home.
  • Bah. I'm still at work and I haven't been for my run yet and now it's DARK. image Think I will just go for a nice gentle 6-mile recovery run along the river with my torch.

    AG, be careful; hope it's just a residual ache from the massage/physio.

  • 12m MLR done and dusted.  How cold was that frickin' wind? image  I should have gone a bit slower in my earlier miles, but it was too damn cold to be going slow!  I hope the wind has gone before Saturday in time for my longest run of the schedule.

    HeOw - you probably mean Ingrid Kristiansen (Norwegian) who set the (then) world record 2:21:06 in the 1985 London Marathon after doing most of her workouts on the treadmill. [Just call me "Statto"]

    Mind you, it was only the London Marathon - which everybody knows is flatter than the flattest treadmill image  Brighton, on the other hand.....

  • SR- I just build the 800s into the middle of 9 miles overall. Otherwise I'd be looking at running 14 miles which would be too much for me doing a 'session'. I doubt id be able to do 6 or more 800s as fast as id want after running 9 miles first. Be interested to see what others do?
  • Again lots of great running going on and lots of reading back, HeOw hope your feeling better and the 20 tomorrow goes as planned. liked the discussion on the Vo2 max/slow running on the treadmill. Where I live I need to run up and down hills for a few miles before I find somewhere flat so I like the dreadmill for both half mile intervals and tempo/LT runs. Today I did 7 miles at dark o'clock and then at lunch time at work I did a 7 mile run on the treadmill with it set at 1% incline with splits of 8:20 6:11 6:11 5:56 5:56 5:56 6:40.

    I also think that it adds to confidence so why not use it? and if you know what that pace feels like on the road you should know what it feels like on the treadmill. That's my six pennies worth on the subjectimage

    Ten Statto nice MLR

    Lit enjoy your run in the dark.

    AG hope your shins feel better soon.
  • Ten - yep, that's the one who I meant!  So, treadmill works then - like I said, I think people tend to run outside for the love of running, treadmill is just there as a necessity, my friend uses hers when it is too hot to run outside (she lives in Perth) and I will utilise gym one in the summer if same happens here but how often do we have a bloody summer...?! 

    Thanks NP - I may do 22 if I feel good...! Channel my inner fire"fighter".  

    I have set up my first JustGiving page up today - what a fooking faff that was.  I am raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis Adult Centre in Wythenshawe Hospital, I was asked by a fellow Helsby RC runner if I would take her place (she is a physio and does a lot of work for them) as she is injured, I felt I should, it takes nothing really to do yer bit for Charidee.  If anyone wants to donate... image here's my link!  (shameless!) 





  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Well, if it's good enough for NP it's certainly good enough for me! Think my VO2 reps will be on a treadmill tomorrow (might run 4 miles outside beforehand).

    Ahhh...HeOw = Helen Owens    makes note in stalker notebook

  • Ha, 15West, you're a total amateur stalker compared to me and NN, we knew that already!

    I do my speedwork outside as I'm lucky enough to live near lots of waterways with flat, straight paths alongside. I was totally unenthusiastic about running this evening, as I'd been at work for 10 hours and it was bloody cold on my cycle home. But it was actually gorgeous outside doing a nice easy pace. In the off-road bit everything was totally still and deserted, and I didn't see anyone except a heron.

    And HeOw - oh, go on then, just because we finally got to see a picture. *gets stalker scrapbook out*

  • Literatin - is that "Katie" you who has donated?  If so, thank you so so much!  If not, you mingebag... image

    Edit:  15West - thank you also!  Helping fellow Mancs!  You are both superstars. Very touched. 

  • Might have been... though I might just be saying that to avoid looking like a mingebag.

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    Surrey Runner, can 9 miles ever be classified as a "warm up"? I know everyone on this thread is well hard but even so...

    Did 12 miles MLR tonight. The cold wasn't so bad after all and I think the wind was behind me for once.
  • Morning all, shifted Saturday again to this morning.  Saturdays are a problem for me, often a working day and when I get a free one we try to make the most of it, though shopping at Bluewater tomorrow may not seem like that!

    Out of the door at 5.20am for my 8 miler with 8x100m strides, still bloomin cold here but nice and dry.  Did the strides at about mile 6 when I was in an industrial estate with a nice straight, flat bit of road, 4 street lights for each and jog back, amused a couple of people out of one of the units having a fag!

    Recovery week this one so just a short 14 mile run for Sunday, bliss.

  • I'm coughing again - where's the flaming justice...!!? Just going to have to drop the 10 with 6 at LT.(which I was planning to anyway) and do recovery pace. I don't feel ill, just sniffly and dry cough, not hacking like last time.

    JF50 - nowt more better than feeling smug having done your workout at crack of dawn, but also getting fresh air into your lungs whilst people watch killing theirs off. I hate smoking, I'm an ex smoker - the worst kind...

    Go Caz, well done on 12 miler.
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    HeOw, I thought you were going to do 20 today?  Probably not a good idea if coughing, so you probably right to take it easier.  I do love how 10 miles is considered an "easy" run when in the midst of the schedules - most people never run that far per week!

    Ten, I know what you mean about the weather, 12m MLR was great until I turned into the wind - my nose and top lip were numb for a few miles image

    Go Caz, well done on completing it too. 

    NP, Every time I see you splits they amaze me! I'd love to be able to run as fast as you over just a mile, never mind the distance you cover.

    Lit, do you cycle far in your commute?  Just concidentally, I saw a few of my colleagues cycling on the way in this morning and I was glad I'd stopped doing it as I don't think I could do it on top of the P&D training.

  • Well done to everyone on the icy cold 12-milers. I'm annoyed about the cold because there's only a bloody forecast for snow this weekend. Should have gone for Brighton half last weekend rather than Tunbridge Wells this Sunday.

    Stutyr, no, it's only about a mile and a half up the road. I'm not a 'proper' cyclist, I have a 3-speed with a big wicker basket! But I don't drive, so e.g. I have to cycle the 5.5 miles to get to my weekly pilates twatfest. I don't do massive long bike rides on top of the P&D though.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - take it easy. Ok to run with a cough as long as stays above chest.

    Surely this is the last blast of cold of the winter....surely....

    I cycle into work - when I bother going in anyway! Only live 4 miles away though so a good distance; and I actually think it helps with recovery a bit as gets blood circulating round those legs. Cycling home after a tough lunchtime session not easy though.

    Got my 6x800 VO2 intervals today...still undecided where to do them. I will start running outside and if coast is clear on part of my route I'll attempt them outside, otherwise I'll head to gym and do them there. I work opposite a gym which I am a member of; but mainly just use it for its changing rooms and shower.



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