P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Yeah stutyr, kind of realised doing 20 would not be a good idea, will get up Sunday morning - I'll have to be back by 10am so 6pm is ok to get up. Gives me more rest after Wrexham too.

    Literatin - do you have a little Terrier like 15W to put in da basket of ya rock n roll bicycle...?
  • Flexible planning HeOw, just a bugger having to get up on a Sunday at 6am.

    Lit I'm loving the basket on the bike image, sort of country feel to it, are you married to the local vicar?

    15w agree, I thought it was the law that when it starts to get lighter they have to turn the heating up at the same time!

  • I'm another one hoping that this is the last of the coldest weather. I had ditched the tights for the last week or so, but had to admit defeat and pull them back on for last nights recovery run - 8 miles at 8.min pace (just because I love a bit of symetary!).

    I've got a stag do this weekend that I could do without so I'll be forcing myself to get out for 12 miles before i leave tonight. I might have to forgo Saturday's planned 8 mile GA, but hope I'll be in a good enough state to do a 20 miler on Sunday night when I get back. Its annoying having life getting in the way of marathon training!

  • my legs feeling pretty fresh today, hopefully the couple of days off should have helped. i'll try my med long run later, although probably not all 14 miles of it. i plan to take it very easy and see if i can do about 10 of it, then see how i feel. a light recovery jog on grass tomorrow (perhaps 4-5 of the planned 6) then hopefully make my 16mi long run on Sunday. If all goes well i won't have lost that much running this week, and should be back on track by the start of next week.

  • Pushed for time this morning, so I did a quick 4m recovery on the treadmill.

    Tomorrow morning's forecast is more cold wind and... snow..... again image  I should buy some hand warmers, because that's where I suffer the most on these runs - even with two pairs of gloves!

  • Chris, if I was going on a stag night I wouldn't be running for about a week afterwards, certainly not the next day anyway!

    I was hoping I could ditch the lycra pants too but I think I might even need to race in them this weekend which will look embarrassing on the race photos.
  • Yeah, I'll probably be racing in tights too... and maybe even a long-sleeved top under my unflattering club vest. I'm just hoping the roads won't be icy.

    And I am not married to any vicars at all, nor do I have a dog to put in my basket (yet). But if I did it'd look like this.


  • I was thinking of something more like this:



  • I think you outgoogled me thereimage

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I know the suspense is killing you....so....you'll be relieved to know I ended up doing the intervals outside. Bloomin hard it was too. First time I've done a session like that for quite a while, huffing and puffing I was. Was aiming to run the 800s at 5.41min/mi - think I was pretty close most of the time. So, tough, but good to get out of my comfort zone.

    Those pics made me laugh.


  • nice one, 15Wimage

    For once I wished I had a treadmill. I forgot they come in handy when you have speedwork to do but there's a ton of SNOW outside image. It's melted now and I really really hope I can get out of work a bit earlier so I can run in daylight. 10 with 5 @ LT on the menu for tonight image.

    HeOw wrote (see)
    I'm coughing again - where's the flaming justice...!!? Just going to have to drop the 10 with 6 at LT.(which I was planning to anyway) and do recovery pace. I don't feel ill, just sniffly and dry cough, not hacking like last time.

    image bloody unfair. HeOw. Hope it's just an annoying but harmless thing, perhaps triggered by the cold or central heating (cue dry air). 

    AgentGinger wrote (see)

    my legs feeling pretty fresh today, hopefully the couple of days off should have helped. i'll try my med long run later, although probably not all 14 miles of it. i plan to take it very easy and see if i can do about 10 of it, then see how i feel. a light recovery jog on grass tomorrow (perhaps 4-5 of the planned 6) then hopefully make my 16mi long run on Sunday. If all goes well i won't have lost that much running this week, and should be back on track by the start of next week.

    good luck, AG. Hope you can put niggles and injuries behind you now.

  • My session turned into 8 mile steady. 8:10m/m average with 6 done steady at 8:10-7:50m/m and w/u and c/d miles.

    My friend who lives in San Fran has sent me a great Scott Jurek vest with loadsa pockets and 2 bottles and an emergency whistle on it, just in case I get lost in the wilderness of Chester A roads... It looks really good, will road test it on recovery run tomorrow and if it's ok, will use it on 20 miler Sunday. Think Rambo meets Private Benjamin.

    AG - fingers crossed mate, lets hope legs ok.

    15W - I hope you've rang Rupert Murdoch and he's doing a Breaking News segment on Fox and Sky re your road intervals? :-P well done, harder than treadmill?

    Thanks chickadee, feel bit better after run. It's nothing bad, just have to keep eye on it.

    Literatin - I was thinking more Miss Marple.
  • Some great running going on 15w nice interval session, lol at the photos Lit and JF50. HeOw will sort out a donation when I get home later (nice photoimage).AG hope your on the mend. Chick hope you got your 10 in early. Easy recovery day here with 1 mile swim and six miles easy. ;-??
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - re. intervals...I would say as expected. Harder to maintain pace than on a treadmill - no idea of course if at correct VO2 max heart rate, my head felt like it was going to blow up though...   On the other hand obviously not as hot and sweaty as on a treadmill, and generally more fun. Dodgy friendly dogs at high speed is quite a challenge.


  • NP I guess that is some sort of recovery, perhaps the other end of the spectrum from mine!  Perhaps that's why I run at 8 min miling and you don't.

    15w at least at your pace it's only the really quick dogs that can catch you. 

    Chick, we all succumb to the treadmill sometimes.

  • Lit and JF - love the pics. I quite fancy a bike like that mine has too many gears and I can't work it properly.

    15W - I also use the gym mainly as a very expensive bathroom.

    I did tomorrow's 8 miles with strides as I'm off and currently up visiting in laws so while hubbie at the gym it made sense. Lovely run along the Tay on a perfect running day. Also had to work off large breakfast ????. I'll probably do Sundays run tomorrow as have to travel Sunday.

    HeOw - now your forum name makes sense. I had wondered. You also beat me to it on posting a fundraising page. Hope the cough doesn't turn into anything.

    NN - how are the ribs etc after Pilates? I've never done it, but do body balance which I quite enjoy. You'll be amazed how quickly you balance will improve.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    btw- dodgy should be dodging in my post...

  • Evening all, MLR for me tonight, 12 mile, I did the first 8 around 7:45 finishing last 4 around 7:20.  Tempted to push it nearer the end but didnt in the end, i'll save it for Sunday 17 with 10 at marathon pace.  Hope everyone has good runs and look forward to reading how you all get on over the weekend.  Anyone doing Wilmslow half next month or does anyone know what its like to race??  

  • Oh for gods sake,image so any posts to read and I am in a rush so will catch up later..

    Had rubbish sleep today only 4 hours and I have to work again tonight, surprised how easy my 12 miler felt..yesterdays rest day obviously did the trick

    12 miles done in 1.50 all feeling nice and easy with Hr ave 72%..got to get ready for work now..not even had any tea ..so just had 3 weetabix !!...


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Craig - I'm running at Wilmslow. About 4th time for me. It's a good race, route is through countryside with plenty of enthusiastic support near villages etc. They provide cups for water so be prepared for that as they can prove challenging to drink from.  Get there early as traffic can be busy (nearly missed start last year), and I never bother with official car park but park in one of the side streets nearby so avoiding delays getting out. The start has markers for expected times; but still you'll find plenty of slower runners start too far forward so expect a bit of stop-starting for the first 1/2 mile or so. Also - there are usually massive queues for the loos...although they have urinals so don't queue unless you need to.

  • Mark, I've for a feeling Sunday's run will be out of the window due to the stag night on Saturday night. But I'm hoping I can sneak into drinking shandies all night without anyone noticing! I really can't drink these days and can't face the hangovers. I have booked Monday off though just in case I'm not up to running Sunday night!

    In advance of possibly missing two runs in a row sat and Sunday, I just berated myself on tonights 12 miler and pushed myself to do it at 6.55 pace in the misguided belief that a bit of quality will make up for any missed runs over the weekend! Just settling down to fish and chips to get over it!

    Nn - good to hear the runs are feeling easy. Not so good to hear about the weetabix for tea though.

    Great stuff on the intervals 15W. Definately good to get out of the comfort zone and feel the pain. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the long run!

    Have a good weekend everyone.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Chris - good luck with your weekend. I know what you mean about not wanting to booze it up too much anymore. I'm meeting one of my old nutty mates tonight and a bit frightened where it will lead to, hopefully will just be a quiet few pints.

    Anyway - chill out and have a good weekend. You can run every weekend, a mate's stag do is a bit special (unless you have loads of mates who keep marrying?!).

  • JF50 I find that the swimming helps me keep supple and also helps with breathing.

    Fiona I remember getting my road bike two years ago never having used cycling shoes before I kept falling off every time I stopped as I couldn't put my feet downimage

    Well done with the 8 miles with strides.

    Craig nice running well done.

    NN well done on the 12 mile run but only super heroes eat 3 weetabix........

    Chris J77 well done on the run and enjoy your weekend.

    15West enjoy your night out.

    Up and down my hill tomorrow and 22/23 on Sunday. image
  • Tea break and quick read back..

    HeOw good luck with the charity money collecting, at least with a just giving page half the work is done , and its nice to put a face to the name..image how comes you haven't uploaded an avatar ? and have a nice early night tomorrow , if you are getting up at 6am Sunday image

    15W wow flying pace for the 800s a tough session after all the endurance/slower running we have been doing, a real shock to the legs image

    AG fingers crossed you are back to normal training, and well done for being sensible, not easy when we are tied to a schedule and worry about missing a few sessions.

    Chick hope the Lt run went ok and that it wasn't too cold, although I know I moan about it I actually seem to run better when it like this, could do without the wind though

    Fiona, I dont seem to be suffering quite so badly after pilates this week , and looking forward to next weeks class image hoefully you are right and if I stick to it I should improve.How many times do you go each week, ? most weeks I will be able to only fit in one session, I hope that will be enough, although I guess I could practice at home on my own.

    NP lol..yeah thats me super gran image..I could actually have eaten 4..but that wouldn't be very lady like..

    I have bought some dinner with me I will have it about 1 am..beef casserole, carrots broccoli and ....SPROUTS !!! I just love em !!!



  • Thanks for the very comprehensive info for Wilmslow, what is the course profile like? Noticed it attracts around 5000 runnerd and some very good ones at that, looking forward to this now.

  • NN - I used to go twice a week but usually only once now as the gym where I now live doesn't do a balance class before work.

    The casserole sounds tasty, I had some thing similar last night. I love sprouts too.
  • greetings to everyone from the snowy south-east. I got the train down last night to visit parents and was NOT impressed to see a light coating of snow on the streets of Tunbridge Wells while going through. Really hoping it won't settle and that the race can go ahead tomorrow. I'll be out for a little jog in a minute to see how many clothes I need to wear. I'm also thinking... if it does go ahead, presumably they'll have made the judgment that the road is runnable-on in road shoes, right? I did a lot of my training in the snow in trail shoes, but I don't fancy my chances of getting a half marathon PB in adidas kanadias...

  • I'm having similar worries Lit, we've had snow here again so I'm worrying about racing tomorrow!

    I reckon road shoes will be ok in light snow, if it gets heavier you might need a rethink.

    I'll be gutted if another race gets cancelled image
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