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  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    NP - in the sea?!? You are kidding me?

    15 miles this morning was a good run, I like 15 miles. I think I might just run 15 miles every day from now on.

    and.....we have a puppy. He is very cute, and a bit nervous at the moment. Waiting for the first poop on the carpet.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    oh - and well done on your great race times Lit and Mark - and also for your 22 milers NP and HeOw.

  • 15West yep the sea..... colder than the bath but great for the legs.image

  • Actually I think I would prefer the sea to a cold bath, even if it was colder, but I would not stay in there for the amount of time it would take to drink a cup of tea.

    Official race results are now up for Tunbridge Wells, and my chip time is one second off what I said, at 1:28:26. I'm kind of sleepy now, so it is a shame I wasn't placed as some of the prizes were expensive sports mattresses and pillows. No prizes for coming fifth, though, so I will just have to settle for the new PB.

    It had been snowing in Tunbridge Wells yesterday and the day before, so I was a bit concerned about possible cancellation, but it had all melted by yesterday afternoon and the roads were completely clear. There was very light snow falling throughout, but it actually wasn't quite as cold as I was expecting, except some very icy wind in the last few miles (had to put my gloves back on).

    As I'd been expecting, not really the ideal PB course: I set off at quite a quick pace as I knew I'd be massively slowed down by a very steep mile-and-a-half climb starting about half way. My mile splits were all over the place: fastest was mile 4 at 6:16 (and the other early miles are all 6:20-6:30) and slowest was mile 8 at 7:46 (all uphill), after which I'd planned to try and pick up the pace a bit again, but ended up just staying in my more usual 6:45-50 zone until the last mile after that. The hill was pretty unrelenting - normally you get short and steep or long and gradual, not long and steep together! -  so I think I'd made the right call with the early fast miles, and they weren't as silly as they look when you look at the course profile, as there were quite a lot of downhill stretches in the early miles, before the huge climb, and then it was more or less flat the rest of the way with a few vaguely uphill bits.

    By the last few miles I could see I was on target for a PB, so I just had to hang on, despite the inconvenient headwind. The race was really well organised, though, with excellent marshals, right from the start at the loo queues, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind massive soul-destroying hills.

    Then I went to the pub and had a giant-sized pie and some chocolate tart and some wine and gin. image

  • Sounds like a brilliant run Lit, it would be interesting to see what you could do on a fast course.

    I'm just going out now for a meal and several beers, so here's a quick run down of my race!

    I did the great north west half in Blackpool, it was a great race and a super fast course. It's basically up and down the promenade in 2 laps.

    My target was to start at 1.25 pace and speed up later in the race if I felt good.

    First half of the race went to plan so in the 2nd half I decided to forget about my pace and just race.

    Felt really good as the race went on and was running almost at a 10k intensity later on.

    Splits were 6.29, 6.24, 6.19, 6.21, 6.20, 6.17, 6.20, 6.17, 6.16, 6.08, 6.06, 5.59 and 5.53 for the .1!

    One thing I've learnt today is that my garmin isn't very accurate, I'm gonna need to use a pace band for London.

    Well done everyone else on the long runs today. image
  • Looking at the program we are scheduled to do a 10k race on Saturday 9th March.  Has anyone booked one yet?  Is difficult to find races on a Saturday and switching to Sunday would mess up the long run.  Even I would be reluctant to do a race the day after an 18 mile run!

  • Thank Christ that is over..hated every minute, then come on here and see how HeOw loved her 22 so much she went further !! I
    Felt knackered before I started after a looooong night shift imageand bad sleep today..thought of leaving it till tomorrow but knew you lot would all have been charging around today and I would have been annoyed with myself,,,anyway 22 done in 3.23  managed to finish a little quicker than I started hard to up the pace on the hills though started at 9.30-10s and managed to up pace to 8.45s to average at @9.14 overall

    HeOw well done  missus super confidence building long run, and even more impressive only a week after racing a half !! just think what a taper will produce 

    Pottermiss that is a very consistent run well done you !! and wise move having a nice warm bubble bath !! there are some strange people on here  that have cold baths..ignore them .image

    SR yes you are right it was meant to be a recovery week..but somehow I have done 70 miles !! no wonder my legs are fecked..all
    part of my deliberate plan though cos this coming week is my easy week so I can rest before my half next Sunday .schedules like rules are made to be broken/ignored
    when its suits !!
    Chick at least we can be seen in the dark with our luminous kinvaras..and nice running..
    Mark well what can I say ? a pb by 5 mins when you are already damn fast well done indeed..super stuff and you deserve a drink.
    Lit and bugger off 1.28 ?? not spectacular !! who you kidding woman that's bloody brilliant ..
    fiona nice time for the 14..well done on getting out in the cold..
    stutyr well done on going over distance, nice when it feels that good eh !
    NP 3 X 20S a 21 and a 22 for me so far.and that's just silly paddling in the sea !! you sure ? well done on the 22.02.....02 further than me 


  • NN - my love, you work nights as a bloody nurse and have messed up sleeps.  You also run a lot more miles than me during the week.  You are entitled to feel it is harder some runs.  Hope you are ok. We are so bloody similar pace wise. My 22.5 was bang on 3;30 and had just under 1000ft of elevation in it, one big hill and a smaller one. 

    NP - did you think I was some greasy trucker!?  image Well done on another 22 miler, do you follow the plan but do your own thing re long runs?  I am going to add some more miles to some of the long runs, not enough for me, what would you advise?  My friend who lives in Devon always sits in the sea after her long runs.

    Literatin - you are one bloody speedy runner if that wasn't a flat course.  Most men would be chuffed with that time, never mind women.

    Mark - sounds like you are chuffed to bits, rightly so and brilliantly split run. Both my Blackpool HM were out on the Garmin, usually because of the sea. I used pace band for the second one for that reason, really helps. 

    15W photo of puppy please.



  • Heow was busy editing post to make it neater while you posted  , not really sure how the nights affect me really as I have done them for so long, its a way of life, sometimes I feel worse than others, today I felt quite sick and light headed at about 12 miles !! I had only bought one gel with me which was silly so headed home after 16 to get another and it was tough getting out the door again..you run sounds hilly, mine was lots of sharp hills which I find really draining, I do have a nice flat out and back route near where I work but couldnt be bother to drive the 8 miles to get there.

    And lol @ greasy trucker..

  • My stand out long runs which have been horrific have been 18 miler just after being ill and first 16 miler with 8 at race pace, had done tempo and handicap at club back to back and was wiped out.  Some are good, some are shit.  It is not throwing the towel in which moulds us.  

  • Hi Lit,


    You do know that was a championship time and that next year you will not only have an automatic place like a GFA but will start at the elite start just behind the elites?

  • My worse long run pace wise was a16 miler @9.38s

    Best was a 20 @8.50s done with the club

    I always refuse to throw the towel in, dont know if thats good or bad though !image

    I think todays was the worse mentally, pace wasnt too bad but I fecking hated it, it was so cold and windy...still all done now nice easy week and a half marathon next Sunday.

  • Yes ...... Lit  thats fast GFA start red and while number image

  • No no, you're all very lovely, did not mean to imply that I'm not delighted with my time! Just that I couldn't be described as having smashed my PB like some of the other P&Ders (Mark, HeOw) - more like gently pruned it.

    In fact I already have a championship place in VLM with my previous PB of 1:29:18. AND a cool low race number. image

  • Have just finished reading what everyone else has been up to. NN -- sorry you didn't have a good run and I think it must be linked to not having a good sleep. I'd probably have chickened out so well done for getting it done.

    SR -- I wasn't going to bother with tune-up races if there weren't any obvious ones available. I think in the chapter of the book on why and when to do them they are more flexible about it than the schedules imply, though I agree I wouldn't want to be doing one the day after a long run. I'm seeing my half as a tune-up race replacement, and there might be a suitable 10k coming up on my club's road calendar later on.

    And HeOw, your long runs are way more hardcore than mine - I've never even been beyond 21.

  • Well you kept that quiet miss modest image well done how fantastic

  • well, it was my only way in as I haven't done a full marathon so couldn't get GFA, and was too incompetent to enter the ballot on time because the website wasn't working...

  • Literatin - missed your race report, brilliant chuck, you're a f*cking great runner. Now race number please, need to stalk... Championship time too from your old PB. you ran a PB on a tough course, I'd say that's legendary, if it was as flat as Wrexham or Blackpool, who knows?!
  • Just reading back on the race reports from yesterday, 2 brilliant results, absolutley made up for you both. Rest for me today, I have quite a demanding week this week and i'm on nights, but I sleep really well on nights and usually seem to get a good 6-7 hours solid sleep. 

    Chris - Re:Blackpool, how was the Garmin affecting the pacing, too fast or slow and what were the conditions like, thinking with it being near the sea you might have had some wind.

     Literatin - How do you get a championship place with a half marathon time? Well done by the way, I know somebody who did the same race yesterday and described at as a fairly tough half marathon.

  • Craig  you would have to run I think image its sub 1.15 half to get a mens champ place.

    Yes come on Lit  race number please although being an expert stalker we remember  already have your first name..katie 

    Heow you are still young enough to get your half times down to low1.30s easlily and maybe even lower..trust me I have seen so any younger women at my club start at 1.45s then within a few years run 10 min faster just keep up  the quality training it will happen

    Slept like a log last night lovely. I usually struggle yo sleep well at night, not sure I want to run 22 miles every day to ensure that I do though.

  • I was on a recovery week last week, 14 miles  done, paces fine, so surprised to see all the long run activity unless the 55+ routine is different? At least Fiona seemed to be on a similar path as me.

    Great HM PBs by Mark and Lit.

    22 milers from Ten and NN though pipped with the 22.5 from the "greasy trucker"!Stutyr a 21.6, 20 from NP, was that a swim or a paddle in the sea? 15 and a new puppy for 15W and a new plan by the look of it, all 15 milers may be a bit boring in the end though you obviously like 15.

    Off to check my schedule and see if I am a week out!

  • JF50 Just ignore us we all went off schedule for different reasons, I am having my recovery week this week, well till Sunday then I have a race.

    The 15 milers are my favourite LR distance easy to get your head round 15 miles and its easy to forget it is still hell of a long way.


  • Morning everyone, just looked at the results yesterday and Lit your time would be 3rd place female at Blackpool on what sounds like a far easier course.

    The championship HM entry time for a London place is 1.15 for men and 1.30 for women so I reckon you should be really proud of your result yesterday.

    NN I wouldn't worry too much about struggling on a run, you've already identified the reason for it. I work shifts like you and some days it feels virtually impossible to run when I'm tired.

    Craig, I think you were asking me about the Garmin yesterday?!

    Basically the first mile of the race my watched beeped after a mile but I was about 10 metres from the actual mile marker. It continued through the race so my watch thought I was going further and probably a bit faster than I actually was.

    If some of us are training to run at 6.52 min/miles for example, I would guess that in reality it's closer to 7 min/miles.

    If you know it's happening its not too much of a problem but if you rely on the pace and distance function you might end up missing the sub 3 by a couple of mins.

    The only alternative is wearing a pace band or using the method of pressing the lap button on every mile.

    It was easy for me yesterday because I was aiming for a 6.30 pace and the maths was quite easy, just adding 13 mins every 2 miles. image
  • My plan this week is rest today, 7 miles recovery pace tomorrow, 14 MLR Wed (which I am adding last week's missed LT 6 miles to) but my child free days are Mon/Wed/Fri - so it makes sense to do the 7 miles recovery today. Would that be bad idea though after 22.5 yesterday?
  • Great weekend running everyone.

    Lit - championship run??!!! Outstanding! image Well done.

    NN - I'm not surprised you struggle sometimes with your shift pattern.  I saw a remarkable change in one of my friends when his company stopped the night shift and he got back to normal routines.  You do fantastically well, and I'm sure you'll bounce back with another great long run soon.

    JF50 - I'm a week ahead because I'm training for Brighton, hence it wasn't a recovery week for me.  Don't panic! image

    I've got a pain on the top of my right foot, near the joint.  It feels like a bruise, or nerve compression where the tongue of the running shoes presses.  I noticed it earlier in the week, but ingored it image and of course it isn't showing any signs of going away.  It's not a killer pain by any means... yet.  I suspect I may have tied my laces too tight on some previous runs.  I've just tried some new socks and have loosened my shoes by removing the laces from the top eyelets.  This stops the tongue pressing into the painful area, so I'll see how it goes on today's run.  I'm also periodically icing and will probably take an anti-inflammatory.

    Today is 8m VO2max, so I've setup my garmin for the intervals.  This is the first time I've tried this, so I hope I've got it right!

  • Lit already has championship place for this year from her last HM Ten!
  • Ten I've had same pain since changing trainers to Mizuno, I wore my Adidas yesterday and felt it a tiny bit but it was fine. Definitely loosen the laces. Good luck on 8 miler!
  • Hi everyone, I haven't dropped in for a week or so, boring non-running life stuff etc...

    Congrats on amazing PBs Lit and Mark!

    Mark - has that got you eyeing a 2:55 target? Know what you means about Garmin pacing. The way I deal with it is a) assume I'll end up running 26.5 miles and calculate target pace that way and b) wear a pace band to check every time I pass a mile marker.

    Ten - Hope that foot pain clears up, sounds like you're doing all the right things tho

    I've got Silverstone HM on Sunday so I'm just wondering how to adjust my runs this week. Is it OK to drop the LT run as I'll be doing 13 LT miles on Sunday? I'm following up to 55M schedule which has:

    Mon - rest

    Tues - 7M recovery w strides

    Wed - 11M w 7LT (maybe swap for 9M GA) 

    Thurs - rest

    Fri - 12M MLR (maybe reduce this and add strides)

    Sat - 5M recovery

    Sun - 20M LR (swap for Silverstone HM, I did a 20M yesterday to make up for this)

    Any thoughts on this mini-taper appreciated!

    Who else was it doing Silverstone?

  • Al - I'm racing at Silverstone too.  I'm a week ahead of you, and I've rearranged my schedule:

    Today - 8m VO2max; Tue - 12m MLR; Wed - rest; Thu - 8m GA/recovery; Fri - 5m recovery with strides; Sat - rest; Sun - HM race

    I'm replacing the following week's VO2max session with GA/Recovery and have yet to decide whether to delay the 18m/14m MP run.

    Unless I change my mind again again again image

  • Al - forgot to mention, the book says to leave at least 4 days between tempo session and a tune-up race.

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