P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Hurrrahhhhh imageimage we will be able to stalk her pictures ..not there yet though just looked ..

  • Lit yes the happy medium is put it in the tumble drier then sort of smoooooth it till its wearableimage

  • Oh shit, I forgot about the pictures! I should have waited till they were up and vetted them to make sure they were okay before admitting to my number.

    I would like to state in advance that I have already complained to my club about their unflattering choice of vest colour and requested that they change it just for me. They said 'you're not still going on about that vest, are you?'

  • Sorry but you may be a faster runner than me but I am obviously much better at web stalking.... mwaaahhhha

  • I ran in 2 vests for Wrexham, it was milder than it is today. I find I overheat in over 5 degrees with long sleeves on when "racing".  Arm warmers are really handy though.  Haven't worn them for a race though.

    Literatin - I only stalk when it goes dark... 

  • Re the long runs - I think the sub 55 is lacking in long runs for me, I may do what NoPain does and run a 22 every weekend...  image  Seriously though, I have done 2 x 18, 1 x 20, 1 x 22.5.  I would like to do another 22 and run that a bit slower and do it time on feet for 3:40 so I am running for pretty much my marathon time. I would like to do 2 x 20's and an 18 too.  Can't remember what is in plan, think another 2 x 20's and an 18.  I think for first marathon the sub 55 plan great re long runs but not so much for when you have done a couple.

  • NN,


    I am sure you aren't supposed to put technical gear in the tumble dryer.....

  • Heow, there is an unwritten rules that the 5 longest runs should add up to 100 miles so do the maths from there.

    SR ah thats why all my clothes are too small I thought I was getting fat ! image phew .

  • Right, H & NN, just webstalked both of your race photos as pre-emptive revenge. Except you both look really good in them, curse you, and HeOw is smiling and everything!

    SR, I think you probably aren't supposed to iron technical gear either image (I don't, btw, but I bet HeOw does).

  • Did you look at Mick Hall ones Literatin?  

  • NN - Yep, know that rule BUT I want to do more than 100... image  I did 100 for Chester and reckon a bit extra wouldn't harm? 

  • Yes, the Wrexham ones. They're really good. I, by contrast, will be looking rough in a nasty white vest.

  • The first two are ok, final two are last mile and not so good... I have some bloody dreadful ones though but it is a bit of a running joke my race photos between my friends. 

  • Well, I did think that perhaps the last two were taken in a different part of the race, but you still look... determined.

  • I was thinking "oh do fuck off Mick, not now".

  • Morning all,  first run of the week shifted to last night, 7 miles recovery with 6 x 100m strides giving me a rest day today.  Found a nice straight bit of raod with just a slight incline to run the strides as repeats, well lit and good surface so easy  to concentrate on form rather than worrying about tripping over on street clutter.

    Picking up on  some of the chatter last night, surely one of the benefits of technical gear is it doesn't need ironing?  And photos, most of mine look like I am a goldfish gasping for air, ok perhaps not a goldfish as I am never that colour, just a fish.

  • Lit sod off image.image  my last race didnt have any pics....did it ?

    Heow yours are really good

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    I don't think HeOw meant she spent three hours ironing technical gear. She has a family! Re race photos, mine are always hideous but I guess that shows I'm making an effort. Ones taken afterwards are usually ok, as I always look so happy that it's over. NN, I am doing Bath half.
  • HeOw wrote (see)

    Ten, if your heart rate isn't high then you need to run em faster!! image

    On the face of it, I'd agree.  I'm in two minds about this for a number of reasons:

    • In theory, the paces I'm running at should be in the ballpark for my marathon target (arguable image)
    • I have been wondering if my max heart rate is plain wrong.  I feel that some sessions are a lot harder than the heart rate suggests. I recorded the max a number of years ago and wonder if it could have been a blip with the heart rate monitor at that time (I didn't realise back then how they can be erroneous).  Unfortunately it was before garmin charts made it easier to ignore duff readings.
    • Of course, the max could be correct, and it could be that I'm just not used to pushing myself near to the limit image

    The upshot is, I don't want to risk injury before the marathon by pushing too hard too soon.  However, I'm intrigued by the notion that I might be capable of going faster than I've believed.  

    On the more serious subject of ironing..... life's too short.  Tumble dry the creases out, unless a pristine look is absolutely necessary image  I remember a guy at work who always used to wear a jumper, because he never ironed his shirts image

  • Tenjiso wrote (see)


    On the more serious subject of ironing..... life's too short.  Tumble dry the creases out, unless a pristine look is absolutely necessary image  I remember a guy at work who always used to wear a jumper, because he never ironed his shirts image

    How lazy, I  would at least iron the collarimage

  • 7 mile recovery run for me early this morning. No time for doubles (yet again) though as I'm cycling to pilates straight after work. My quads are still slightly sore from the race but the easy running felt nice.

    NN -- not that I could find so I had to settle for old VLM ones instead.

    And my house is far too small to have space for a tumble drier.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello - been busy on here! Got a double day today...but due to puppy and other stuff not been able to do anything yet. Hopefully will get out for 6 lunchtime.


  • I'm looking forward to my first track session tonight.

    5 x 800m @ 5k pace, with 50-90% recoveries.

    It's a 2 and a bit mile jog to the track from my office, so going to jog there, do the session, jog back, then cycle home.

    I wondered if anyone has any track tips? Is it easier to maintain a constant pace on a track? 5k pace for me is about 7:45min/miles, so that would make 2 laps in about 3:51 or one lap in 1:56.

    I'm not concerned that I won't be able to maintain the pace, more that I won't be able to accurately judge the pace. Are there 50m or 100m markers on a track so you can judge whether you're behind or ahead of pace, and slow/speed up accordingly?

  • AG: Depending on the quality of the track there should be markers. I used to live near one before we moved and it had all sorts of markers. For sure every 100m - sometimes a lot of different markes can be confusing though image.  

    HeOw: what was your race number, I want to see those pics - it won't work by inputting your name (stupid system image) and I don't know the colour of your vest (what kind of search criteria is that??).

    Ten: Yeah, that HR stuff is a difficult business. Most HRMs show a silly spike or two each run, this electronics stuff is prone to interference. I often come back with a max. HR of 248 (which means I'm long dead).

    11.5 easy miles clogged this morning. I shuffled my week around too -- should have done 12 with 5 x 1200s but couldn't face it after a bad night's sleep. Will do the intervals on Friday when my boss is away so I can show up a little later.

  • Well still can't keep up with you lot on here, some great training going on from the reading back so keep at it folks not long, HeOw and Lit nice photosimage and remembered to use your link at last HeOw. But why is ityou girls wear so many tops/leggings for a race?

    Two runs for me today the first one done and dusted was 1 mile warm up 2 x miles tempo 1 mile MP 2 x miles tempo 1 mile MP 1 mile cool down.

    Splits: 8:03 6:06 6:01 6:43 5:58 6:00 6:32 7:25 compared to the same run two weeks ago:7:57 6:10 6:15 6:40 6:09 6:03 6:23 7:31 so a little more speed in the 4 miles tempo which is what I am afterimage Think the sun helped as wellimage.

  •  Chick  bad sleep eh ? image no one realises how important sleep is till we don't get enough, I often have to shuffle sessions I can never handle a tempo or intervals after a night shift but find a nice mlr no problem

    Lit hardly surprising your quads are tight, the easy run and cycle will sort that out (done my pilates already )

    AG the track should be marked out if its a decent one, have a nice couple laps warm up to suss it out,, see where there may be headwinds etc good luck

    Nice tempo run np 

    I  never wear legging s for a race have occasionally wore a long sleeve top under club vest if its really cold

    Doubles day, went to pilates class first the did 4 easy, home now for spot of lunch , house work, then out for another 6 before work, madness..image got an extra night shift tonight to cover sickness so excuses all ready for shite race on sunday image 

  • NP - it was cold (snowing, indeed), and we don't run as fast as you do. I'd have worn shorts and two vests (normal one with see-through club one over the top) if it had been just a few degrees warmer. And I did have to roll my sleeves up after a few miles.

    NN - now I feel like a lightweight using pilates as an excuse not to do doubles! Hard to fit it all in, though!

    Chick, top stalking tip: look up her race number on the official results before you search for the photo. Also, green. image

    I can't do anything at all if I go for two nights without a decent sleep - I go straight from being totally hyperactive (my usual state) to zombie-like.

  • chickadeee wrote (see)

    11.5 easy miles clogged this morning. 

    LOL - that describes my running style to a tee.

    12m MLR this morning.  Misty, but generally pleasant.  I kept repeating "train slow to race fast" to myself as a reminder!

    Planned pace/HR:  10:48 to 9:54, 141-160bpm

    Pace: 10:07/10:41/10:31/10:33/10:22/10:08/10:06/9:52/9:53/9:49/9:51/9:45

    HR: ???/123/123/131/136/130/135/134/131/140/144/137bpm  (avg: 134bpm)

    HRM spiked in first mile.

    Well paced, but again the heart rate range is intruiging because it has been below my recovery ceiling throughout the run.  This is good, but I guess I'll review depending on how well/badly the race goes.

    Getting a bit nervous that my daughter has a dreadful cold/cough at the moment.  I'll have to start blowing her goodnight kisses from a distance image

    Rest day tomorrow.


  • Lit they where still good photosimage

  • Oh well afternoon nap done now for another run!! isnt that what Paula Radcliff does ? ( when she isnt moaning about an injury ) tut slap my wrists image

    Lit I wouldnt be able to do these doubles very often, we used bands this morning in pilates and really worked on the sides..ouch !! wait till tomorrow..image

    Ten heart rate looking good...and how inconsiderate of your daughter to get a cold image imagine how I feel when a patient coughs or sneezes..it doesn't look good if I run away from their bed shouting...go away I am an afleeeet !!!


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