P + D training for VLM 2013



  • NN I would have thought mask and gloves for you between now and April 21, and I don't mean those little latex jobs, more like the big black jobs you see vets in up to their shoulders  image

    Only a slight worry for patientsimage

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    Agent Ginger, I am not an expert on the track but I did notice when doing a tempo session once that my pace was way faster than when doing the same session on the road/trails. So maybe you should be flexible about your 5km pace and go more by effort?
  • just got ready for shift ..What do you reckon Jf50 ? that is a super dooper extra double whammy enema I am holding !image

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    At least you'd be easy to spot in race photos...
  • Caz, how any laps of a track did you have to do for a tempo run ? and yes I agree when I do intervals on a track they do coe out  way faster than on a road, it easier to get an even pace .

    run number 2 done..glad we don't have any doubles I wouldnt have the time.. I am on easy running now for the rest of the week, dropping from 15 down to 11 tomorrow.. I need to get round a half marathon on Sunday...

  • Up off nights for and a 15 mile, started off arounf 7:45 pace finishing around 7:20, felt very comfortable all run, 13 tomorrow.  Thought i'd struggle on nights but didn't feel bad at all.

  • Craig that's probably because you're running far easier paces now than you used to, makes you realise how hard you train pace wise when you start this plan. Good run too.

    NN I laughed out loud at the suit with double enema! Ouch...

    Literatin - stalking done! You look great mate, I want your quads please. You are so young and fast. This Bitch could hate you...

    No Pain - thank you for your kind donation and fighting talk! You're very generous and it's touched me how many of you have donated, I wasn't expecting anyone to! Thank you all. image

    10k recovery done. Blah blah blah. Jog jog jog.
  • HeOw, I would happily swap quads right now because mine still hurt a bit.

  • NN well done with the double, but don't ask me to bend over in front of youimage.Hope you have an easy night and no germs.

    Craig well done on the 15 milesimage


    HeOw wrote

    Literatin - stalking done! You look great mate, I want your quads please. You are so young and fast. This Bitch could hate you..

  • Photos where well worth the Stalkimage But your all soooo youngimage

  • Second run of the day done 6 miles nice and easy followed by a cold bath think it was the photosimage LOL

  • I'm older than I look! Also, not quite so gormless looking in real life.

  • Another 10 mile recovery on the treadmill at 8m/m pace.  I have started running up the shut escalators on the Jubilee line at Waterloo for extra speed training.  Must look strange, a man in a dark suit with a long black coat sprinting up the escalator!

  • Surrey Runner wrote (see)

    Another 10 mile recovery on the treadmill at 8m/m pace.  I have started running up the shut escalators on the Jubilee line at Waterloo for extra speed training.  Must look strange, a man in a dark suit with a long black coat sprinting up the escalator!

    Oh f*cking Nora - set the bar why don't yer?!  I'll be sprinting up me caravan steps, so competitive me. 

  • Okay, I'm after some advice: I'm looking at my club's road racing calendar and it has a half on 7 April and a 10k (I think) on 10 April, so two weeks and eleven days before VLM respectively.

    I've never raced a 10k before and would quite like to do this one, as it's the first fixture in our county summer road racing league and it would be good to support the club in all five races. Is 10 April too close to VLM to race a 10k? P&D do suggest an 8-10k tune-up race the Saturday before that, which would be the 6th, so would it really be that different?

    And on the 7th there is a long run of 17 miles in the programme; I am not proposing to race the half, but it might be a good opportunity to do it as a marathon pace run as practice for VLM. Or would people advise not doing that much MP only two weeks out?

  • Lit - I think people can "advise" but really, you know what is best for you and how you recover.  I knew last week when I raced Wrexham that I truly didn't "race" it to the best of my HM potential, my mind was set on the week ahead, it was one of my highest volume weeks so I kept it controlled.  So, if you can do a controlled race "i.e. not throwing up over the line and ended up in bed for the day" (as I have known people to do), then I cannot see why you couldn't.  I don't know if I would do 13 mile MRP 2 weeks out though, looking back to my last marathons, I did similar and it didn't pay off for me (although you are different league pace wise). I paced a friend at GNR and ran it at a little bit faster than MRP. It does take it out of your legs so close PLUS you need to have the fire in you come end of taper and be firing on all cylinders. 

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    NN, it was a coached session of tempo intervals that I did on a track. Nothing as long as the tempo runs on our schedule!

    Lit, I think 11 days is plenty of time to recover from a 10k. Presumably for you that will only be about half an hour of running anyway. I know one coach who recommends doing a 10k race one week before the marathon. However, I would not do a half two weeks out.
  • I was planning on doing a half on the 17th of March but was holding off from entering because I've been nursing a few niggles.

    Finally manned up and went to enter today only to find out that it sold out yesterday.


    I'm looking for a replacement half but can't find anything close to me (Central Belt Scotland).

    Anyone got any suggestions?

  • Thanks HeOw & Caz. HeOw, I do know myself but I don't have the racing experience some of you lot have, so it's useful to know when people have done similar things. Sounds like the 10k is probably a more sensible idea than the half, and it's the one I'm more bothered about anyway as it's part of a series.

  • 10k won't hit the sides, you will go out and smash that and be back running day after as normal!  I just think the benefits of doing MRP 2 weeks out at a HM will be negligible.  Stick with the 10k, give you a nice boost if you PB! 

  • Well, I will PB as I haven't done a 10k before!

  • What is everyone doing about the scheduled 10ks? Looks like I may just have to do a 5k park run on the 9th instead as there aren't any on the 9th in London area.
  • NN love the gear, totally germ proof and shocking  for the patient!

    Ran my 11miles with 7 at LT this morning, out and running by 5am.  Hard work keeping the pace, will be so glad when the light mornings arrive and I can use trail and some quiet country roads close by, much flatter.  Running round the town means I warm up on a hill, run the first tempo mile up a hill, ok the effort is equivalent but it makes the next mile tough.  I ran along the HIgh Street three times for a few of the miles to give me some flatter running, but even at that time of the morning the parking outside paper shops etc. is a hazard.  Moan over run done and will analyse it when I get home tonight.

    SR I'm wondering how to cover those warm up races, the book is slightly confusing on tapering/recovering from them as well, it suggests you should in Chapter 1 I think, and then just leaves you on full schedule the weeks it includes them?  Any ideas?

  • Ohhh a 10k Virgin then Literatin - will be interesting, what will you be expecting time wise? 

    JF50 love your early morning dedication, I was whacked for 2 days after doing my 22 miler at 6am!  It was the early start rather than the run which killed me off.  Suppose you adjust your body clock when you are doing it all the time.  You still unsure re MRP? 

    Surrey - I have booked Salford 10k in for Good Friday (remember I am not doing VLM, doing Manchester), so will do the long run on the Saturday.  There is a Borders League race for the last Tune Up race which is on a Wed night so will shift that week around and the long run on the Thursday. The other, I will do park run. 

  • I think I'm going to struggle to find any 10k's to do, I don't think ill be able to any park runs either the way my shifts fall.

    Just about to head off for 15 miles, I really can't be bothered running today!
  • HeOw yes still a bit undecided.  Couple more weeks and I will make my mind up.  Have a HM at Colchester on Mar 17th so probably going to race that though without a taper and assess from there.

    I'm buzzing at the moment with the adrenalin running, really busy at work this week so the mornings are great I can pile through it, by about 3pm I know if anybody watches me they will see me nod a few timesimage

  • HeOw, I'm a virgin for lots of race distances as all I've done is five half marathons and a few cross country races. Closest to 10k is an 8k xc race in 31.43, so I will aim for sub 40 mins and if I don't quite make it, that'll give me something to go for next time.

    Re. tune-up races, I don't drive, so it's harder to just pick races based on when they are. I'd sort of got the impression that it didn't matter that much when you do them and you could adapt the programme (the 10k I'd been considering is also a local league on a Wednesday) but I was vaguely planning to just do a tempo that day instead if there wasn't a suitable race.

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    NN, Please tell me you don't work in Urology or Gastroenterology!?!?

    Having sat beside someone in work yesterday who was coughing & sneezing, I wish I'd had one of them.  It just seems to be one of those things that everyone around you gets a cold in the week before a race - I'm hoping to survive unscathed so I can race this weekend, my last HM wasn't good as I hadn't fully recovered from a nasty cold.

    Did my first interval session this morning (8m with 5x 800 intervals), which I kinda enjoyed as it was nice to run "fast" again after all the longer slower runs (I realise my fast is the equivalent to some people's recovery).  My pace varied a little as I wasn't sure what my target should be as the last time I ran an interval was about last September.  Has anyone done multiple interval sessions now, and have you run more consistently in subsequent sessions?  An 8 mile aerobic run tomorrow and then only a few miles on Saturday before the HM on Sunday, so this week's total will be only 40 miles.  I'm pretty sure that would be equivalent to one of the longer weeks in my last marathon training plan!

    Is anyone doing a 20 mile tune-up race?  There's a local event covering 5, 10 or 20 miles on the 24th March. This is the same date as a 17 miler, or the day after a 9 to 13 mile tune-up race, in my plan.  I was thinking about doing the 10 miler as a tune-up race, but the 20 miler is tempting ...  





  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Lit, I agree with HeOw - you'll smash a 10k course, you should be able to go sub 40 based on your HM time  

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