P + D training for VLM 2013



  • DP4 - your comment "came to the game late at the age of 30" cracked me up!

    I started at 49 now that is "coming to the game late!"

    NP - relentless as ever in your training.

     Are you sure that it was London that you did in 2011???!!!!. I have been there every year since 2006 and this is the only year I was spectating (supporting my wife) and not running it. To paraphrase the official race report "as the runners set off in near perfect conditions - 10 deg. C, light cloud and virtually no wind." By the time you would have finished the temperature was in the high teens and the course record had been smashed.

    2007 was the hot year. Runners were passing out everywhere and sadly one guy died, even Gebrselassie pulled out blaming the conditions. That day the temperature did hit the mid 20s.

    20 miles for me today in a bitterly cold wind in 2:31 (07:34 pace)

  • Coor that was quick image This thread is on fire at the moment. Thanks all for advice. I feel abit more confident now I know u lot struggle with these runs aswellimage Am concerned tho obviously as first marathon my endurance is no where near any of u guys and do feel tho although my half times are improving quite dramatically a full marathon is a whole different proposition and LSRs are showing why they are so important. Loved the advice 15W on doin the half and a 8m warm up or down to get miles in something I never thought about and shows why these threads are so great. I probably will go with this but av a few weeks to decide yet. Thanks again everyone
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    LTB slow down doing far to much at MP will just drain you and leave you empty come the big day.

    One gear it was ok at the start but it just got hotter and hotter in the Docklands area, it's the one where the news reader collapsed.
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    Evening all,

    I've been doing loads of housework as I have a sports massage tomorrow and don't want the masseur to think I am slovenly.

    LTB, I had the same dilemma as you (though ages ago when it would have been time to enter) as I wanted to do Hastings half because I did it last year and it's a lovely race, and I grew up there so it's sort of my local race too, even though I don't live there now. Anyway, I decided against it in the end because everyone pointed out I wouldn't be able to get another long run in before London, and it's the long runs that are more important. So I'd say do it if you're sure you can stick to marathon pace or slower, but given you've already done a lengthy marathon paced run, you might be better off ditching it altogether.

    Other thing about Hastings (don't know if you've done it before?) is that even though I've done other hilly races, that's the only race I've ever done where I got serious DOMS for about a week afterwards. Okay, I was racing it properly, but basically the downhill bits killed my quads to the point where I was going downstairs backwards for a week and wincing whenever I tried to lower myself onto a chair. Not ideal for continued training!

  • Lit - I hope you bleached the bog as well as all your cracks and crevices. Well done on the 19. Whenever I hear that number, I start singing Paul Hardcastle but that is before your time... image

    Men - you'll be fine, if tomorrow it is still sore, take an extra rest day, won't harm.  Hope it is ok.  

    LTB - agree with NP, do NOT get carried out with race pace on long runs, I was guilty of that and come race day, my aerobic base just wasn't good enough to do the pace.  I also think that you would be better to aim for a sub 4 rather than a 3:45 at the mo, if you feel great the last third of the marathon, that is when you can pull the big guns out and go for it. I am not saying you can't do a 3:45, you are more than capable but definitely err on side of caution, you don't want to blow up and wheels fall off.  Forget the HM too, 20 miler far more important and you are likely to leave race on the road at the HM.

    I was talking about Heat Waves when running marathon to my friend today, who moved to Perth in Australia last year.  Her last long run was ran in 38 degrees, she laughs at mid 20's, it is cool to her!  But it is all relative, I said to her that mid 20's to us is her 38 degrees, very hot.  Doing MRP in it too is very hard.  We aren't used to the heat here.  I don't think I would race marathon if it was hot, I would still do it but definitely reset my goal.  I would then do another a few weeks later. Manchester was very tough though but not sure if worse than heat. 

    Well done Chris - you are a bit of a deliquent on this thread though! Cross Country day after long run! image

    NN - no worries chuck.  

    Foot is the same but spoke to my physio friend who told me that I should be ok to run, so will do trail run tomorrow as I think the softer terrain (although hilly) will be better for me.  I do think the constant pounding of the streets hasn't helped me as I usually do a lot more trail running than I have the past few weeks.  My aim at the mo is to just get to end of the week and reassess.  I am going to see physio friend tomorrow so she can massage foot again.  FIngers crossed folks!  Thanks everyone for thinking of me. (in a RW sense!).

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    One Gear wrote (see)

    DP4 - your comment "came to the game late at the age of 30" cracked me up!

    I started at 49 now that is "coming to the game late!"


    The Indian guy who is over 100 years old and still runs marathons started in his eighties!  

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    HeOw, I mopped the kitchen floor so I don't have to stare at the dirt and crumbs through the hole in the massage table, cleaned the bathroom just in case he needs a wee, and shaved my legs (out of politeness). Glad to hear your physio thinks running will be okay and she's probably right - when I had that achilles thing I did believe the masseur when he told me I'd be able to run, but I didn't really believe it until I'd done it. Don't expect the worst, as there'll be plenty of time to deal with it if it happens.

  • WHAT?! You ain't taking him up to your boudoir? Fecking kitchen?!  Not very romantic that Lit. 

    Yep, I agree, it is more panic that is stopping me running.  My friend who also runs marathons thinks that I should count myself lucky it is pain free when not running!  Looking forward to trails to be honest, missed them. 

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    Crikey, no, I haven't got round to hoovering the upstairs! I only do that when I've got special visitors. Good luck with the trails.

  • NP - one thing is for sure about that year, I can actually say that spectating was harder work/more stressfull than running it. Both my wife and her friend were in the 5hr band and the crowds everywhere were horrendous. The queues for the underground trains were sometimes right out on the streets and then you really have to concentrate to make sure you actually don't miss the person you have battled through the crowds to support at different places on the course.

    Definitely felt and looked more "worse for wear" at the end of the race having been a spectator than when I run it!

  • Vlm 2011 was very special for me, yes it was hot, it was my first marathon and I ran it with my FA cup semi final ticket in my pocket hoping to finish and get to Wembley in time, I got there 3 mins after kick off and one min before the first goal went in. Then my picture was on the front of The Times the next day image
  • Wow some posts on here since Saturday.  Snowing here again this morning, as it did almost throughout my 20 miler yesterday, 3rd one ticked off now.  2.55

    So three of us Cold War Warriors on here, RAF for me joined up Jan 1971, demobbed Jan 94.  NP and NN where did you start?

  • Pottermiss that's a great story, what a day it must have been!

    I'm a bit worried about the heat in London now, I might book a week in Kenya to try and acclimatise as its freezing and covered in snow here image
  • One gear you got to be bloody kidding image I wish I Had been spectating  I ran London in 2011 after that cold winter and suffered big time , I hate running in the heat, and by the time i got to 15 its was mid 20s and I hated every step on the way, I really really wanted to stop it was my 4th London and the only one I didn't enjoy, I vowed never to waste my time and life training for another marathon (until now lol ) so a praying we dont have a nice warm spring. !! I also ran Paris in 2007 which was even hotter, I didn't feel quite as bed during Paris as it wasn't a humid heat and I hadn't put any pressure on myself for a good time.

    JF50 nice 20 well done..looks like we train about the same pace all distances..did you say you have a half coming up ?

    I went in to the army from school in 79 age 17 and left after just under 3 years so not long and regret not making a longer career out of it but looking back I think I was a bit young for the job I had undertaken ...

    Pottermiss that is a brilliant story image

    Boy am I glad I did that 20 yesterday it bloody freezing image..may pop to gym for some cross training of some sort ...back to work tonight .

    Heow hope the run goes well if you get out 


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    Nice one Pottermiss!  I hope the goal was for your side rather than against after all that effort image

    I ran the Shakespeare (Stratford) marathon in 2009 on the "hottest day of the year so far" - a phrase that should be a tagline for that marathon as it seems to happen regularly.  After training all winter, it was mid-seventies and absolutely cloudless throughout the race image 

    The idea of training some long runs in race-day attire is great theory, but assumes that we will be racing in similar conditions to those we've been training in.

  • Pottermiss what a great story.  Great timing as well.

    Mark I think it's a guarantee that London will be warm on April 21st, after we've all spent the coldest winter getting our training in.  It's snowing again here today, bloody freezing wind coming in off the North Sea blowing it around.

    NN yes looks like we are close on pace, Colchester HM for me on Sunday, still not made my mind up on race it or run it at MP and add a few miles, that's what my schedule is.  I think NP may have been Army

  • Ten that is why I have entered Abingdon in October !! no chance of a heat wave then, just have to got through the heat of summer training, but I will get up and run early if I have to. And I certainly wont be training in race gear attire, not worried though I race in old club vest and shorts I have had for years anyway..the only new thing I will have to wear a couple of times are the lucky marathon socks my grandson gave me for my birthday image

  • JF50 decisions decisions..mmmm if you think you may be in decent shape for a PB race it, 

    Yes same here I have 17 with 14 at race pace next Sunday , already dreading it, I may just make Fridays 12 miler MP instead image

  • NN reference October weather http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2043617/Britain-bakes-hottest-October-day-100-YEARS--theres-days-sunshine-come.html

    I know I won't PB it, way off what I was running HMs a few years back, but might give me an indication for the marathon  I am edging for the MP run, but I know when I start with all the other racers I will be tempted to just go for itimage

  • I wouldnt actually mind it being warm in London something around about 20 degrees would be lovely, I wouldn't want it much hotter than that tho!

    My worst nightmare would be cold and windy weather, I'm not sure which extreme would be more likely.

    I suppose the only way to prepare for warm weather is wearing an extra layer on your training runs, that or go on a treadmill.
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    Good story Pottermiss. It's true right?

    I am predicting London to be freezing gale force rain and Manchester to be perfect the following week...

    I have a similar decision to make JF50, except my half is on 24th at wilmslow, really don't know whether to race or just run it as a MP practice run.

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    Bloody hell, I reserve the right not to bother doing my VO2 intervals tomorrow if there's still a MASSIVE BLIZZARD going on.

  • JF and 15W, I probably wouldn't race a half flat out if I was either of you. Is it really worth taking the risk that close to the race?

    It's only my opinion of course, you'll know best what you can handle.

    A marathon paced run sounds a better idea at this point, it's just whether you've got the discipline not to race it!
  • JF50  image funny how you can go off people image

    15w and JF50 if you DO decide to race , make sure you are feeling 100% dont ignore any niggles , sore throats sniffles etc, racing will bring out whatever is under the surface, I speak from last weeks bitter experience !

    Lit I thought you was ard !!

    Mark 20 dges would be too warm for me, I did read somewhere the ideal temp for running a marathon is 12 degs

  • Mark I agree it is the best option, but discipline will be key.  My schedule is for 18 with 14 at MP, which actually is difficult enough but at least leaves the legs in good nick for the following week.

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    Ok Mark - good advice, think I will go for a MP run. Currently that would still get me a PB if I manage it!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    15West wrote (see)

    Currently that would still get me a PB if I manage it!

    Actually, no it wouldn't. Not quite.


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