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  • Heow good to see you back running. Hope it's nothing serious Mennania and is quick to recover. Can't see the lack of vo2 making any real difference at this stage.

    SR the cold is still a pain in the arse! But luckily for me the wind had at least eased off near me.

    No idea what is going on, but just had a great 15 miler @ 7.00 pace bang on. Went out easy, got to 7 min pace for the middle miles and manage 6.40,s or better for the last few miles. Never had a mid week run like it and I honestly didn't feel like I was over doing it at any stage. Absolutely no idea what's happening though. Peaking too soon no doubt. I wish I could wrap myself up in cotton wool and fast forward 5 weeks now!
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Chris - you'll be up there with the Kenyans I reckon.

    Double day today for me. I find the double days a bit of a pain in the bum to be honest, arranging with work/family/dog two times when I have to leave them...and obviously they all struggle without me.

    Still don't know what I'm doing about Wilmslow half and what pace to run it at. I'll probably end up on a compromise as I am usually wrecked with DOMS after a race.

  • That's the main reason I ditched the double days 15W. That and I hate mornings and couldnt face dragging myself out of bed before work to do a recovery run. Just the 6 mile recovery tonight for me. Desperately hoping I can carry on feeling like I am for 5/6 more weeks. Its funny because 2 weeks ago I was knackered and couldn't get near to any sort of decent training pace. This marathon training is weird! image

  • Chris it is indeed weird, my legs feel absolutely knackered this week, but I had a good 15 miler yesterday on what felt like legs made of lead image..I knocked 6 mins off my hilly 15 miler compared to the last time I did this route weeks ago.

    Heow nice to see you running, although as you found out a hard spinning class isnt really a good idea before a tempo run..image

    No double for me today as I have just got in bed after a night shift, I will just do the 6 recovery later .

    Men hope you recover soon you must have devastated not to do the VO2 max session image

    Lit fingers crossed the twinge is nothing serious


  • Out early again, 5am, for a 12 mile MLR.  So frosty in East Anglia this morning, the whitest I have seen the roads I think this winter. Not too bad underfoot though, actually felt almost sticky on the really white stuff.

    Men hope that heals quick and Lit hopefully just one of those twinges we all shudder at when we feel them.

    Great 15 miler Chris

  • Great run again Chris! and JF well done on getting out early again for your run, that takes dedication.

    NN, you must be getting a lot fitter to put in a run like that even though you are tired, well done.

    I think I'm going to scrap one of the runs today, probably just do the 6 miles later, I can still feel my Achilles, just bought an ice pack so I can heat it before I run and ice it after.

    I don't feel comfortable training with niggles so I'm just hoping it doesn't get any worse, hope all the other sick notes are feeling better this morning. image
  • Thanks for all your really nice words of encouragement. I'm still bouncing around like a kid at the moment. As well as being nervous about everything needed to be done before Nov, but hey ho.

    With regard to running, I did an 11mile run with 7mi at half marathon pace on Tuesday after work. Given a sub4 marathon target, my half marathon pace shoudl be about 8:30, but as my garmin battery died just as I was trying to locate satellites, I had to run on feel, and then calcualte the distance afterwards on mapmyrun (timed using my phone). No surprise i went out too fast, and averaged 8:08 min/miles for the 7 miles. I don't suppose it'll kill me to have run it a bit faster, but perhaps it'll mean the 12miles this evening will feel a bit tougher, we'll see.

    I'm impressed with the timing of your runs, getting up before dawn, and running in between night shifts, very inspiring. I'm basically a sloth and will look for the least painful way to do most things, I guess i'll soon have that shaken out of me :-/


  • 15 miles for me tonight, cold, wet & windy and a hilly route, took my dog as I often do on my midweek runs, averaged a very comfortable 7:40, think it made sense after yesterdays Vo2 intervals.

  • Craig, I reckon your dog must be in better shape than me at the moment!
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Craig - what sort've dog have you got?

    Just took my puppy out for his first walk...and did my first poop pick up with a bag. All fairly successful.

  • 15W, exciting times with that puppy and the poop bags!

    Craig your dog has good pace, better than meimage

    With another long working shift tomorrow I shifted my 5 mile recovery to this morning, on the treadmill by 5.20am. Easy stuff.

    Leaves me the Colchester HM on Sunday, still not made my mind up on pushing it or using it as an MP run, will probably decide on the line and reassess at about mile 8

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    JF50 - I'm now thinking for wilmslow half the following week I will run the first two 3rds at MP pace...and then speed up and run last 3rd faster...nearer LT pace. That's the idea anyway.

  • 15w, strange isn't it, making decisions on what pace to run a HM when the normal thought would be to just go out and blast it!

  • 15W - I have a husky and she just loves to run, got the running belt and proper harness. On the verge of getting another, love the breed.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Cool - beautiful dog (I'm such a doggy person these days...even found myself watching crufts for chrissake). Does she pull you along?! What is furthest you have taken her for a run? I assume they must have a lot of stamina.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    JF50 - yes, it is. Sometime I worry too much. I'm just nervous of knackering myself.

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Alright gang, 10 (instead of 12) last night at 7.20mm - mainly due to that being the pace that caused me least problems, but I had to bin the end of the run and get the missus to pick me up as the pain was down my groin. Bining tonights recovery and most likely tomorrows 18 with 14 at MP. Will have to find space for the latter run by bumping my VO2 sessions I guess. Pain in the bloody neck this is.

  • She tends to run just slightly ahead doesn't pull much to be fair except if she sees any animals, ok with dogs, its pheasants, ducks & the odd fox she goes wild for.  She has been on a few 18 mile runs with me and could quite easily go on, they are bred for endurance, she just does'nt  seem to tire at all.  I don't take her all the time just have to watch her legs on the hard surfaces all the time so I will also take her up the hills on a few trails.  Great running partner to be honest.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Men - doesn't sound good - hope you recover speedily.

    12 miles this lunchtime in this glorious spring weather we're having.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Ouch, Men, doesn't sound good - don't forget though that even though the quality runs (such as the dreaded hundreds of miles at MP run) are more important, actually no single run is going to have a massive impact on your overall level of fitness, so if you end up missing a few here and there, or it's not yet comfortable to do certain paces, it's not the end of the world or of your training. Hope it improves soon.

    I'm absolutely knackered today, cos I had to go down to London yesterday for a work thing after most of a day of normal work and didn't get back till midnight. Running 70 miles a week hasn't been making me tired, but getting a couple of hours' less sleep than normal wipes me out! There is no way I'd be getting up at some of the crazy early hours some of you lot do.

    So: no running yesterday, but will be out for 12 miles (ish) this evening, and currently no sign of that sharp pain in my calf so am hoping the stretching and extra rest day have sorted it.

  • Good luck Men, hope it's only a short lived problem.  Good 12s 15w and NN

    Lit getting up early does knacker me later in the day but it does help to fit in with work and home.  Nobody misses me when I'm out that early, if they miss me at all I guess,  and in fact on shorter runs I am back in the shower before life begins in the houseimage

  • JF50 forgot....you got your half this weekend good luck image

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Men - Hope you recover soon

    JF50 - good luck with the race.

    I did 11m MLR today and got back just before the forecast downpour.  Quite impressive forecasting, for once image

  • Men, sorry to hear about the injury I hope it clears up soon.

    If its any concelation I felt like I was really struggling a few days ago and my injury has picked up a lot since then so these things can change quite quickly.

    I did the 12 mile MLR today, it wasnt the quickest run again but I'm trying to save myself a little bit for Sundays long run.
  • Ten thats exactly why I was out the door by 7 am  it was nice then, but pouring down by 11

    well done on the 11

    mark nice to see things are ok now 

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Glad you're on the mend Mark. I've just been running in the rain, so clearly not as weather-forecast savvy as the rest of you.

    Only just under 10 miles tonight - sharp shooting pain from Weds seems to be gone, but that calf gradually tightened up until by 5 miles it was really quite painful. I think a dull crampy ache is less worrying than an intermittent sharp pain, and suggests lots of stretching & foam roller action should sort it.

    Clearly this is an elaborate build-up to an excuse for skipping Sunday's marathon paced effort...

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Lots of great running been done while I was away, take care of the niggles peeps, cold baths, stretching and foam roller will all work wonders. Nice to note most are also running faster than ever before and are finding that running faster feels easier than running slow, just don't burn too many matches at this stage.

    Anyone racing this weekend or next weekend?

    Hill work for me tomorrow then a shorter long run as a bit of a cut back week for next weekends half marathon, plus 7x 22 mile runs in a row is pushing it a bit image
  • No Pain wrote (see)
    . Nice to note most are also running faster than ever before and are finding that running faster feels easier than running slow, 

    I wouldnt go that far image

    Lit I hope the niggle comes to nothing 

  • Men - I'm really sorry to hear that - is it a torn muscle in stomach? I hope with a bit of rest it sorts itself out.

    Good running everyone and good luck JF50 for your HM.

    Did 20 today, I had terrible DOMS from my spinning/circuits double and couldn't even touch my calves yesterday, they were so sore. Today they were a lot better so did the 20 miler, bloody hell, running it with DOMS and a sore foot was awful. One of the head fuck runs where you have to keep stopping for traffic and I had to stretch foot fair few times. I am bit of quandary re foot, I can manage to run on it but it's not enjoyable and I cannot see, if it doesn't get better over next few weeks, how I could properly race a marathon on it. Time will tell. Started at 9:40m/m finished at 8:45m/m.

    Literatin - hope calf is ok matey?

    Craig - your dog is bloody fit!
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