P + D training for VLM 2013



  • I'm going to target shorter faster races over the summer, got a few 5 milers, 5ks booked already, maybe a half, then back into training for Snowdonia marathon again.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    AG - My next marathon will be VLM in 2014.  I'll spend the summer concentrating on building speed (5k & 10K races), then the Autumn on half marathons.  I'm already looking forward to following my other P&D book for 10k training.

  • Looking forward to doing some shorter stuff and building some proper speed. I would love to brake 17 mins for the 5k. But my top end speed is pretty poor (comparatively) to longer stuff at the mo. I have been offered the opportunity of joining a different club that has access to proper coaches and structured training, with many faster runners than me. At the mo, I am training by myself as my local club doesn't really have structured specific training. Trouble is I like running for my local club and don't really want to leave. But I think if I want to get better then I might have to give it a go with the big boys. So after London, I'll have to decide what to do.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I am going to do as many of the races on my club's league calendar as I can, having intrigued to combine ladies' and men's results, so that there could, in theory, be a female club champion. I'm also looking forward to doing some shorter stuff as I've never really raced anything except half marathons and a few cross country races. So I'll get to set lots of new PBs. There are also some HMs on the calendar later in the year, and I've already entered the Robin Hood (for the 3rd consecutive year) to get my early bird discount. Will try to beat my PB from Tunbridge Wells as this one will be significantly flatter!

    Oh, and I'll try and get rid of those 16 seconds at parkrun, too.

  • Our club has a weekly club run and a track session every Thursday, which I like to try and get to.  Its a great friendly club, but there are more in our area that have structured training, coaches etc.  I just like running for our club though, there are some quick runners there also, our number 1 male is a 73 minute half marathon runner. We also have a local Border League which is good as all the local teams host a race, it is very competitive with some very fast runners.  Goals I want to achieve over the summer;

    Below 80 on my half, closer to 17 on my 5K, 35:xx on my 10K.  I love fell running also, did a few races last year, so I will probably be doing a few more this year.

    Ending the year as last year with Snowdonia Marathon, in my eyes the perfect marathon, it has it all.


  • Craig. I think we would be very well suited training partners. Very similar goals and we both run our training runs too fast!
  • Thats a good point Chris.  Also, we both live in Wales, even though at opposite ends of the country.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    Oh no! The jet stream is heading south! We're all going to melt.
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    You with buckley Craig? Thinking of deeside maybe?

    I have a sprint tri one week after london and Chester Half two weeks after that. If all doesnt go well at London am eyeing up Shrewsbury full on 23rd June.

    Goals are a 1.21.xx half, a low 36 10k and dont like 5ks.

    Not long to go for you now Ten.image You must be buzzin thinking about it

  • Deestriders Men, not been with them long, not even a year, i've only been running just over 2.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Mennania(Johnny) - Bib no tbc - Green - Black with Clic Sargent shirt - sub 3hr - Yes

    Literatin (Katie) - 283 - Blue - Nasty white club vest with two blue hoops - 3:15 - No

    Fiona -Number tbc- green-green surgical scrubs, white coat and Heart UK vest - sub 4-No

    No Pain (Gary) 30752 red FGFA Fetch vest. Sub 2:55

    What's the yes or no?

    Chris great running 18 @ 6:40 hope it's not taken to much out of you but you should be ok. Looks like you have a nice plan for after London.

    Men sprint tri two weeks after London hope your going to be on the bike for the first week back?

    Craig pity you and Chris are so far apart and I'm another one that runs recovery and steady runs too fast.

    Well 6 miles with 4x 100m strides this morning, out for a dark o'clock 10 miles before work tomorrow. After London two weeks holiday then back into training for 5000m, half marathon, 10k cross country and a biathlon in the World Police and Fire games which is on in August hereimage
  • Looking at a lot of the "big boys" (i.e. athletes!) training, a lot of them run steady majority of the time.  I think, the more experienced you get, you probably can? Chris, sure you will be fine, you know your body best, I agree re recovery, everyone is different.  I can run a long run at pretty near enough race pace and it doesn't affect me. However, intervals or a tempo take more out of me.  That is because my MRP is probably quite soft in comparison to what I could do, maybe that is the same for you? 

    I am knackered, last weeks runs were pretty hard considering I had just recovered from the abscess so I have rested past two days, first week of taper so not being too strict re mileage. 

    NightNurse - how is your ankle?

    re after marathon... Similar to Craig really, doing some shorter distance work and then Snowdon!


  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    NP, the yes or no is Mennania's question 'are you going to Chandos?'

    HeOw, hope you are feeling okay apart from knackered. Re. taper, don't tell anyone, but I am considering just not doing this week's VO2 session.

  • This word "Chandos" seems to be on every thread at the moment. I know I don't get out much but what it is is beginning to bug me now.

    Actually, at the same time if someone could also enlighten me on the following, DOMS, HADD, P&D, VO2, VO2 max, strides etc, etc- am only joking on these as they, apparently, are to do with running so I think I can carry on in blissful ignorance. However, Chandos sounds like it might be a place of entertainment/food/drink and therefore far more important.

  • Hello not had chance to catch up properly, will do later.

    Went to the fizz last night with a bg of trainers as instructed image.

    I explained the symptoms and why I was panicking..image, I really had convinced myself I had  a stress fracture, or something. He took one look at my trainers, picked up the Kinvaras and said there is your answer !..I hadnt looked at the bottom of them and it was scarey and plain to see the right one ( which is the ankle that has been giving me jip) was really worn on the out side ALREADY (2 months)!! in fact I had been alternating 2 pairs and both were the same, he showed that on just that foot I underpronate and they kinvaras aren't correcting this as well as the asics 21 series which I have been wearing for years without injury..I hadn't had a problem with the Kinvaras till that last long run..he said for me up to 10k races only in them, anyway to cut the long story short it is loads better and he assures me that the tendons  will have settled in time for London so plenty of antiflams and icing...I feel a real improvement each day, although not run since last Tues, I have done spinning swimming and cross training making sure I get the heart rate up so not too worried anyway we are meant to be tapering , although not quite the taper I had planned..just have to hope the sun doesnt come out on the 21st, I see the temp is forecast to gradually  creep up next week.imageimage


    Oh and 40 quid for 35 mins at the fizz, I am in the wrong job !! mind you I last saw him 7 years ago so guess he took what he could lol..

  • Great news NN. Stick to the trusty trainers and enjoy the rest of the taper.
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭
    Good news NN. If you like the feel of the kinvaras have a look at the Mirage in the saucony range as its similar but includes a little support.

    My plan seems similar to most peoples - there's a couple if local 10ks thro the summer and then a HM in October. I'm also looking forward to trying a new park run nearby. Hopefully go sub-20 on 5k (PB is 20:14 from a few years ago) and get my 10k closer to 40 mins. Definitely no more marathons planned, but I said that before my previous one image
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    NN - glad you've got a resolution to the problem.  

    One of the things that winds me up is annual "updates" to shoes.  You find a pair that fits perfectly, then find it's no longer available when it comes to buying a new pair.  WTF were Asics thinking to redesign the 21xx series with the "improved" 2170's - which have rapidly been superceded by the 2000's.  I could understand if it was every ten years or so, but every six months is taking the piss. image

    Mennania wrote (see)

    Not long to go for you now Ten. You must be buzzin thinking about it

    I'd almost forgotten about it Men image

    With just days to go, of course I would have to get diarrhoea image  I can't think of anything I've eaten that the rest of my family hasn't also eaten, and they are all fine.  So dry toast for breakfast today image  I'll have to take extra care with fluids and carb loading.  Just hoping it's quickly over with.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning all - quick one as off to my first aid course. For rest of year I will be concentrating on shorter races...but not too much. Feels a bit funny not to have an autumn marathon to concentrate on.

    After race I am free from family and friends I think so may pop along to Chandos, I was actually thinking of going to the Bowie exhibition at the V&A....

    7mi yesterday with some strides, 4 mi later.

    At moment looking like could be quite warm for VLM...so pray for light wind and drizzle.

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    One gear:

    Chandos is the pub just up by trafalgar square where people nip in to say hello to forum buddies and fall off the marathon wagon;


    NN - godd news from the Fizz. I have taken delivery of my DS trainers and am currently deciding wether to stick to my 1160s or break them in for London.

  • Ten I have followed the series for years with no problem and buy last seasons so get them a little cheaper, actually comme to think of it on year I think it was 2120s that they look alot of forefoot cushioning out to make the lighter and that was the only time I didnt get on with them it was like running in cardboard boxes. A girl from my running  club few people from my gym are running Brighton. Take care and stay bug free, cant wait to see how you get on I love the way you have followed the schedule virtually to the word, not done anything silly (like change trainersimage) or done extra miles for the sake of it, you deserve to do well image

    I wont be able to make Chandos but I am meeting up with a few off the marathon thread including NP for coffee/ cake on the saturday afternoon..


  • managed 5x600m intervals last night in (2:32, 2:28, 2:26, 2:24, 2:31) so average pace of 6:37min/mile

    Fairly pleased with that, didn't batter myself, felt in control of the pace (i.e. wasn't just hanging on) and it's pretty consistent with previous 5x600m efforts, slightly quicker by a couple of seconds. Apart from te 10k race this Saturday and the 3x1600 intervals next week it's all pretty much slow jogging until Manchester. I guess the fitness is as good as it's getting for this marathon.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Thanks NN.  I managed to get a couple of extra pairs of 2160's in the December/January sales, so I've deferred the decision whether to skip straight to the 2000's.  I keep threatening to switch brands, but they all do the same annual update shuffle image  Perhaps I should ring Asics and tell them I am changing brands to see if they offer me big discounts?  It always works with Sky TV, T-Mobile, BT and so on image

  • I went to meet a potential new running club last night and to just have a look around. I intended to just have a jog around the track while they did their session. They were doing 16 x 400's!!! And some of them are targetting London - so clearly not tapering as much as me just yet. Mind you they are targetting 2.30 so a bit out of my league!

    I resisted the urge to join in with all the reps, but did dip in and out of a few and ended up doing about 7 or 8 I think. It was the first time running on a track for me and it was a revelation. I'm glad I didn't have to do the full session mind! But it looks like I will be being beasted after London is out of the way. Quite looking forward to it (with a bit of trepidation!).

    Don't have my race details to hand for the update. I probably won't be going to Chandos afterwards. It sounds like it gets rammed in there, so I'll be hopefully heading somewhere a bit more sedate along the South Bank - fingers crossed it will be warm enough to enjoy a beer outside on the river in the open air away from all the other sweaty runners! ha.

  • Out for the last of my VO2 max sessions this morning, hmm Lit surely not missing this one, 8 miles with 3 x 1600m at 5k pace, or 1 mile each in my money.  Ran 7.08, bit slow, 6.56 and 6.51 the other two.  Legs actually feel very good so perhaps it's the lowering of mileage having an effect?

    NN good news on shoes, still a decision I need to make, new Mizunos which feel really good, or old faithful Nike that I have used for years but I think the latest model, Ten I know your point, feels a bit tighter.  Will wear the Mizunos on Sunday for a 12 miler and see if I can make my mind up.

    Post marathon back to just running about 30/35 miles a week and throw in a few races at 10 miles and HM, my favourite distances.  But I wil try to maintain some of the discipline of the tempo and VO2 from this programme.  I will be 60 in January so will target a HM I have not done before as a present for myself.

    No Chandos for me, I have got a ballot place but I am raising some funds for Arthritis Research, will be useful when I get to 60image, and will be going to their reception.

    1317 Orange Arthritis Research vest

    Still not made my mind up on MP

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Well, you know JF50, I'd been thinking this week was a bit heavy on mileage (46) for my taper, and reluctant though I am to miss any sessions, the VO2 max did strike me as being my least favourite. image

    NN, glad to hear the leg should be okay. Can't have group 1 people getting injured before the race.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    10 miles this morning at 5am stuck in work now till Friday at 5pm small tempo tomorrow image

    Men that's a yes from me for Chandos as it has been for the last 4 years up stairs will be wearing a Fetch Tshirtimage with lots the same lol.
  • Ahh shit NN, bloody trainers hey?  Me and you both made same error, learn hard way hey?  Glad you got it sorted though and sounds like VLM on for you hopefully.

    5 mile race for me tonight with local clubs.  Craig also doing it.  Really ain't feeling the running love today though so not expecting much. 

  • Mennania - thanks for that, another one of life's mysteries solved.

    When I started running I was advised to have my gait analysed before I bought my first pair of running shoes. I did, it was free and apparently I "overpronate" and was recommended to buy Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

    I bought these, and have worn them ever since without any problems. They typically last a maximum of  600 miles and I buy a new pair for London that I break in for 100 miles before the race.

    This procedure has not changed for the last 6 years - not that I am obsessive or anything!!!


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