P + D training for VLM 2013



  • oh come on Fiona, don't be a tease image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Ironic that it was so cold on the day you didn't have to wear three layers of clothes.

  • Lit - I would have been well slower if I'd been wearing all that. The wind resistance would have been incredible.

    I'll finish the report in a minute.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    aaaah - suspense!!!!!

    Tenjiso wrote (see)
    chickadeee wrote (see)
    HR still high for pace but I'm used to that. Takes about 3-4 weeks until that goes back to normal.

    That's just answered a question I had on the tip of my tongue. Thanks! 

    Glad I'm not the only one image

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    Am I allowed to say I am happy with the GFAs. image

    I dare you to start a thread and say that image 

    Thread on there, a few views but only one comment so far supporting meimage

  • cont...

    trundled on. Miles 16 and 17 were wind assisted along the sea front, but unfortunately you could see what was to come as there was a double back the other way.

    Miles 18 to 20 included 2 rather nasty hills into the headwind which really did for my legs.  I ran all the way through this bit but the energy was completely sapped by the uphill, but I was surprised that I had managed that far without too much difficulty.  Shortly after the 21 mile marker I decided that a short walk was called for so did about a minute. Restarting, as always, was painful, but away I went. Through mile 22 and decided to take another gel but could not get the damn thing open so slowed to a walk to wrestle with it and take it.  Back to the running and feeling OK cos it was flat, then back down all the hills that we'd just come up.  The was excrutiating on my poor thighs but I was keeping the pace. Turned back along the seafront into the wind at around 23 miles and stuggled on. I was passing most people by now and very few were passing me image. A miracle given that I'd run the week before and was now going faster than I ever trained for. A detour round a residential area and into a park brought slight respite from the wind, but

    the heavens opened.  It was torrential and icy cold - almost hail like.  This was the last thing I needed. Now I was soaked and freezing in addition to knackered.

    Back into the headwind and driving rain with only a mile and a bit to go. Lots of people were walking, but I WAS NOT STOPPING. It was far too cold and wet. As you can imagine the few spectators had disappeared so only a few marshals for encouragement.  Onto the finishing straight and a few more hardy soles waiting for their families I suppose.

    Through the finish in 3:52:31 according to watch and swiftly wrapped in a foil blanket.  had to walk up through the carpark and down the tunnel into the stadium (that was a  killer) to get medal and t-shirt.

    Like everyone else I sat on the concrete floor of the baggage area trying to put on dry clothes as I was shivering terribly.  The woman doing the same thing next to me got cramp trying to put her shoe back on and her whole leg was in spasm image.

    Dry clothes and then put the foil blanket back on for extra warmth and I actually wore it all the way home on the metro - caused some odd looks by the time I got back into Newcastle I must say.

    Watch time 3:52:31, gun and chip time 3:52:49 and 43 rd woman out of 202. I'm curently waiting to hear about result as they seem to have had problems with the timing system and I certainly wasn't toeing the start line so to speak.  I think that my watch time will be about correct assuming that the other time is the gun time.

    Overall it was an unpleasant day for racing, but if it hadn't rained in the last few miles it wouldn't have been so bad.  I felt great for the vast majority of the race and think I could have held the pace on fresher legs even with the hills.  On a flatter course I know I definitely could.  Next year I will definitely set out for sub 3:50 and maybe 3:45 if training goes well.

  • Is that better?

    I've just entered a 10K at the end of the month. image Whether I'll be fit to race it is another matter.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Nice one Fiona. Good effort on the marathon and the report. The weather sounds a bit like Manchester last year.

    I've just signed up for Chester marathon.

    So...currently thinking:
    May 26 Buxton half (maybe, maybe not)
    Jun 9th Alternative Manc 10k
    Jul 21st Cheshire half (Arley Hall)
    Sep 8th Warrington half
    Oct 6th Chester marathon

    with a few parkruns in between....

    Does anyone think they are starting to form an unhealthy obsession with running? I rarely think of anything else at moment (work v quiet at moment).

  • 15W - I've had an unhealthy obsession with running for a while, but it's definitely worse at the moment. image Sadly work not so quiet


  • 15W - Im doing Warrington & Chester.  

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭


    Haven't entered Warrington yet - does it fill up quick?

    You going to chase a champs place start then Craig?!

  • Doesn't seem to fill up that quick, it was my first half I ever ran and like going back there, I like the course and the finish at the athletics stadium even though last year I had a nightmare and for some stupid reason ran 10 miles of the race in pain, should of retired, I never learn.  

    Sun 2:50 is my next marathon goal and to be honest I found the pacing on Sunday not as hard as I expected and I think in hindsight I could of possibly ran it slightly harder.  I wasn't prepared to take the gamble as a sub 3 was the main aim, even if it was 2:59:xx, to take away a 2:53 was a bonus.  I feel exceptionally fresh in the legs and can't wait to get back out there, I loved all the training for the marathon and can't wait to restart later this year, I have just aquired a Chester half place for a week Sunday off a club mate, not going to run it that hard, I wan to go below 80 minutes this year just it won't be Chester.

  • I'm with you 15W. I'm definately developing an (un) healthy obsession with running as well. I'm not planning any marathons before London next year, but I am planning lots of races this summer all being well and then having a crack at London again.

    I'm very conscious that I go on about it too much with friends (and the wife) etc who see me as some kind of freak these days. But I can't say enough about what running has done for me personally. It has got me healthy (granted). It has made me give up the fags. It has stopped me drinking (well binging like I used to). It has given me discipline. It has given me real confidence - I love this aspect of running. I was a lot more timid before I started running. And despite my old friends thinking I'm now a bit weird (for no longer boozing and smoking), I have been lucky enough to have met some new friends along the way who share my new found love of running.

    So 15W - I reckon obsessions can be good!

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Brilliant report Fiona. Very suspenseful pause too image. I can't quite believe you did that so soon after London and ran it so well. 3:45 will be a shoe-in for you next year! Go for 3:30 image.  You might need to do three marathons in a row to achieve that, though image

    JF50 - LOL.  Now you've put the cat among the pigeons. How very dare you! 

    I ran 5m recovery today. Except that it wasn't really what you'd call recovery image.  I though I'd recce a new route and it turned out a lot hillier than I had expected. It was impossible to keep the heart rate down. Enjoyable run, though, and has opened up some options for my 10k training. I'm looking forward to more exploring as my mileage increases.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I keep trying to encourage others to run and start racing, parkruns etc....but noone is interested. Want my partner to get into it but she's just not in the slightest bit interested. Might have to leave her. Working on my daughter now, and infact doing a local fun run with her this weekend. If she moans at all I'll have to leave her too, which just leaves the dog.

  • Fiona great report.  The weather sounds miserable for the race so even better than just running two maras back to back weekends.

    Ten yes indeed, although generally supportive comments and no real rants, well except Lit who seems to be fearing those times when she hits +60image

  • Poor dog is going to be knackered!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Great stuff, Fiona - loved the report!

    I went from 3:54 to 3:38 - you will definitely beat 3:45, c'mon!!  Someone that runs 2 marathons in the space of one week and runs the 2nd one quicker is made of some stern stuff image

    I've entered 10ks on May 26, June 2, 9 and 16 and will possibly do a half on June 23 image

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Fiona- will read report when I get in!

    Craig - I am doing Chester and am undecided on pace but am going to run it hard so a 1.21 or 1.22 finish time. I Pbd there last year 2 weeks after Londonimage. Let me know your strategy and we might hook up?


  • Many thanks for the kind words. I have to say it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected which has got to be a good thing. Next time I may take more of a gamble.

    15W - that poor dog. Hope your daughter has fun at the weekend.

    JF50 - I think you have every right to be pleased. One of the difficulties is the whole will I get a place or not - should I enter something else which is always resolved if you have GFA. Then you have luxury of choice.  I hadn't planned on doing a marathon this year but had entered the ballot not thinking it was likely that I'd get in 2 years on the trot so hadn't applied for anything else.  This year I'm going to have that dilemma.

    Chick - I hope you are right.  Lots of short racing for you this summer I see.

  • good running, Fiona. I suspect you're quicker than you think you are. Also, on a better day, with a flat course, low temps and no wind, you'd be flying. Keep up the good work. If I could come close to that time next Monday I'd be a very happy man.

  • I'm quite unsure on pace for Chester half at the moment, I want to break 80 minutes this year, not sure if Chester will be the course.  See how I feel closer to the race, 1:20:39 is my PB and that was at Wrexham a few months back, Chester is fairly fast and judging how my legs feel at the moment it could be a quick effort.

  • Fiona, I cannot believe what a cracking race you did a week after London, imagine had that been your "A" race?  You would have smashed 3:50 at least. However, I suspect, because the pressure was off you for Sunderland and you were being sensible, you raced it intelligently. Well done Mrs!  

    15W, GREAT.  You listened to your inner HeOw.  Bring on the Chester thread.  It is like Groundhog Day a bit though innit? 

    AG - you looking forward to MK? 

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I think I'm doing a 5-mile race on 8 May and a 10k on 12 May. Not expecting amazing things but I will aim to beat everyone else from my club if possible!

  • Don't know about anyone else after VLM/Brighton/Manchester but I feel like this marathon has wiped me out. So so tired and hungry all the time too.  Have serious issues with Can't Be Arsed.  

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    HeOw, that's FINE then, you lot all just go off and have a separate thread without me. See if I care.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    AG - might be pretty warm next monday so make sure you are well topped up with electrolytes and sun cream.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    HeOw, yours is more recent than ours, plus the TOTM issues... but I am definitely hungry all the time. I was craving protein (in the form of scotch eggs) up until a couple of days ago and that seems to have gone now. Also I was really weak and could hardly do any pull-ups but back to normal now. And totally bored of the 'recovery' programme. Give it a week.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    literatin wrote (see)

    I was really weak and could hardly do any pull-ups but back to normal now. 

    That is my normal image

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