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  • Pancake day ? is it, well my youngest is 19 so I wont  have to worry about that ..

  • Pancake day! I don't have kids, but I won't let that stop me.

    Just off to do Saturday's 7-mile recovery with 6x 100m strides.

  • image Ziggy well run and you will be fine sounds like its just a niggle.

    NN and 15 West enjoy your double days.

    8 miles in the bag this morning 1 warm up 2 tempo 1 MP 3 tempo 1 cool down. very happy I can see from the results and how I feel that the LT is getting pushed back image.

  • Morning all, we don't have kids at home but pancakes will be on the menu tonight. 

    I moved Tuesday to Monday and ran 6 miles recovery on my treadmill last night, lovely and gentle on the legs, penultimate episode of The Wire watched.

    HeOw it does sound like it could be a bit of bruising which causes  some neural pain in the foot.  I always think little niggles like that are early warning signs of shoes at the end of their life.  Ice and massage.  Generally PF is felt in the morning when you first put weight on the foot. I'm not a medic either but do work in sport and have the opportunity to talk to some physios.  They always have time to talk but too busy to treat me!

  • HeOw - hope its feeling better now

    Ziggy - Nice session,  hope that the niggle is improving.

    Did the recovery double of 6 and 4 yesterday with a visit to the pool with the kids in the aft.

    Got a 14 (or 15) today but am tempted to change it for a 10  with 4 or 5 at HMP with a 4 mile recovery later in readiness for Sundays half. Thoughts?.

  • HeOw wrote (see)

    Good running Ten - are you feeling back on form?   

    Running-wise, I'm getting there. 

    Hope your foot problem is no biggie.  

    Rest day today, then first VO2Max session tomorrow on treadmill.

  • Morning, I did 12 today progressively getting faster and finishing around 7:20 pace, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how I should train this week. I have 11 tomorrow, 5 recovery then 9 mile LT run on Friday. I am supposed to have 17 on Sunday but am running a half marathon, should I just continue as normal and drop the 4 miles or juggle stuff around a little. Any ideas would help.
  • Morning all

    HeOw - hope the foot settles OK

    Men - have absolutely no idea what is best

    JF50 - what are you going to do when you've watched the last episode?

    NN - I always worry about ending up not doing justice to the quality sessions if I move things about so I try not to.  However, I am going to have to in a few weeks.  We are going away for the weekend and I don't fancy running 20 miles somewhere I've never been before so will have to juggle the week.

    Re pancakes. There is a nice article on the home page today including a recipe for "recovery/carb loading pancakes" they sound rather good and I might make a batch to take to VLM.  I've also just enjoyed a maple syrup pancake from Asda with my coffee . Yummmmmmmmmm. You don't need kids to have pancakes.image

  • Craig - you could just add a couple of miles to either side of the race as warm up and cool down to make up the miles.

  • Fiona it is a predicament, fortunately it has been a 5 series show so has lasted sometime.  I was hoping series 2 of Game of Thrones would have been out by now, but it is March sometime. In the past I have watched all my rock dvds which is good for whiling time away on a treadie, but most of the bands I like are dead/close to death now and nothing new coming out.  Could be searching the shelves in our still open HMV for something to fill the gap till March I think.

  • Craig, it depends how you want to do the half marathon, but you could do the 17 on Friday instead and see the race as a substitute for the LT run.

    Men, I quite like doing longer slower runs as preparation for a half, but that's just my preference.

    Fiona, 'carb loading' pancakes sound almost scientific, and therefore virtuous! Will have to check those out.

    I did my 7 miles with strides and I think the strides are getting a bit faster (though hard to tell). Might be just because there's not bloody snow everywhere this time, though.

  • I was thinking that, I want to run the half marathon hard as I'm after a PB.
  • And that's not a bad idea Fiona.
  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    Chris, re the 10 mile race, I think you should give it your all and, as Night Nurse prescribes, not worry about making up extra miles for the sake of it. IMO race days should be about a quality effort rather than quantity of miles. And you could always have a recovery run later if feeling up to it.
  • I would do as Fiona says Craig - my LSR this week is only 12 miles so I am ok but I have dropped the LT session, I am also on recovery week too so has worked well for me.  I would just do all your other sessions very easy and then go out at Wrexham and see what you've got.  Personally, I don't see point of racing a Half unless you aim to truly race it.  Only other time I would both doing a Half is to pace somebody or to do it at MRP run with a warm up beforehand.  Even then, I think it would be hard for me to rein myself in so would rather not!  Really looking forward to seeing what you do on Sunday. 

    Thank everyone re foot - it does just feel like a bit of neural pain JF50, It isn't in right place for plantar fasciitis but could be plantar fibromatosis?  I also think the Adidas Feather trainers aren't right for me.  I have booked an appoinment with local Podiatrist for this evening as I would rather know for definite as I am a bit neurotic over niggles and if my foot f*cks up, I am out the game! 

    Literatin - what plan are you following now? 

    Men - I would run the 14 today but run it very easy, conserve energy for Sunday.  No need to do MRP miles this week when you will be doing 13.1 HMRP miles on Sunday!  I would do everything easy like I said to Craig. 


    Fiona J wrote (see)


    Morning all

    Men - have absolutely no idea what is best


    I thought this was a bit of a sweeping generalisationimage

  • I have got a feeling Craig is going to smash the half. I'd be inclined to give it a real rip as a confidence booster. If you get a great time then you'll know you can just concentrate on endurance building from here in. Think that's how I'm going to play it for mine on Sunday. I'll race it, and then all things being good, concentrate on endurance from here in.
  • Craig I would take it easy after tomorrows MLR, skip Fridays MLR maybe do 7-8 with strides and go for it in the half as Heow its a waste of an opportunity if you feel in good shape .

    Heow good luck at the podis tonight, fingers crossed its just bruising

    Just back from first recovery run of the day a nice easy 6..then threw a few weights around in the gym..talking of weights..I weighed myself for the first time in weeks and have lost 1.5k image

  • Where you racing Chris?? And Helen, I'll stick to plan as normal, I will be running tomorrows medium/long eleven at the lower end of the intensity scale.
  • Friday is 9 mile with 4 at LT.
  • HeOw, I'm back on the 55-70 plan but have swapped today with Saturday as I don't have time for doubles today -- am at work till 6.15 then have to go straight to twatty pilates class miles away, after which I'll be too hungry for any running.

  • I have a twatty pilates class tomorrow, there was a class taking place this morning while I was on the treadmilll doing my recovery run...looks easy !! they dont work up much of a sweat do they...bet I wont be saying that on thursday 24 hours after working things I have long forgotten about !!

  • Well... some of it is quite easy (gentle warming up) but it's a lot to do with core stability, which is the thing you said you needed. Also it makes your pelvic floor muscles stronger, a reason I will never wee myself during a tempo run (@ HeOw).

    My pilates class is hardcore, though, and often involves me being made to hold a plank for ages while everyone else who's given up sits around watching.

  • I'm

    doing a 10 mile race in Llanelli on Sunday Craig. Its normally windy down there, so will see how conditions are on the day. But I'm leaning towards giving it a bit of a go, but not quite flat out. If I were you I'd ditch the LT on Friday and replace for something less demanding. I really felt the LT still in the legs last week when i did Parkrun and that was only doing 5k. The half mara will be a true LT run over distance anyway so keep that as the focus for this week maybe? Again, please feel free to ignore as I may be way off the mark - on that note, I find it funny how I can try to offer advise on others training but am clueless when it comes to my own?! Maybe thats why this thread is so good, as a step back from things.
  • I'm the same Chris, sometimes it's good to hear it from someone else, I'll have to admit I have taken a fair bit of advice of HeOw, think I might substitute the run on Friday with something else and have a good run on Sunday, I'm not expert at all and most of the time push myself to hard and in the past have ended up injured, I just don't seem to learn.
  • decided on 12 with 4 at hmp (6.20) and it went ok but was a bit tired and achey at the end so a 3 mile recovery later and a rest day tomorrow. I realise that without something approaching a proper taper I wont be pb racing Sunday.

  • I like the idea of bagging the confidence of a good half and concentrating on the endurance therafterimage

  • Actually, I'm after some advice too -- this week's Sunday run is 15 with 12 at MP, but I missed 9 days last week, so missed a 21-mile LSR. I'm tempted to do the 21 miler on Sunday instead of the MP run, but that might just be because I'm lazy and I like long runs better than hard ones.

    I'm doing a half marathon the week after, which I'm planning to do a mini-taper for and race properly, though it doesn't look much like a PB course (massive great hills).

    So what do people think is more important: making up the total number of long runs, or doing the marathon pace miles to get a feel for the pace?

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I think you should do 21mi with 6mi at MP.

  • Oh, good idea, I genuinely hadn't thought of combining the two runs! That sounds like quite a nice session, too. Thanks.

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